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Dark Energies & Light Imposters – Healing with Awareness


Dark Light Neutral

This is the conversation that needs to be had with those on the spiritual path, in particular lightworkers and healers. This topic has been in my awareness for a long time, and as a soul of the light, I have also felt between the shadows. The prodding lately has necessitated the sharing of information that some may balk at, particularly those who refuse to see what lay behind the smoke screen or veils of our respective ‘reality’. But information is constantly urging me to share.

We are cosmic explorers, and it is a vision of spiritual life, that focuses on how we live on this planet as spiritual beings, on the process by which we incarnate and become fully alive and ourselves in our daily lives, and on how we gradually transform our ordinary living and the life of the planet so that all beings can thrive within this sacred cosmos. With that comes energy, entities and influences out of the scope of our human capabilities…though those with extra-ordinary abilities can see and interact beyond this, some with control, some without.

Duality (good vs bad, yin vs yang, etc.) serves a great purpose, since it helps us (spiritual beings having a human being experience) to know through experience what it’s like to be us, a part of God, Goddess, Source, Divine Spirit/All That Is. And through our experience, as we mature spiritually, we aim to inhabit the realms of light more and more, or we are filled with light, or light drives out, or overcomes, darkness. Light is associated with pleasant spiritual experience and we seek the light as relief from the darkness of our human condition.

If you are working in or with the spiritual it is important to recognise the different kinds of darkness as well as light that exist along your path. Much is known about beings of the light, but beings of the dark are something some tend to avoid acknowledging. It’s so important to understand you can be a channel for both, although are you skilled enough to know what you are channelling?

What I share is intended to stimulate thought, reflection and dialogue with yourself and others. From my own point of view, I’m not religious, however I am spiritual so my terminology may vary (i.e I use Source, instead of God). My path is my own, as is yours, and we all have our own experiences, knowledge and interpretations, and I like to share what resonates with me based on that.

Let me introduce you to Audwin Trapman, who is a Love Energy Healer, Angel Healer, Light Worker, and Educator from Toronto. Audwin has experienced Dark Beings and Entities and has also heard from many others with similar experiences over the years. Having gone through a period of tremendous healing himself, he is now 100% devoted to helping others heal with the force of Love and Light.

It was no coincidence I found Audwin. His articles on his website resonated with a sense of my inner knowings, and expressed in words what I was thinking.  I would like to share with you some of his thoughts:

Our Beginning on Earth

“This is a journey we all have to take. No one starts off on Earth 100% in alignment with the Light. The default position therefore is that we all start off forgetting that we are Beings of Light and on a Soul level work with Darkness as it is our only other choice.

We all have registered abandonment and betrayal issues against God, His Angels, and the Higher Beings that work with the Light. Until these issues are healed we all resist the Light with our full Soul power and survival instincts. Again all that is left to us is the Dark. It is a slow and arduous journey for most of us to return to the Light. This takes many lifetimes.

We bring forward the issues and challenges of previous lifetimes with us as we reincarnate. We also bring forward the degree of Light and Dark that we had stopped at in our last lifetime. As we progress through our lifetimes we ultimately become lighter and lighter until we finally reawaken to the truth that we are Beings of Love and Light.

As we experience this journey we must consciously separate/free ourselves from the Darkness.”

The Truth About The Dark

 “I am having this conversation with more and more people so it became clear to me that it is time to write how the Dark also heals people and how they can impersonate the Light.

 It is a dangerous assumption to believe that just because healing is going on it must be the Light that is doing it. Actually that is a false belief.

 The truth is that the Dark are more than happy to provide healing to people, often quite dramatically, but with the unstated goal of then hooking into the Soul’s and life paths of those fine healers unknowingly working with them and the people receiving healing.

 This is the dynamic that is presently going on, on planet Earth: the Lightworkers working to free the Earth and its people of Darkness, and the Darkness simultaneously working to entrap those Lightworkers and the people asking for healing. Both the Light and the Dark know that it is a mass consciousness shift. The Light is totally and unequivocally shifting the consciousness of the Planet to the Light and the Dark is resisting it. Once a certain consciousness level is reached then the Earth and all its life will shift to a higher dimension or Ascension.

 Using healing as an enticement the Dark has been forming a spiderweb of hijacked Souls that are its means of trying to stop the Light.

 Most people have no idea that their Soul has been bound by invisible agreements with the Darkness. They just continue on with their lives thinking all is well and good. Until of course they try to remove the Darkness, and then the Darkness makes itself known.

 Here are some common Dark Beings that do healing (with Dark contracts attached) and even impersonate the Light: Dark Angels, Angel impersonators: elohim (not Elohim with the capital E), Annunaki Aliens. (Also will impersonate Angels), Reptilian Aliens, Grey Aliens, Over 10 other Alien species.

Humans that have passed on, and retain their identity from Earth. True Ascended Masters are few and far between and are acknowledged as such by other Light Beings and the Archangels.

 Ancestors. If your ancestors are still hanging around then they are stuck and have not returned to the Light yet.

 The Dark is often able to do profound healing’s and here’s why:

They don’t respect our free will to ask or choose and will do whatever they want to us, anytime they want. The Light would never do anything that was not asked for or in line with our highest growth and learning.

 The energies they use are Dark but still can be used for healing and transformations.

 They bind you with multiple Dark contracts in return for the healings they provide to you so they are very motivated to do this exchange.

 They know that you will in turn spread the contracts on to others if you are a healer and do healings for others. This includes passing on healing abilities to other healers as these Dark Beings in turn start to work with them. (To work with the Light the journey is one of healing our separation from God issues, the Light never just hands us or passes on healing abilities).

If you don’t know who you are working with and are just doing healing then by default it is the Darkness that you are working with. 

To work with the Light you must be very specific to ask for only Light Beings who are in alignment and ONE with God’s White Light. For example… Angel’s and Archangels of Light and Love.”

If you are interested in reading more about light and darkness and healing, please visit Audwin Trapman’s website and you can also booking a healing session.



Catching Me When I Fall


A beautiful keepsake poem from my mum to me. Any parent feels pain when their child is ill or going through something tough on this planet.










































Spiritual Energy in my Room


Here are some more recent videos and still shots in my house of energy in various forms. I have been asked if I can see the energy and I would say no, but I feel and know it is there. Having said that however, I do see ‘something’ at various times, not just when recording. For example, I could be having a conversation with someone, and be distracted by a bright spark of light next to ones head…just like a bit of glitter, but bright enough to take notice!

Still shot from the above video. After reflecting with others, I think it may be coming from me. Immediately before I was drawn to my essential oils and was intuitively blending and connecting then reflecting on their energy. Essential oils after all are considered the blood or life force of plants.


The video below is the response I received immediately after I requested the presence silently.

The video below is in slow motion because the green orb was so superfast coming down from the sky!!!

Still shot from another video

Still shot from another video

May you always feel loved


May you find serenity and tranquility
in a world you may not always understand.

May the pain you have known
and the conflict you have experienced
give you the strength to walk through life
facing each new situation
with optimism and courage.

Always know that there are those
whose love and understanding
will always be there
even when you feel most alone.

May you discover enough goodness in others
to believe in a world of peace.
May a kind word, a reassuring touch,
a warm smile, be yours every day of your life,
and may you give these gifts as well as receive them.

Remember the sunshine when the storm seems unending.
Teach love to those who know hate,
and let that love embrace you as you go into the world.

May the teachings of those you admire
become part of you,
so that you may call upon them.

Remember, those whose lives you have touched and who
have touched yours are always a part of you,
even if the encounters were less
than you would have wished.

May you not become too concerned
with material matters, but instead place
immeasurable value on the goodness in your heart.

Find time in each day to see the beauty
and love in the world around you.
Realize that each person has limitless abilities,
but each of us is different in our own way.

What you may feel you lack in one regard
may be more than compensated for in another.
What you feel you lack in the present
may become one of your strengths in the future.

May you see your future
as one filled with promise and possibility.
Learn to view everything
as a worthwhile experience.

May you find enough inner strength to determine
your own worth by yourself,
and not be dependent on another’s judgements
of your accomplishments.

May you always feel loved.

~ author unknown ~

Photo I took of the clouds and then notice the heart shape

Photo I took of the clouds and then notice the heart shape

The magic of fire


Fire  dances and leaps, gives light and warmth, is fecund and reproduces itself. It is the energy of heat and light, chemically a combustion reaction where by it springs up fast and can burn wild and bright, yet it needs fuel to keep going. It is generally seen as the strongest and most powerful element but also as the one with the least endurance. The alchemists saw fire as a symbol of transformation and regeneration. We see fire’s relations in lightning, gold, spirit, and passion.

Fire is evident in our being,  the “spark of life. Fire is in the electrical impulses that make our mind work, and it is in the nervous system – aiding communication between the mind and body. Fire is also part of the circulatory system since the heart relies on electrical impulses to beat and to circulate blood. As a warning sign, we see fire connected to pain: a fiery pain or burning is often felt in injuries and while pain is often viewed negatively, it also has positive attributes: without pain the body would have no warning system in place to keep injuries to a minimum. It is also associated with seeing – the eyes see via light waves, and without light, sight is not possible. The idea that fire is associated with sight can be extrapolated to the sixth sense of clairvoyance: the act of “clear seeing.”

Fire  in a spiritual sense is the thing burning in your soul, moving you to fight for the things you believe in, and even if there is just a tiny chance to survive your inner fire ignites. Fire represents a dream, a virtue, a belief, and never means your commitment only, but its realization. If the Fire has caught something, it fights for it until it has consumed it or has burned it down, destroyed it. It extinguishes by itself or is extinguished.  If it wants something, it will get over everything on its path to get it. Fire also stands for inspiration, compassion, love, longing and lust.

Fire magic is good for working on increasing one’s activity, for defensive magic, for protection, and of course, for sex magick. It can destroy, but it also purifies. It can help bolster courage and gets rid of negativity. A wonderful way to connect with the power of the element of fire is in a candle meditation. If you have an open hearth, or somewhere safe and secluded for an outdoor bonfire, then by all means meditate on a larger fire. Visualize clearly your goal or desired outcome while focusing on the flame, visualize the flame transforming your hopes and wishes and spreading them out into the atmosphere as light. Be present, don’t try to answer,just watch. As the flame dies down or extinguish, reflect on what will Be.

Fire aspects – Organs of circulation, the spine, nervous system, visualisation, the head/brain, heart, mobility, sense of sight, heat, will, purification,inspiration, passion, desire, force, spirit, mentality, blood, sap, life, surgery, destruction, hearth fires, volcanos, explosions, regeneration, reincarnation, life force, working steadily, action, change

Fire Magic – Evocation, pyromancy; weapon is the scourge, wand, lamp, pyramid of fire, activity, creativity, curiosity, projection, courage, strength, banishing negativity, purification, destruction, cleansing, energizing, sex magick, force, knife, athame, wand, staff, sword, scourge, crescent moon, flame, lava, a heated object, tarot suit of Swords. Forms: burning, smoldering, heating, candle, storm, noon to dusk, equilateral triangle

Fire trance sound

Feel free to watch and listen to this clip I found and create some magick of your own….

Demonstration of how using advanced meditative skills (Tummo) one can remain warm and comfortable it temperatures well below freezing.

Tummo (Tibetan word for inner fire) is an ancient practice of inner heat meditation. When body temperature drops blood is pumped to internal organs which provides the feeling of fire in the belly. Positive effects on skin conditions, exercise recovery and mood have been reported but the most bad ass effects come from Tibetan monks who can make ice-cold blankets (49 degrees Fahrenheit/9,4 degrees Celsius) go up in steam. Traditionally monks sat a whole night on freezing ice in meditation.

Inner Heat Meditation (tum-mo)

From How to Meditate: A Practical Guide by Kathleen McDonald (Wisdom Publications).

Sit comfortably in your meditation place and generate a strong positive motivation for doing this inner heat practice. Determine to keep your mind relaxed, concentrated and free of expectations for the entire session.

Start by visualizing the central channel (shushuma) as a transparent, hollow tube, a finger’s breadth in diameter. It runs straight down through the center of the body, just in front of the spinal column, from the crown of your head to the base of your spine.

Next, visualize the right and left lateral channels (nadis), slightly thinner than the central one. They start from the right and left nostrils respectively, travel upwards to the top of\ the head and then curve over to run downwards on either side of the central channel. They curve inwards and join the central channel at a point approximately four fingers breadth below the level of the navel.

Take as long as you like to construct this visualization. Once it is stable, imagine a redhot ember the size of a tiny seed inside the central channel at the level of the navel. To strengthen this visualization, imagine reaching into a fire, taking out a tiny glowing ember and placing it in your central channel. Once it is there, really feel its intense heat.

Now, in order to increase the heat, gently contract the muscles of the pelvic floor, concentrating on the internal rather than the external muscles, and in this way bring air energy up from the lowest chakra (energy wheel or center) to the ember.

Next, gently take a full breath through the nostrils. The air travels from the nostrils through the right and left channels to where they enter the central channel just below the level of the navel. The air joins with the heat there and with energy brought up from below.

As you stop inhaling, immediately swallow and push down gently with your diaphragm in order to firmly compress the energy brought down from above: now the air energy is completely locked in, compressed from above and below.

Now, hold your breath as long as it is comfortable to do so. Concentrate completely on the ember in the navel area, whose heat is increasing and spreading as a result of the compressed air energy.

When you are ready, relax your lightly tensed muscles and exhale gently and completely. Although the air leaves through the nostrils, visualize that it rises up through the central channel and dissolves there. The heat emanating from the burning ember at the navel continually increases and spreads and starts to burn away the blockages at each chakra and starts also to warm the concentration of silvery blissful energy found at the crown chakra.

However, the focal point of your concentration is always the heat of the burning ember in the navel area. Once your first exhalation is complete, again tighten the lower muscles, inhale a second time, swallow and push down with diaphragm, thus again compressing the air on the heat, then exhale, releasing the air up the central channel once again.

Repeat the entire cycle rhythmically seven times altogether, the intensity of the heat growing with each breath.

At the seventh exhalation, imagine that the now burning-hot ember explodes into flames. They shoot up the central channel, completely consuming and purifying the delude energy at each chakra. At the crown, the flames finally melt and release the silvery blissful energy, which pours down the purified central channel giving pleasure at each chakra it passes.

Finally, when it meets the blazing ember at the navel chakra, there is an explosion of bliss. This blissful heat flows our to every atom and cell of your body, completely filling you, making your mind very happy.

Concentrate on this pleasure without tension or expectation, without clinging to it or analyzing it. Just relax and enjoy it.

You will notice that, no matter how strong the pleasure is, your mind and body are calm and controlled, unlike our usual experiences of physical pleasure when the mind is excited and uncontrolled.

If your mind should wander from its concentration to other objects – the past or future, objects of attachment or aversion- focus your attention on the subject of the thought, the mind that perceives the distracting object, the thinker. Watch the subject until the distracting thought disappears, then concentrate again on the blissful feeling.

Analysis of feeling: Having reached a state of clarity, it is good to use it to discover the nature of your mind. After concentrating on your feeling, being absorbed in it for some time, analyze it by contemplating each of the following questions. Take as long as you like.

Is the feeling permanent or impermanent? How? Why?
Is the feeling blissful or suffering? How? Why?
Is the feeling related or unrelated to the nervous system and in the mind? How?Why?
Does the feeling exist inherently, from it own side, without depending on anything else, or not? How? Why?

Examine each point from every angle. Finish the session by summing up your conclusion, and then dedicate any positive energy and insight gained during the meditation to your speedy enlightenment for the sake of all living beings.

Discover your psychic type -the emotional intuitive


I’m reading a really good book at the moment by Sherrie Dillard called Discover Your Psychic Type. It is certainly helping me understand my intuitive GPS, and how it affects my life and relates to my experiences with others. As identified by the author in the book, there are four intuitive styles -emotional, mental, physical, spiritual. Some of us might easily fit into one category or across all, however I find myself akin to the emotional type and thought I would recap what the emotional intuitive experience is like.

Are you an emotional intuitive?

Emotional intuitives (EI)  are vulnerable, sensitive and courageous souls who are ruled by the heart and have a desire to heal others hearts,and find the ultimate perfect union and passion in life. They experience the world through the vibrations of people, places and things. In general, they experience the following:

  • connection to others – they know and feel when something is happening with people close to them
  • feel other people’s pain deeply
  • heal and lift others hearts
  • their gift is unconditional love and compassion
  • ignite others hearts desires and urge you to risk it all for love
  • powerful inner experiences
  • naturally gifted at healing others by their presence (people feel lighter around them)
  • high expectations of themselves
  • profound sense of divine love and bless as they mission and highest state

Living with an Emotional Intuitive

Highly in tune with others emotional states, they can be overwhelmed by both good and bad strong emotions, in almost any environment. Sometimes they are unaware of why they are feeling the way they do, and the feelings can come and go so quickly. EI receives psychic information emotionally, through flashes of images or insights which can be traumatic for them as they feel it deeply. EI can feel immediate anxiety, sadness, or fear in relation to world events, personal accounts told by others or even wake up stressed, or worried without fully understanding why. As a natural emotional telepathic, they tune into an awareness of pain, stress, trauma or even happiness of another, which is intensified if they have a strong bond. On the positive side when they are in love or feel joyous it is intoxicating to them and like a natural high. They seek finding their perfect counterpart, be it a friend, lover, soul mate or teacher to match these feelings.

Challenges of being an emotional intuitive?

Because EI are a sponge of other people’s energy, and even places and things, they can easily go from one extreme to another with emotion. Often times, they do not even understand why they are experiencing a particular emotion. It simply washes over and through them, leaving them confused, fatigued and sometimes physically unwell. This can also leave them open to the following physical ailments:

  • allergies
  • chronic tiredness
  • adrenal exhaustion
  • PMS
  • ovary and uterine problems
  • physical exhaustion
  • headaches
  • physical pain

How to stay centred

EI need to learn to distinguish false emotions, for example, if they are picking up others emotions and impressions and not their own. EI need to not define themselves by what they feel and to learn to interpret energy objectively so they don’t lose their own power. They can easily make errors by being overly giving and caring to extent they lose their heart centeredness.

EIs need to seek regular retreat or solitude to just switch off and sort through emotions. The experience for them is very real and can sometimes bring on panic because they are so acutely self critical and feel too much from their environment. Being around people who are close to them, especially if they are in a bad frame of mind, will draw them to feel the same. They need to learn to physically and emotionally disconnect to find balance again.

Which other intuitive style balances an emotional intuitive?

EI would benefit well from having a Mental Intuitive (MI) in their life. As an EI sees the big picture, and works via the heart and emotions, the MI can help piece things together logically to understand it all, and bring grounding to the flighty EI. MI people are systems or logic intuits, and are good at seeing patterns, predicting things and being telepathic. The EI can help the MI get out of their heads, when they are overwhelmed by thoughts and bring them the love and sensitivity they need.

Embracing the emotional intuitive?

While EI make incredible healers and motivators to others, when they lack control and perspective they can run the very real risk of becoming enablers. However, when they understand how to interpret the energy feeds without absorbing the energy, they can guide and motivate people to move mountains in their lives and you will find that you will have your biggest fan and support in anything you wish to do!.


Journey to Spirit (Part 9) – Divine Guidance – Abadiania, Brazil


It was only a few days until I would be leaving Abadiania, and this made me feel very sad. I felt like I had found so much love and peace within myself during the four weeks away from home. This place has a strong power that some will be scared of or others will embrace. What I mean by this is that it would open up wounds within you that may be hard to acknowledge, and you will be flooded with emotion. One thing is certain, you will leave Abadiania as a different person.

It was about my second last day in Abadiania, and on this particular night I didn’t sleep well, and woke at around 3am (seemed to be a common time for me here). I had asked Spirit for a sign that night before bed, and even asking that I felt shivers all over. So I was up at this early hour looking out my window to the clear black sky, then whoaaaaa, I see a big orb shaped ball of light fly past my window in the sky, no sound or anything (it was not a shooting star, it was closer and big). Instinctively I sat bolt upright covered with goosebumps!  I thought well I asked for a sign and got it!! so I thought….

In the same morning,  I went to Current, and after about 2 hours of sitting in meditation, I needed to go to the bathroom and stretch my legs. So I got up walked out, quickly put my shoes on and went to bathroom block. When I went to wash my hands, I saw something strange on my left hand. It was a manifestation of an oval and cross literally stamped deeply into my hand, the oval was pressed down into my skin and the cross was actually raised up. I only got to show the current guide the manifestation before I sat down again to meditate, and we couldn’t speak so we gave each other an acknowledging smile and she pointed up. Please note that my hands were held palms facing up the entire time I was meditating. Naturally my mind tried to debunk this, and I even retraced my steps and where I put my hands (haha) but there was nothing to explain it!! I took this as a sign to have faith. Even though I am not religious, the Entities who reside and help those who come here led religious lives in their time on Earth. This was the most prominent sign that could be given.

I have drawn it on to my hand in this photo to show you what manifested:

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An Orb-tal Misty Morning in Abadiania

It’s a Brazilian Life

Journey to Spirit (Part 8) – Revealing Dreams -Abadiania, Brazil


I had many dreams whilst I was in Abadiania, which had significance to my healing process and being. So I thought I would share some of the interesting  and entertaining ones I had during my time here.

  • One night I had the worst sleep ever, as I felt I’d been travelling out of my body all night. I woke with fresh memories of a couple of dream fragments. Firstly, a girl was making me hurt myself, but the message singing loud and clear during my dream was “Stop hurting yourself”. Then following on from this I found myself in a shopping mall, and had lost my wallet (note: this is interpreted as “security”) at the pharmacy (interpreted as “health”) and I had to go through obstacles to find it. I encountered a large wall and had to climb it, and then it started swinging, but I found a rope and stabilising it, I was able to make it over. Then another section, a man tried to grab me and abuse me sexually, I cried as I watched people (Police) go straight past me without helping me…but I fought through. Finally after the obstacle course I found the Pharmacy, only to realise that I had my wallet all the time. I relaxed and went where I was led out. I saw a gigantic big dirt hill which I ran up, even though it seemed steep and hard. I made it to the top where I was fortunate to see “The Knight” being filmed, there were horses and actors in armour . After this I was led to Area 51 military base, where I saw UFO’s and was taking photos without being caught.
  • I dreamed of moving into a new house across the street, and going through all my items and doing a clean out. This happened after an afternoon of a powerful spiritual clearing operation from the Entities. Ann our Guide stated that John of God was looking the most powerful she had seen to date. After this session my legs felt really bad, the evening they were on fire,burning. But when I woke my energy was amazing. Like others who had operations, I could feel spirit working on my body, tracing outside my mouth, right side of head, stomach, and meridians of the body.
  • In another dream I was holding current (sending love and light energy) for all of Brazil…hehe and in aiding to achieve this I was giving special dark Brazilian chocolate.


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An Orb-tal Misty Morning in Abadiania

It’s a Brazilian Life

How I Create Chi Balls


Universal Energy or “Chi” as it is known in many cultures, is the life force that animates all life and permeates everything around us. Chinese practitioners have been working with chi energy for more than 3,000 years in martial arts, in the body, mind and soul healing.

Anyone who is good at working with energy can easily create an ‘Energy Ball’ or ‘Chi Ball’ – a consciously created ball of contained Universal Energy. A Chi ball is one of the simplest and effective ways to use Chi, because you just will or give intent to the energy that forms the Chi Ball, and that intent creates the power to change or influence. You control the energy that goes into the Chi Ball, and everything that goes into it – colour, size, intent, images. Once it is created, you can disconnect and it can stand alone ready to be sent to where you desire, be it, your own body, distant healing of another, to other people to solve issues, to make your mood better, protection, or more.

Whilst the exercises below are just the basics, once you are more adept you can move onto just visualising the creation of a Chi Ball.

Breathing Chi:

The easiest way to start creating Chi Balls is with your breath. Chi is breath or air in Chinese, so feeling Chi will be easier and more effective.

Firstly, think about your intent of the Chi Ball

  1. I’d suggest sitting on a chair or yoga sitting posture to start with
  2. Close your eyes, relax your arms and place them palms up slightly facing each other
  3. Take a deep breathe through your nose, feel your belly float up and draw your breath into your lower abdomen…like you are storing it there
  4. Keep your breath smooth, easy and regular. You are now in the present moment.  Remember energy follows intention, so keep your focus.
  5. Visualise the air flowing through the path you want it to follow – start breathing the energy you are drawing in, down your arms and into your palms, feeling the energy coming out of them

Creating a Chi Ball

Firstly, think about your intent of the Chi Ball

  1. Sit comfortably
  2. Close your eyes, focus on your breath for 5 minutes or as you need (as described above)
  3. Breathe through your nose and breathe out through your palms
  4. Bring your hands out in front of you (chest height), palms facing one another. Bring the hands together but without touching. Hold them close and feel as the energy you are breathing into your palms is building.
  5. Now, slowly bring your hands further apart (4 inches or so)
  6. Mold the Chi energy with your hands and mind to create a round ball. Keep breathing through your nose and exhaling out your palms, and feel the energy building.
  7. Move your hands away from each other then back together again slowly. After a while you feel the Chi – I liken it to a pressure, or slight tension, when two magnets oppose each other.

I like to imagine that the Chi is like a balloon in my hands, that as I exhale out through the palms, the balloon is being inflated with Chi energy.

If you wish you can now empower yourself by gently pushing the Chi Ball into your Solar Plexus. Gently push the ball and feel its energy pulsing, whilst taking a deep breath and directing the energy to flow through out your body. Pay attention to where it flows and give thanks to the Universal Energy that IS.

Practice makes perfect, so you could try and spend 10-20 minutes a day, and it will become easier to feel. Once you are more confident you can add colours, size and images if you like, that compliment your intention.

If you would like to read more about Chi or Ki as it is also known, in a healing capacity, please see my blog piece on Ki Energy.

Journey to Spirit (Part 7) – Abadiania, Brazil


It’s taken me some time to write my experiences of Brazil…here I continue with my journal of events in part 7 , which starts to get into the heart of my emotions.


After an early morning breakfast, I headed to the Casa to put a prayer in the triangle and buy some blessed water. The rest of the day is leisurely, catching up with the girls at Frutti’s, relaxing at the Pousada where we would later have a meditation as a group for the first time and finish off with watching the sunset on the top of the majestic hill.

Meditation Session

Our Pousada has a lovely little meditation room, with lots of cushions, idols, incense and peace. At 4pm we all meet outside the room, take off our shoes, and squeeze ourselves into the small space making a circle, and sit side by side each other. Our guide, Ann, hands us two pieces of paper, and leads us through a protective meditation and heart chakra focus.

Quick detour…

Heart Chakra -the fourth Chakra is located in the centre of the chest, over the heart.  This Chakra governs our ability to enact our vocation and live our life lovingly. The colour associated with this Chakra is vivid green. The heart chakra is our ‘centre’ and is about compassion, service and vocation and also about acting lovingly. It’s a spiritual chakra, the first three are considered physical.  It’s about seeing beyond ourselves and being of service to others – to be of use, not to use or not be used by others. Heavy heartedness, grief, pain and anger can live here. Let me tell you from experience with myself and others, this is one of the first chakras to work  on and open up, and it can be very painful! a lot of emotion can come out. I associate it also with forgiveness. The heart processes our emotions for us. We grieve and mourn and equally celebrate and laugh from the heart. We say, “It feels good to get that off of my chest.” Get it?

The meditation focused on FORGIVENESS….and forgiveness comes from the heart chakra. I want to share this link that talks more about forgiveness and the heart.

We were each asked to think about our Mother and our Father, as well as our self, then write what we felt on the pieces of paper at the end of this journey. As I reflected, I could feel my emotions rising and not only that but with my eyes closed I could feel the grief from others within our circle. When we opened our eyes, my tears were evident, I was extremely overcome with emotion, it took me by surprise. The sadness I felt was quite physical on my heart, and it needed to burst and release all the ‘stuff’ that had accumulated. One by one, we went around the circle and shared what we were feeling, but I was so choked up and all I wanted to do was cry and cry, and there was very little I could say in such grief. I felt a deep sadness when I explored forgiveness with one of my parents. People we love generally do not deliberately go out to intentionally hurt us, sometimes they act in a way because it’s all they know, they are operating from Ego, or they are afraid. The sadness I felt was having that exact realisation. It related to them not being able to express love verbally to me- something some find easy and others find not so easy. Some people do not know how to verbalise it to another, they are afraid because they then feel vulnerable, they were never shown or told they were loved, and perhaps those that were supposed to love them, abused them. I explored how I could bridge this when the time was right in order to provide healing to them, and to me.

After the meditation, and after some more tears, and comforting hugs, we took a taxi to the top of the hill, just past the Casa. We did a little releasing ceremony, but putting our notes in a pile and burning them – letting every go. To forgive is be be free and it is something we need to continuously practice in our life. As we walked closer to the top of the hill, a woman was singing a line about ‘forgiveness’, it was certainly added confirmation. We sat on the hill as a friend of ours sang Amazing Grace, as the beautiful sun kissed the earth good night.

A couple of my soul pod members had spiritual experiences here, the  presence of a passed one and message of forgiveness, and symbol seen in the sky. This place I should add is active with UFO’s. In another  post I will share what I saw ;)!!

Let end this post with a quote that I wrote in Abadiania, the place where you can truly learn about being in the now:


Beautiful heart like sunset I took on the hill in Abadiania 🙂

such peace watching the sun set at Abadiania


It was like a ritual in Abadiania, people would come and gather each night to bid the sun good night, sing, reflect, send out love, feel peace and just Be!

This beautiful hymn above was sung by Irina Radke at sunset in Abadiania, Brasil. Irina is a singing teacher and group leader at the Casa de Dom Inacio. The Casa is where Medium Joao (aka “John of God”) offers healing to anyone that comes there.

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