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The Wren (Sacred Druidic Bird)


The words that follow are my interpretations of the mythology of the sacred bird, the Wren, who was once honoured on December 26th (Wren Day) by the old celts each year – later changed by the Catholic Church to St. Stephen’s Day.  This petite little creature is woven in myths of the old pagan ways. It was said that whoever tried to steal wren’s eggs or baby wrens would find their homes struck by lightning and their hands would shrivel up.The Wren was sacred to the thunder god Taranis, who abode in Oak trees and used lightning as a weapon for protection.

The Wren was a symbol of wisdom and divinity, and at New Year an apprentice Druid would go on a quest to find a Wren (quite difficult to see them) in search of wisdom. If one was found, he would be taken as a sign of being blessed with insight for the coming year. Finding this little, and so elusive bird, was a metaphor for finding the elusiveness of divinity in life.

Hailed as the wisdomic creature

druid’s divinity fed by your prescence

upon their quest of a spiritual vision

in millions of moons past residence

your smallness is beautiful, gentle friend

subtle, cheeky, drui-en Wren

you travel on the wings of eagles

to any heights little Wren

legend beholds your wings of fire

for thunder god, Taranis, did heaven send

the Lark gave earth your fiery gift

your burning colours, the Robin did lend

the druids sought you on their paths

whilst tranced nearby a sacred Oak

to see you with the blink of a lid

inner knowledge was your gift to folk

you guard your babes, your unhatched eggs

your druids nest high and sound

concealed, protected by lightening strikes

wisdom you call is too profound

for you say in order to change or grow

we have to hide in safety grounds

to reform our journey in the womb of time

to find and rekindle a gift to astound.