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Didgeridoo Sound Wave Journey

Didgeridoo Sound Wave Journey

Wanju (Welcome)! Today I enjoyed a very intimate healing journey experience with a group of 7 women, which was coordinated by Julie Baker of Journey’s of the Spirit, whom I found when researching didgeridoo sound healing experiences. The journey was led by Ken Hayward, a very gentle and intuitive Nyungar man. Nyungar are indigenous Australian people who live in the south-western corner of Western Australia.

My day actually didn’t start too well, my energy was incredibly scattered and nervous, so I was very much looking forward to 2-3 hours of just surrendering to the moment and embracing the vibrational energy. Julie is a warm-hearted and very spiritual woman. The energy flow through her beautiful home was evident. Later I discovered that she was guided to the land where she built her home on. The land that we laid on is on is what indigenous people call a song-line.These were formed as the tribal people moved across their territory, their home, studying nature with great reverence, sharing their songs, dreams and stories with one another as they walked the line. Leylines are paths on earth connecting two or more points of geographic significance. Where leylines are discovered to be a product of commonly travelled paths by ancient cultures. Some can sense the mystically charged and healing properties. Song-lines are lines specific to the indigenous people of Australia. To further energetically charge this space, Julie had a serendiptious meeting with a geomancer, who would later come in to divine the earth’s energy and also determine the placing of 5 large rose quartz crystals that would reside in the concreted flooring.

So here we were, mothers, maidens, and crones, all coming together in universal planning to share a deep nurturing and safe loving space. I settled down on my back, with cushions to comfort my body, gazed out the lush green garden, then breathed into my heart, before gently closing my eyes and relinquishing my mind and body to the sound of the sacred didgeridoo and Ken’s spiritual invocation in Nyungar tongue.

It was very easy to slip into the moment, the sacred space was already created many moons ago. Soft alpha inducing didgeridoo music remained in the background as a subliminal messenger, as Ken was intuitively guided around the circle from one individual to another. Whether the instrument is being played near or on your body, the vibrational energy is strong. My personal experience is that it is like a vibrational energy bath, it circles you, massages your energy and in some places it even tickles in a euphoric way!! My two hour experience seemed like half an hour, it was timelessness. I could feel energy popping, spasming and shifting all over – and this would cause my muscles to flicker, and my nerves to be awakened. I could feel electricity in my right toe, it was a little painful but in a good way, energy was opening up and flowing. When Ken played the didgeridoo down my spine or on my crown, heart, or solar plexus, you could feel the cogs turning, opening up. When he moved away, you could still feel as though the instrument was there, for it left it’s mark in a heaviness or wispy stirring. I felt I was at one with the earth, heavily sunk down into it, like I was a part of its sacred heartbeat.

As the sound reverberated around the circle, I could faintly hear the breathing of others, but I could also hear next to me the opening and releasing of one’s heavy heart. The heart chakra is one place we hold on to a lot of things, it’s a chakra that constantly needs to be opened and released. The beautiful soul next to me had surrendered to hers, letting what needed to go, as I heard her tears, and the gentle reassurance of Ken that she was safe to do so in this space. I have been there, I know that when the heart valve is opened, the tears will flow and flow.

Eventually it was time for us to all reground and come back to the earth plane. Ken called us back with a didgeridoo song, full of uplifting kookaburra bursts. Gently I open my eyes (I was laying on my side, having changed from being on my back half way through) and was greeted by the beautiful garden again, and the stillness of the sacredness. We all quietly sat up, and I felt my energy very open and almost like a dizziness and out of body feeling, so breathed myself back to earth. We sat in our circle very quietly, then shared our personal experiences with one another. It was beautiful, comfortable and safe to do so. A sweet treat of berry muffins and water with lemon and mint added to regrounding.

I am happy I got to experience something special. I have been on sound journeys before, they are amazing! From experience, anytime you do energy work and things are stirred up and moved, for days after you can be a little bit sensitive or you may find emotions needing to be released. I hope that you enjoyed this and feel inspired by the power of sound.

Some information on Didgeridoo vibrational healing:

The didgeridoo is an ancient instrument that produces low frequency sound wave that we can hear and actual vibrations that we can feel (especially when close to the body) and helps bring your personal vibration back to a natural rhythm. Sound therapy is based on the theory that all life vibrates at various frequencies and specifically the human body has multiple vibrational frequencies that can slip “out of tune” due to emotional or energetic stagnation. When these frequencies are “out of tune” they can lead to physical and emotional health issues.

Some say the broad range of harmonics produced by the instrument vibrate in an ancient and universal tone and can effect you on three basic levels:

  • Ultra Sound –  This low frequency producing characteristic of the didgeridoo creates a no touch “sound massage” and has been reported to provide similar results as conventional ultra sound treatments and relieve a wide range of joint, muscular and skeletal related pain.
  • Clearing of Emotional and Energetic Stagnation – It is an effective tool in releasing stored negative energy and/or emotional stagnation a bit like a chi/reiki/accupuncture/pranic effect.
  • Meditation and Mind Body Healing – The unique sound enables you to achieve deep meditative brainwave states of theta and delta, quickly and easily. It is in these brainwave states that we achieve our highest healing potential for both physical and mental health.