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Words from myself – as an 18 year old to the World


I wrote this when I was 18 years of age (19 years ago now) in my journal and this is the first time I have shared it with anyone:


My Message to all as a concerned intuitive young woman. I am too well aware the imperfections of our world, it is surely a rollercoaster. For I feel and see the pain people go through in life. Life is pain, but it is through pain and traumas that strength is found. Each of us is special and we each hold the gift of a unique treasure. To understand life and people and all that surrounds us in the now, you must first understand yourself. There is so much to reflect on within and around, yet sometimes we feel so lost. I want people to know they are Beautiful and that we are blessed with the greatest artistic tool/skill, our own individual minds! Our minds really do create the picture of our lives, and all we really need to do is Stop, and Listen. Realise that everything has a door, and that all we have to do is open one door to allow more doors to open. Sometimes opening doors can be quite a task, for the first door is to our SELF. If we could all just open that door, to be who we really are, you will unlock and reach many many dreams, dimensions, and potentials. The more doors you open the better life will be, and just Be. I believe in all. The key to following lifes path, whatever it may be, is to learn Trust, Truth, Love, Belief and Acceptance of your Self. Never be afraid of your deepest heart felt dreams – have Courage to do what you feel within. It is a feeling without judgement. We are all free and hold great potential. I give all peace and love today.


Stargates Connection


I whisper in the night

Your Name

I say sweet oaths

and question your Soul

I feel you in my dreams

I talk to you in darkness

I embrace you many times

even when unaware

But when the light peaks

I suffer with the longing

so much more

I want you

Can I glimpse your Star gate;

Your Heart

Your depth, your mystery

then can I give you

All that I may

my Love

my Kindness

my Understanding

my Warmth

my Sacrifices

my Eternal support

my Everything



Butterfly Dreams – The Monarch


I’ve always loved the Monarch Butterfly, I have seen them in migration in the wild, released them when I got married for the first time and mused about them in my shamanistic mind because I love symbolism in life, it is a way I intuitively operate. When I write here on my journal I am mostly guided in my spiritual pieces, and this one was gently nudging me since 4.15 this morning.

In the early hours of this morning they actually woke me up, they were tickling and buzzing all over my legs, sitting on the side of my head and I could see one of it’s full cute faces looking at me through the magnifying lens of my camera. Yes, it was only a dream but they left me with a peacefulness and joy as they floated around a beautiful light and minty greenhouse.

Since I was young I have dabbled enough in shamanism to know that, whenever any animal shows up with strong intent or in a unique way, it’s good to pay attention to the message it brings. To the Native Americans the butterfly is a symbol of joy. They remind us that life is a dance, not to take things quite so seriously. They also remind us to get up and move. Dance brings the sweetness of life. So, what do butterflies symbolize and what do we know about them?

Facts regarding the Monarch Butterfly:

  • Monarch butterflies are known as the wanderer butterflies in Australia and have been here since the early 1800s. Notable for its bright orange, black and white colouration, and whilst safe to humans they are toxic.
  • The Monarch is one of the longest living butterflies and will live for up to a couple of months after being released.
  • They are known for their transatlantic migrations elsewhere in the world, but in Australia they only make short trips if necessary, due to the already warm temperatures throughout most of the continent.
  • Monarch butterflies cannot fly if their body temperature is less than is below 55° F (13° C). They will sit in the sun or “shiver” their wings to warm up. (Sounds a bit like me!)

Butterfly: a symbol metamorphosis and transformation

Did you know that according to scientific research, the butterfly is the only living being capable of changing entirely its genetic structure during the process of transformation: the caterpillar’s DNA is totally different from the butterfly’s! Those who have a butterfly as their totem animal may have a difficult childhood.  Life lessons are revealed to the consciousness while in the womb of the mother – the cocoon stage –  and are completed when the caterpillar emerges into the butterfly and takes flight.  Butterflies are symbols of freedom and creativity. They hold the gift of transformation, shape-shifting and soul evolution, and equally require courage to carry out the changes required in order to grow.

When butterfly shows up, make note of the most important issues confronting you at the moment. What state of change are you at in regard to them? You may need to find clarity in mental or emotional processes or organise projects, or figure out your next step in your internal growth. Maybe you are about to undergo a significant transformation. Examine which stage calls your attention first: the egg is the beginning, the birth of an idea; the larva is the decision to manifest something in the physical world; the cocoon has to do with “going inside”;  the breaking of the cocoon is the creation and beauty shared with the world. They hold the gift of soul evolution…

Visit this link for a comprehensive description of the Monarch Butterfly as at Totem animal from a fellow West Australian’s website – It’s truly insightful!!

In my dream, I saw the face of the Monarch in close up detail. Butterflies have a pair of large compound oval eyes made up of thousands of individual lenses.  They can see a single image clearly and are able to perceive ultraviolet wavelengths of light.  This suggests clairvoyant abilities for those that hold this totem.

Their antennas have small knobs on each end which is said to play a role in orientation;  so when one antennae is missing the butterfly will fly in circles unable to find its way.  Those with this medicine need to stay consciously connected to spirit at all times in order to arrive at their desired destination. They appeared on my legs in my dream, my legs are weak from illness, and so I find it significant that this is where they alighted. In my dream I was also healthy.

It has also appeared  to the vibration of the number 9, a prominent number in my numerology, having been born on the 27=9 and 9th month. Plus today’s date 26/05/2012 = 2+6+5+2+0+1+2=18 =9. In numerology 9 represents creation and the life as a rhythm and development, it is the end of the cycle before it recommences.

Now to the colour of the butterfly. Orange relates to the 2nd Chakra (Sacral), one which I already know is not balanced in myself. The sacral’s main chakra meanings relate to the feeling of emotions (self confidence, one’s power), sensuality, security, commitment and honour in relationships and clairsentience or clear feeling. It’s energy is needed to create life and to achieve a creative expression that is essentially physical; the spiritual energy is to learn to interact consciously with others, to form unions with people who support our development, and release those that limit growth.

And, the fact that I was able to analyse, comprehend and write this so early in the morning denotes the significance even more!

Dream & Vision Recorder


Here I’m recording some prominent dreams or visions I have experienced over the years, for my own reference, but also as a prompt to listen to your own dreams and what they may mean to you.

Firstly here are some steps to record and remember or even induce dreams:

1. Make a conscious decision to remember your dreams
2. Have a pen and pad in easy reach to record your dreams or even use your phone to record verbally
3. Get enough adequate sleep on a consistent basis, too little sleep can limit the number of dreams and ability to remember them
4. Think about something ( a problem, creative or emotional) before sleeping, as dreaming can open the door to answers or insights
5. Stay where you are in bed when you wake up recalling a dream, try to remember what you can
6. Jot down anything that may come during the day, I often get images and parts of dreams come at other times of the day, after visual prompts
7. I have found in the past that little rituals you create before sleep can in fact help induce dreams about certain things
8. How you feel in a dream is the most important interpreter, I rarely use a dream decoder, because different symbols mean different things to people. Trust yourself, or maybe someone close to you can help you.

Recorded on 18/11/96 (recurring dream)

I’m not sure if most people have, but many people get recurring dreams from time to time and their purpose  serves to teach you something. The message may be so important or powerful that you have the same dream over and over until you take notice of it. In my view I think it may highlight a personal weakness, fear or inability to cope with something past or present. From my personal experience there were big gaps in time between  my recurring dream, and it’s quite extraordinary that it gets repeated identically, so much so I’m aware of what happens when I’m dreaming.

So here I’m sharing one of mine; one which I nolonger see repeated. Warning it is a little confronting and graphic!

I was in another time, it is a primitive period beyond where I live now. The people are from an asiatic culture.

I’m seeing a fight. All the people are strong and dominating looking. I can see a platform where everyone can attend and view this ancient gladiator like hand to hand combat fight between a local warrior and a foreigner. It is held amongst all the sombre market-like chaos full of hoards of people.

The fight begins and the local warrior is quite frightening,  he has switched as if by a supernatural force and begins to accumulate these powers, manifesting into a beast with horns, like he is a buffalo or element of this animal. I feel I have seen this before, it’s déjà vu for me, but I cannot remember how it all works out in the end. I’m scared, I feel he is using his powers against the opponent and instead of physical fists and blows, he is striking from within. It is like he is trying to split him from the inside. I run away so scared. I run to a balcony (which is more of this time). I look over the balcony. The opponent from the fight walks past, he survived  and looks fine; naturally I’m quite surprised! He walks in a self assured manner and thankful – he swears in relief. The local warrior now approaches from behind, he is angry and in a strong angered voice he explodes into a rage because of what the opponent has said.

I realise what is happening now, I remember this time. I run far away to another balcony. I know the opponent is destroyed and his remains now cover the balcony I was previously at. I feel nauseous, so sick in the stomach and so scared. I’m doubled over the balcony in the darkness. Earlier in the dream I remember a horizontal totem like pole consisting of heads. I remember seeing an older man, an indian warrior with all the leather and beading, a middle aged man and a boy.

UFO/Alien dreams

With a history of sightings on my mother’s family side, there is little wonder I have an interest and see things regularly in my dreams.


I see a book it’s called ” The 3 worlds, the sun and the spaceman” by ….Walters. Flying the through the three worlds I see ours healthy and the others destroyed/sick.


I saw UFO’s and aliens. They were so peaceful, one had a name, in which he told me, and he was grey/red like. There were two; one tall and one shorter; I felt one was older. They were Healers.  There are many different looking beings too. They did speak of pollution on a planet, and they spoke with much wisdom. They also said their were good and bad beings in existence.


Seeing UFO’s and aliens again. He looks familiar to me,  and I ask him, “What is going to be happening for me?” and he simply says “You already know”. Whilst there were many UFO’s around me, only I could see them. The UFO was surrounded by golden white light.

This is actually a very good image I found online of what was similar to that of my dreams. It’s an example of what was purported to be seen in the Rendlesham Forest Incident in 1980 in Suffolk, England.


I saw UFO’s but I don’t know where I was, although my mum and sister were with me. The sky was strange and when I saw the UFO’s I was frozen, I couldn’t talk, nothing would come out of my mouth… I was too excited. There were three of them, they were going in all directions then simply disappeared.

Miscellaneous dreams


I was near a forest, close to the coast and sea. There were a few of us white people, and native indians who were coming to get us. One young indian, who was very handsome, grabbed my hand and brought me to safety from the cliff area. I go back to the tribal area, to the indian dwelling where I see ceremonial amulets and jewellery, but was not allowed to touch them. I sat with the older woman, in a tipi, where they showed me pieces of ancient egyptian cloth (it was a message about how we have always been connected on earth, one culture to another). One elder asked me if I knew the name of my guardian angel. All I said was “Zirachey”. I told them how spiritual I am, and how at peace and at one with them I was.


A world encompassed by water, I was riding on water (a propeller type hover vehicle) surrounded by aquatic buildings. I remember asking about this world and I was told something like ” If you went north and recorded what was happening it was the future, but if you came back with that it couldn’t co-exist here”.


Dreamed of the goddess Isis, and a past life connection with someone connected to me.  Past life = monk. I see a spiralling blue light emanating around me.


Having acquired a beautiful peace of Fluorite crystal I went on a visualisation journey with it in meditation. I began walking on earth, but it was very cracked and dry, and I fell through to a cave with firedrakes who showed me the way to a crystal cave where I picked up a gift, a red pouch  ( inside is a pin with a red stone and the elemental cross). I was met by a female deity who was fair ( like the Celtic Brigit) and discovered that my quest was of self truth and my true path. When she morphed into a flurry of white, then into an owl, I was lifted by the winds and into the sky and stormy clouds where I merged with their protective energies.


Dreamed of Pegasus. This beautiful winged horse was white, noticeably strong in stature and had the most beautiful golden illuminated wings. I was in awe of this being, and we had a conversation. No one else could see him. Upon departure, he flew straight up into the skies…

Feb 2o12

I see a beautiful grey horse which is graceful to all who see it, it walks every day and beautiful music surrounds it, yet others don’t see and are oblivious it is exploited (used) and hurt. I see it, something is not right in its back and it compensates. It walks onwards around everyone, carrying onwards regardless.But on it’s back I see it now, two spikes put in by purpose into and around it’s lower spine causing pain. Only a few are aware of what is going on, and we work together to uncover and reveal the cause.

First we have the horse, my totem, and the back where I do have problems in the spine. I still have pain and discomfort from time to time and walk around bearing a great deal of discomfort, stress in the body that no one would ever know.

Dreams of Disappointment


In the early hours of this morning I woke myself up with tears streaming down my face, and without any breath. I was having a physical episode, one well familiar from my early twenties, where in an emotionally traumatic situation I would have an anxiety attack where I couldn’t breathe anymore, my whole being in shock. But this was only a dream! Yet my breathing was laboured, and gasping in short bursts of oxygen, and my nose blocked. This dream story bore me a message to let go of ‘Disappointment’.

I realise this pattern has resounded from an early age. Herein lies a lesson that I am finally exploring right now. Subconscious and Conscious have collided. They say that to wake with tears of emotion from a dream means that something deeply buried within has finally surfaced and is now being released. I understand now that Disappointment is disempowering, it is fear based, and under the stress of life’s pressures, or when we get deeply attached to something outside of ourselves we lose sight of our inner self. We have lost our own power.

Disappointment really has nothing to do with other people, places, or circumstances – though when we have lost our power, our hope or faith, we often think it does. The fact is, disappointment originates from ourselves, it is a emotional feeling response to ‘Expectation’ which joins hands with ‘Disappointment’. When we attach ourselves to expectation, disappointment is inevitable. Finding a new paradigm for expectation or aligning ourselves vibrationally is the key.

Expectation is a double edged sword – it can bring excitement and joy to life  and it can also bring anxiety. This is all Ego related by the way. For expectation is also a pattern based on previous events and their outcomes, and if you’ve had some bad ones, well you are probably (like me) already carrying deep within you a vibrational  pattern which is likely to attract the same outcome. Repeated disappointment may be the result of a pattern of faulty thinking. If you are frequently disappointed, evaluate what you are thinking and try to change faulty thinking patterns.

If you’ve ever studied the teachings of Abraham Hicks, you will understand that expectation and disappointment are discussed often in the Laws of Attraction. I think the disappointment may start to dissolve from your feelings when you realise and hone in on two things that Abraham repeatedly states -1.  That there is no competition — and there is no lack.
One person’s getting an opportunity does not mean that we are deprived of the opportunity for ourselves. We live in a universe of abundance. 2. What you are seeking is also seeking you (I discovered this phrase in my early 20’s) – It takes off the pressure  to “force something into your life”, because it tells you that whatever didn’t come into your life is not seeking you.  You can start to see things coming into your life that you didn’t know existed.

So what if you are trying to make a change in the positive direction, be it health, money, career or even relationships? What if you have made momentum, yet there is that inner dialogue saying “I know this is going to work out for me, even though it hasn’t worked or happened yet?”.

Abraham says “You see, from your point of disappointment, you are attracting more to be disappointed about…An understanding of the process of creation is really the best way. That is the value of the Creative Workshop, of getting happy, and then going to a place where you see it as you are wanting it to be; seeing it until you are believing it so clearly that it is already bringing forth emotion- and from that state of Being, you will attract it as you want it to be.

Disappointment is communication from your Inner Being letting you know that that which you are focused upon is not what you want. If you are sensitive to the way that you are feeling, then the disappointment itself will let you know that what you are thinking about is not what you want to experience.” Esther & Jerry Hicks (The Law Of Attraction)

In essence, it is an indicator that you are not a vibrational match to the desire you hold. With all negative emotions, you are activating a thought that doesn’t match your desire. It is so constant within you, it’s what you believe, and is in opposition to what you want right now. Everything that you want is flowing to you. If it isn’t unfolding as you want, well maybe there is something you want that you cannot see. You are taking score too soon, amplifying what that ‘lack’ is. You are trying to justify having it by describing what it’s like without it, and in doing so, you are actually continuing to be stuck in the vibration of not having it.

To obtain vibrational alignment, you have to consistently keep the faith, focus upon what you want, and speak about it in ways that make you feel good about it. Disappointment, anger or frustration mean you are headed in the wrong direction. Feelings like hope or elation mean you are going in the right direction.

Abraham says “Here is an easy way to understand this: You do not set your radio dial to 630 AM expecting to hear what is being broadcast on 98.7 FM. You know that the frequencies have to match up. We can feel that your vibrational frequency is set on ‘it’s not happening.’ Meanwhile, your desire is set to, ‘I really want this and I believe that I deserve for it to happen.’ So there is a contradiction happening vibrationally within you that needs to be soothed. Many people don’t realize when they’re making progress because quite a bit of vibrational alignment takes place before the physical evidence shows.”

So you have to change your thinking or attitude.

Learn to be in the Now.

Love the journey you are on and be aware of how you are feeling.

If you do have expectations – widen them, be open to learning from experiences.

There could be something better in store for you!

The Secret Life of Me#2 – Born on a Moon Day


Attempted to be aborted through anothers heartache, she was eventually born on on a moon day – blue eyed, white haired, and taken away from her mother due to being very ill. Her legs have always been like the beauty and the beast. Her hips were twisted and they wanted to break every bone and reset them. Her mother fought for alternatives. She still has her little aluminum splint. Sensitive, and pensive soul seeing and feeling everything around her. She was gifted at drawing, and they were always horses and women in bodiced gowns. She was frightened of the dark, as she felt she was being touched, and the darkness made shapes and shadows turn into things. But oh how she loved the earth and nature – her father influenced her with nature shows and she explored cultural north Australian lands. But there was this mystery, she always had trouble breathing, would stop breathing abruptly and be raced to hospital. Feeling things around her neck would make her panic. For some reason, like it is significant, she still vividly remembers a childhood dream…upon a 17th century ship in the storm, thrown overboard with others being thrown around in the dark of the night with creatures below, eventually taken by the sea. Again her body fell ill, very sick, it was thought to be cancer but it was a growth on her kidney; she saw friends pass away in the cancer ward. A large scar now adorns her pale body but she wears it with love.

We all have a story…..

The Secret Life of Me#1 – California Dreaming


In my early teens I would buy international travel magazines or special editions, I would dream about travelling to exotic places, or imagine adventures, like desert road trips in the US, california dreaming, seeing the pyramids of Mexico, or picturesque Canadian mountains. Sometimes I would hold onto a magazine that had inspiring photographic scenes or places, or decors of how I dreamed my house could be inspired by…earthy, with cultural pieces, antiques, Moroccan or ethnic tiles… then there was this perfume sample enclosed “New West” with watermelon notes, steeped in oak moss and musky undertones….it would imbue the magazine each time I opened it…I had to have it of course!…. scent is powerful for association, and it made me think of the spirit of the west coast, the earth, wind, sea and fresh summery days…and well the freedom that travel invoked…..The matte printed pages were well worn in that magazine!

Through Indian Visions


Just words best describing my visions or dreams

Hear the beating drums

of their sacred hearts

the wisdom in their eyes

magic and melody in their voice

they still follow their journey

in spirit – they continue

on ancient paths

See them sitting there

peace-pipe passing round

their mellow voices speaking

ancient music lifts the air

a Great Spirit is heard

tears and happiness dwell

as ancestoral voices resound

A ghostly image ripens

in the scent filled air

upon a rearing pinto mare

dressed as warrior should

his wise face conveys a message

so the indians in-hand chant

for this presence right beside them

has heard their loving prayer

I had a dream once where I stood near a forest and lofty cliff. I was standing too close, and a young native indian boy grabbed my hand and brought me to safety from the cliff’s edge. I went back to the dwellings, and I saw ceremonial amulets, and jewellry which I was not allowed to touch. I sat with the matriarchs of the tribe and they showed me ancient secrets, things they had in possession -egyptian relics! A matriarch asked me if I knew the name of my guardian angel, and I said ‘Zirachey’. I expressed my spirituality with them and felt at peace.

Making headway by being in the know-NOW


Imagination is everything, it’s the preview of life’s coming attractions – Einstein

My friends and I have had numerous mini symposiums surrounding being in the spirit of now, also known famously as ‘The Power of Now’, ‘The Sedona Method’ or ‘The Secret’. But what does it mean and how easy is it to change your mind, your thinking. Here are my thoughts about being in the ‘Now’, how it relates to energy, and also harnessing the creative energy of the mind.

How often do you find yourself reviewing a movie in your head of past events, things that happened recently or in the distant past. We all do it, constantly analysing and thinking about things that didn’t turn out the way we expected, or things did occur the way we saw it.  We are constantly living reactively about the past and the future, instead of being happy with what or where we are right now. We rush ahead wishing for all the things we don’t have, or dwelling on the past of what we could have had, constantly judging, criticising, worrying or getting angry. Often we end up being disappointed, because we get into this reactive state, because we had expectations or ideals. The Buddha also taught that the root of suffering is to be found in our constant wanting and craving.

But we need to realise that each moment has the potential to transpose or transition, each choice we make, and coupled with timing or circumstance, can change the path in an instant. We must realise that it’s the moment right now that counts, and you could be potentially missing opportunities, because you are stuck in a pattern of thinking. I’m not saying being consciously aware in the ‘Now’ is all there is to it either, because I also believe in creative visualisation, and what we think we attract. I believe that we all have great potential, and we have the ability to re-program ourselves.

In essence change your thinking, and re-program to start living in the moment, believe in your abilities and dreams and go forth without worrying about the outcomes. Eckhardt Tolle states ”To be identified with your mind is to be trapped in time: the compulsion to live almost exclusively through memory and anticipation. This creates an endless preoccupation with past and future and an unwillingness to honor and acknowledge the present moment and allow it to be.”

As long as you are in your mind, you cannot find the present moment. To our ego, the present moment hardly exists, it’s concerned with keeping the past alive, because we think it defines us, and it projects the future as a survival mechanism or fulfilment saying ‘one day when this happens, or if I get this, I will be ok, or happy etc’.

Having spent the last three years personally dealing with the end of relationship and at the same time acquiring a rare autoimmune condition, I can attest to the struggle of my mind on a daily basis. The reviewing of the past, the what ifs, the whys? or limiting thoughts of how things will be based on events of my past. It’s been my biggest struggle and biggest lesson. Prior to this, I lived in a state of anticipation, living in my head of wants, desires, and also waiting. I was putting myself on hold because of someone else, assuming that they too wanted the same, and that in time it would magically it would all happen. I was wrong, and I wasn’t being true to myself, I was shifting the responsibility away from what my inner compass was saying.

But I have learned that I cannot control what has now passed, nor should I get into a state of worrying of what my mind conceives may happen in future scenarios. Life can change in an instant, everything changes, life is a cycle. For my own well being I am learning to be in the ‘Now’ and what I am discovering from this is ‘Peace’.

So let’s look at changing your thinking NOW, because you control the way you think, feel and act in life instead of viewing it as ‘circumstances’.  You can choose to react in fear, hurt, anger or react in courage, forgiveness, and release. The Law of Attraction says that “whatever you put your focused intention on, you will attract to your reality”.

Everything is made up of energy, including us, and it operates at different frequencies. We have the ability to change frequency of energy with positive thoughts. Gratitude is always linked with the law of attraction and being in the Now, because by being grateful, having positive thoughts and feelings, and by focusing on our dreams (rather than our frustrations), we can change the frequency of our energy, by bringing more things of those frequencies into our lives, and be open to seeing opportunities that we might otherwise be blinkered to. What we attract depends on where and how we focus our attention, but we must believe that it’s already ours, or soon will be.

So think about your life right NOW and consider the following….

  • What does your life look like in this moment? Are you living the way you want to live? What is holding you back?
  • What do you want to change.
  • Take control of what you attract by how you think and feel
  • Focus on positive things, be grateful and you will attract positive events
  • Allow yourself to feel good NOW, in this moment, whatever happens
  • Think about what you know really want and make a vision of this. You must learn to Become this.

Tools for doing this:

Spell Map/Visionboard – this is a collage of goals put into words and images that you can see regularly and keep you focused and positive. It brings you into a state of awareness of feelings, and what you are attracting, it will keep yourself in check. I have done this many times over the years and it does work! The important thing is to be realistic, and you must believe in what you want to create.

Creative Visualization – this is the ability to see what you want to accomplish in advance using your imagination – or I call it daydreaming. To practice creative visualization, set up a goal, daydream or desire about what you want to achieve in order to enhance your life. Sit back, relax, close your eyes and daydream about the goal you just set up. Don’t put any limitation on it. Be realistic and certain about your goal. Keep in mind that there is no one who is going to interfere with the goal or fantasy you have just created and there is no one who is going to prevent it from happening.  Only you, but no one else, have the power either to accomplish or deter its manifestation.

Examples of visualisation:

Albert Einstein once said in his autobiography that he came up with the theory of relativity by imagining what would happen if he could travel through space on the tip of a light beam.

At an early age Nikola Tesla trained his visualization process. In his autobiography entitled “My Inventions,” Tesla described: ‘Every night and sometimes during the day, when alone, I would start out on my journeys through mind visualization, see new places, cities and countries, live there, meet with people, make friendships and acquaintances and, however unbelievably it is a fact that they were just as dear to me as those in actual life and not a bit less intense in their manifestations’. He used to practice this kind of mental visualization constantly until he was about seventeen, at which age he began creating inventions for the modern world. He described that he needed no models, drawings or experiments in a physical place. He could picture them all as if they were real in his imaginary mind, conduct experiments and collect data.

The Russians used the power of imagination in the 1980 Olympics. They split their athletes into four groups: Groups A through D. Group A used 100% traditional physical practice; Group B: 75% physical 25% mental; Group C: 50% physical 50% mental and Group D: 25% physical 75% mental practice. After the Moscow Olympics and the Lake Placid Olympics, the scores of these world-class athletes were tallied and those in Group D had won the most medals.

Be focused, and attract your dream life now by flying into your imagination…

What’s your view on life at this very moment?