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How a 22 year old letter made its way back to a Gypsy Girl


I was 15 years old. It was 1992. An awkward age for me, going through my senior years in school and discovering who I was. At the time I saw myself as a creative, soulful dreamer, poetic and sensitive girl going through a very spiritual time of awakening and having lots of mystical experiences and insights which I journalled. Oddly enough I was not interested in boys like most girls. However, like most teenagers, I sought refuge in my room, with my friends, my horse (Flicka) and of course there was music!

The 90s brought the popularity of alternative music (grunge), with a renaissance in music festivals. The first Big Day Out music festival was held in Sydney headlined by Violent Femmes and Nirvana. Actually the 1990s were a pretty cool era! But at the beginning of the 90’s there was one artist in Australia that impacted me deeply at such a heavy place in my life.

I was sitting in my room listening to the radio and this rocking, yet lyrically captivating song comes on that just ‘stilled’ my whole being. The song was “Whisper” by Troy Newman, an Australian singer-songwriter and musician from Western Australia.

I can’t quite explain the connection with Troy Newman, except that I could feel the energy of this beautiful soul who chose to share his passion, and depth of being through music. Naturally, I just wanted to know more about this person, because as an intuitive I was able to tune into energy, and I personally found a lot of healing through the music at the time.

Because spiritually it was one of my most intense times in my life I was getting a lot of telepathic messages, insightful dreams, channelling, clairvoyance and also a deep understanding of others and myself. To me, Troy Newman had this beautiful, kind and soulful energy, but I also felt sadness. I remember having so many dreams about him and I would write them down in the book. I would also have precognition about him, like I would know if something was going to be on television, in a magazine or on the radio about him. I remember writing in the magazine to request any posters and pictures to add to my collection; it got published. Out of that I made a pen pal at the time who knew him. Our friendship shared a love of Troy, horses, mysticism and the moon. I also became the owner of a stars and moon shirt, which was worn by him.

Quite simply, Troy Newman inspired me, he was my muse and I admired him for that. He fuelled my own creativity and it encouraged me to find my poetic voice more, my individuality and self-expression. I found him to be original, highly talented, humble and appreciative of fans, life and success too. I really loved him. But not in the teenage crush kind of way.

So I decided to write to Troy Newman.

I sent a letter with a painting/photo/drawing, not knowing if it would ever reach Troy Newman himself. But I wanted to express my thoughts to this wonderful person who brought a lot of joy to my life in such a difficult time.

To my surprise, one day, a simple envelope arrived, unstamped and hand address to me, with a gold crescent moon on it. It was a personal letter from Troy himself, along with a signed A4 picture. It has remained one of my most treasured items to this day and I feel truly blessed.


Five years later, in 1997, this beautiful and mystical soul who brought healing, joy and love to so many who he touched, passed away. However, Troy was never forgotten.

My Troy Newman letter is 22 years old now. It is deeply cherished.

I am 37 years old. It is 2014. I’m a spiritual and sensitive soul. I still see myself as a creative, soulful dreamer, who muses and writes about life, love and mystical experiences.

One day Troy Newman came into my thoughts, and I thought about the letter I had received from him and wanted to find it (as I’m struggling with illness I had to wait for mum’s help). I decided to search Troy Newman on Facebook, I’m not even sure why! But I found the Troy Newman page, an official movie page for “Postcards from a Gypsy Moon” – The Troy Newman Story, being written and directed by Darren J Burns. I couldn’t believe it, and so I knew I was meant to share my special letter and tell this story! I truly believe Troy is guiding this special project on his life and career and those who were touched by his mystic presence.

After turning my storage boxes upside down and inside out for the folder, I found my Troy Newman letter and picture (that had been laminated) and shared them on the Troy Newman Facebook page. That very night Troy visited my dreams.

About two months later, I was contacted by Darren J Burns who was guided to re check a box of items for his documentary, and was as surprised as I was when my original letter to Troy some 22 years ago popped out, as if it were wishing to be found and reunited with its owner. Needless to say, it made my day, and Darren returned it to me that very week.


A couple of weeks later I was excited to tell my best friend, who is also a psychic medium, and I, as well as her were blessed to be greeted by his presence in spirit. I could feel his energy, and he made it known that he still has much to communicate with the world and that he is guiding Darren on this project. Subsequent dreams I’ve had depict this too. He is truly a beautiful soul whose words and music were expressed from his heart, and he is lovingly watching over his loved ones to this day.

Gypsy Girl is the 11th song off Troy Newman’s first album, Gypsy Moon. I forever remain a gypsy girl.

If you would like to follow and support Postcards from a Gypsy Moon -The Troy Newman story please visit:

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The Flower of Life – Sacred Geometry – Sacred Lunar Eclipse Oil



 I have only made 6 of these sacred alchemy oils, which are available on my ETSY store.

This is one of my newest intuitive creations, called The Flower of Life.

Every aspect of the process of creating, and bottling this beautiful oil has been deeply intuitive, personal and sacred to me and designed for your personal sacred use. I didn’t think up this blend, it came to me from the Source of all that is.

Compiled and blended at the Full Red Moon, Lunar Eclipse in Libra on 14 & 15 April 2014 in Perth Western Australia with with my powerful Fluorite crystal, and infused with Reiki nightly during the waning moon. The intention of this Sacred ‘Flower of Life’ Oil is based on Balance/Harmony, Expansion yet grounding, and removing blockages on all levels to allow new patterns to take hold and unveiling a hidden harmony or connectedness.

Fibonacci numbers frequently appear in the numbers of petals in a flower. The positions and proportions of the key dimensions of many, if not most, animals are based on Phi. Examples include the body sections of ants and other insects, the wing dimensions and location of eye-like spots on moths, the spirals of sea shells and the position of the dorsal fins on porpoises. Even the spirals of human DNA embody phi proportions.


Creation & Ingredients

The infusion of the 15ml (0.5oz) oil is made according to the golden ratio measurements (the fibonacci sequence, Phi, the Divine Proportion) and is an infusion of Organic Sunflower Oil (Sunflowers are prime examples of growing in the Fibonacci sequence), and local Western Australian pure aromatherapy grade essential oils of Agonis Fragrans (Fragonia) and Santalum Spicatum (Australian Sandalwood) -up to 40% EO in the bottle. A piece of Western Australian Mookaite crystal is anchored in the bottle.

My beautiful and aromatic Santalum Spicatum, a male (Yang) oil, is sourced from a special population of Sandalwood trees in a particular part of Western Australia. The supply is 100% managed and sourced by indigenous Australians and has been used for thousands of years by indigenous Australians as a relaxant and to promote focus. For tending to the unseen wounds of the heart and spirit, healing them so that you can be strongly and fully in the power of who you truly are. The spirit of this oil provides strength to persevere and overcome your fears and challenges so you can become the person you were truly meant to be.


The uniqueness of Agonis Fragrans, a female (Yin) oil, is its ability to work at a deep level, releasing both physical and emotional blockages. This gentle yet powerful essential oil possesses the ability to bring harmony, peace and balance to both physiological and emotional conditions, it is effective on all body systems. My oil is sourced from the southwest region of Western Australia.

A French aromatherapist, Dr Daniel Penoel, discovered that the ratios between molecular families in Agonis Fragrans EO and the proportions between the various molecules are arranged according to the Fibonacci Curve / Phi ratio / Golden Ratio! Because this Golden Proportion is reproduced at several levels, we obtain a picturesque molecular structure that is described in modern physics as Fractal. To find a single essential oil displaying the Golden Proportion within a Fractal structure is absolutely unique and helps explain Agonis Fragrans’ amazing power to energetically harmonize and rebalance.


Green & Purple Fluorite – my 10 year companion stone cleanses and stabilises the aura and all chakras. It absorbs and neutralises negative energy and stress. It encourages positivity, balances the energies, and improves balance and coordination, both physically and mentally. Fluorite boosts the immune system and stimulates the regeneration and restructuring of cells and DNA.

crystalMookaite – reflects the various colours of the Australian earth. She gives the desire for new experiences and the openness to see all the possibilities and choose the right one. Mookaite also encourages a deep connection to the wisdom and ancestors of Australia as well as helping to release emotions such as fear and anger.

How do I use the blend?

The blend can be used wherever you feel the need. The oils are blended in a base oil (organic Sunflower oil) so can be applied straight to the body (meditation, reflexology, chakra work) or sacred object (Jewellery/amulet/candle). Because it is a pre-blended oil it can’t be used in a diffuser.

When doing any form of healing on yourself you can apply a drop or two to your palms and inhale the aroma. You can also apply a drop or two to your feet or wherever you feel the blend and healing is needed whether that be a chakra, meridian or for example the heart.

If you are doing a healing on another ask the person who is having the healing session to inhale the aroma. Another way is to put a drop or two on a tissue nearby where they can smell it. You can also add a few drops to some base oil for massaging or apply straight from the bottle where where needed as above.

It works well when applied to the upper chakras of the body, where blockages occur and have become stuck. These can involve issues of grief, lingering hurts and emotional enmeshments stemming from unresolved family and other core issues and of course, pain and hurt from loss of love and relationships.

 This is oil is priced at $30A and can be purchased here – ETSY store.

My Clairscentience shop is my way of giving service to others, I do not make much profit from sales, and what I do get goes into my love of oil therapy and towards ensuring my life affected by illness is enriched.


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Springtime Wildflowers of Western Australia


Tomorrow, 1st September, marks the beginning of Spring in Western Australia (WA). In this beautiful time of the year, our mediterranean climate sees more than 12,000 wildflower species colour our diverse landscape for atleast 5 months, one of the longest wildflower seasons.Exotic clusters of vibrant colours and amazing blankets of flowers adorn the earth, including the white everlastings which cover fields and known locally as ‘snow season’. The most beautiful displays are in the Golden Outback and Coral Coast regions of Western Australia, and I hope to see in October when I embark on a roadtrip north.

So I wish to share with you the splendor of Spring, with an array of wildflowers we are blessed with in my state of Australia:













Springtime in WA provides us with fine and sunny weather (23 degrees), even during our short and mild winter, the sun shines often!. The weather, the coastal lifestyle and diversity of WA is why I love living here so much. To the north we have the Coral Coast, with stunning beaches, whale sharks, the South West, with giant ancient forests, and vineyards, the wildlife, red desert, and aquatic waters of the North West, and natural wonderland of the Golden Outback with its ghost towns and cattle stations, then our carefree and multicultural city Perth.