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Close Watch on your Heart?


This is a beautiful soul stirring song about Love. If you are nursing a fragile heart or you are scared to open your heart this is for you…

Beautiful song by AGNES OBEL – ‘Close Watch’

Our individual journeys in life take us to situations which we encounter a variety of people, some like us, some different. We cannot anticipate our meetings with these souls, or how they impact our lives, but we make the most of their presence in our lives. Every person we meet can affect us profoundly, just like every situation teaches us something new.

When these relationships pass, we feel that the pain that wounds us deeply the most leaves a mark upon our hearts. But this shock, this ache eventually leads us to other blessings and depth in our lives, if we choose.

Acknowledge your heart, and allow the healing to begin. You need to feel that pain to pay attention to yourself emotionally, be with your feelings, and fully be in them, so you can then release them and begin to heal. It is fully feeling pain and acknowledging it that we truly heal.

Be gentle with yourself. And be open again to theĀ  possibility of loving, trusting and believing again.

When people truly love, their love awakens our love for ourselves.

We are love.

You are love.