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Stargates Connection


I whisper in the night

Your Name

I say sweet oaths

and question your Soul

I feel you in my dreams

I talk to you in darkness

I embrace you many times

even when unaware

But when the light peaks

I suffer with the longing

so much more

I want you

Can I glimpse your Star gate;

Your Heart

Your depth, your mystery

then can I give you

All that I may

my Love

my Kindness

my Understanding

my Warmth

my Sacrifices

my Eternal support

my Everything




The Horse & The Raven


Our hearts and names
are embedded on
a strong forest tree
amidst a town
on indian lands
I grew to love
I knew I’d be

Spirit led us together
this wild free horse
full of light and shadow
and a raven caught
between the darkness
and fire light
dancing a two year
strong dream

There is a deep longing
within every soul
to return to its true home
from whence it came
I saw you and I knew
I had visions too
I still see the way

I love you
as I have never loved another
or ever will again
I love you with all I am
and all i hope to be
forever I will be here
should you fly back to me


Discover your psychic type -the emotional intuitive


I’m reading a really good book at the moment by Sherrie Dillard called Discover Your Psychic Type. It is certainly helping me understand my intuitive GPS, and how it affects my life and relates to my experiences with others. As identified by the author in the book, there are four intuitive styles -emotional, mental, physical, spiritual. Some of us might easily fit into one category or across all, however I find myself akin to the emotional type and thought I would recap what the emotional intuitive experience is like.

Are you an emotional intuitive?

Emotional intuitives (EI)  are vulnerable, sensitive and courageous souls who are ruled by the heart and have a desire to heal others hearts,and find the ultimate perfect union and passion in life. They experience the world through the vibrations of people, places and things. In general, they experience the following:

  • connection to others – they know and feel when something is happening with people close to them
  • feel other people’s pain deeply
  • heal and lift others hearts
  • their gift is unconditional love and compassion
  • ignite others hearts desires and urge you to risk it all for love
  • powerful inner experiences
  • naturally gifted at healing others by their presence (people feel lighter around them)
  • high expectations of themselves
  • profound sense of divine love and bless as they mission and highest state

Living with an Emotional Intuitive

Highly in tune with others emotional states, they can be overwhelmed by both good and bad strong emotions, in almost any environment. Sometimes they are unaware of why they are feeling the way they do, and the feelings can come and go so quickly. EI receives psychic information emotionally, through flashes of images or insights which can be traumatic for them as they feel it deeply. EI can feel immediate anxiety, sadness, or fear in relation to world events, personal accounts told by others or even wake up stressed, or worried without fully understanding why. As a natural emotional telepathic, they tune into an awareness of pain, stress, trauma or even happiness of another, which is intensified if they have a strong bond. On the positive side when they are in love or feel joyous it is intoxicating to them and like a natural high. They seek finding their perfect counterpart, be it a friend, lover, soul mate or teacher to match these feelings.

Challenges of being an emotional intuitive?

Because EI are a sponge of other people’s energy, and even places and things, they can easily go from one extreme to another with emotion. Often times, they do not even understand why they are experiencing a particular emotion. It simply washes over and through them, leaving them confused, fatigued and sometimes physically unwell. This can also leave them open to the following physical ailments:

  • allergies
  • chronic tiredness
  • adrenal exhaustion
  • PMS
  • ovary and uterine problems
  • physical exhaustion
  • headaches
  • physical pain

How to stay centred

EI need to learn to distinguish false emotions, for example, if they are picking up others emotions and impressions and not their own. EI need to not define themselves by what they feel and to learn to interpret energy objectively so they don’t lose their own power. They can easily make errors by being overly giving and caring to extent they lose their heart centeredness.

EIs need to seek regular retreat or solitude to just switch off and sort through emotions. The experience for them is very real and can sometimes bring on panic because they are so acutely self critical and feel too much from their environment. Being around people who are close to them, especially if they are in a bad frame of mind, will draw them to feel the same. They need to learn to physically and emotionally disconnect to find balance again.

Which other intuitive style balances an emotional intuitive?

EI would benefit well from having a Mental Intuitive (MI) in their life. As an EI sees the big picture, and works via the heart and emotions, the MI can help piece things together logically to understand it all, and bring grounding to the flighty EI. MI people are systems or logic intuits, and are good at seeing patterns, predicting things and being telepathic. The EI can help the MI get out of their heads, when they are overwhelmed by thoughts and bring them the love and sensitivity they need.

Embracing the emotional intuitive?

While EI make incredible healers and motivators to others, when they lack control and perspective they can run the very real risk of becoming enablers. However, when they understand how to interpret the energy feeds without absorbing the energy, they can guide and motivate people to move mountains in their lives and you will find that you will have your biggest fan and support in anything you wish to do!.


Embracing Clairsentience


So my blog is  called Confessions of a Clairsentient, and so it is only apt that I try to find words to describe this energetic operating system one is born with or develops. I still find it difficult to put into words what I feel sometimes, but try to do my best here and present information that resonates from my personal experiences. But each person is different.

Clairsentience (clear-feeling) is one of the most common and down to earth intuitive gifts that you can develop, yet complex as the same time. It is a sixth sense, so to speak, and means the ability to “feel”, or “know”, and interpret the feelings or energy around you to divine emotions and other energy vibes from people, places, spirits, animals or anything really that contains energy. Empathy and Clairsentience could also be grouped together in the spectrum of intuitive gifts, which relate to feeling or sensing the emotions and energies of the world around them.

Clairsentience is a broadened form of Empathy, which encompasses a wider field of sensitivities and has quite a lot in common with intuition, because it a strong awareness that you feel inside yourself about the subject you are concentrating on or connect with. I should add, that you don’t always need physical contact to connect with energy. It can also be the most challenging, because sometimes you will feel things, yet it is difficult to put into words what you pick up and why.

To feel, as in Clairsentience, requires recognition, acceptance, and it takes commitment to learn the skills to manage the range of energy experiences you perceive.

Depending on your sensitivity or gifts, the following are some traits of being Clairsentient;

  • A “feeling” of being different will probably have been with you from early childhood – you may also have been able to see and hear in a way others could not or viewed the world around you differently.
  • You can be emotionally attached to someone, even at a distance you can ‘feel’ them (dreams, random thoughts, flashes of insight etc).  This can happen even if you are no longer associated with them. Even if you don’t want to be a part of it, you will still feel connected, and so you may need to take steps to disconnect the spiritual/etheric cord.
  • If you were misunderstood as a child you are likely to have been told that you “shouldn’t” feel that way or that you are “imagining” things.
  • You may have been a target/blamed or made to feel responsible for other people’s problems, including authority figures, primary carers, teachers or siblings. In adolescence this could progress to friends, work colleagues or partners. Perhaps you were used or are used, as a soft target practice!
  • A continuing pattern of “others” not understanding and or saying there must be something wrong with you because they do not “feel” that way. That you are just being “too sensitive”.
  • Able to perceive energy fields (through physical sensations), including a person’s aura and vibrations (such as voice and how words are strung together). Ever heard someone talk and their words just sing or lull you?!
  • Not knowing how you know but “knowing” anyway, things others do not seem to know or understand.
  • Feeling guilty and responsible for other people’s happiness.
  • Choosing to stay in situations for the sake of “others” even at your own detriment. Usually it will be for emotional rather than financial reasons.
  • Always giving others the benefit of the doubt whilst failing to see your own “goodness”.
  • Having an inner knowing that you are the “stronger” person even though you are accused of being over sensitive, emotional, irrational and imagining things that do not exist.
  • You can sense the presence of spirits, but you don’t understand what you’re feeling, except you know you feel a strange energy.
  • You are highly sensitive to your surroundings and they can affect your emotions. Large crowds and events can make you physically feel ill (perhaps you will feel nauseous, get headaches etc).
  • If earlier difficulties existed you may have a deep fear of confrontational situations. You will have probably unconsciously developed some level of coping strategies to avoid these but having to face a situation can cause great anxiety. This will be at a level of feeling very vulnerable and helpless, whilst manifesting physical symptoms of heart palpitations, nausea, frozen fear; this will be followed by a period of time trying to calm yourself while pent-up energy rushes through your body. This may seem to others an inappropriate or exaggerated response to what appears a fairly ordinary exchange or minor problem.
  • You go to other people’s homes or even meeting somewhere in a workplace and your emotions may change.  You may even attribute it to not liking the people, but have no definitive reason why.
  • You may serve as a “host” to another person(s); whilst supplying their “being” with energy will make you feel and appear the weaker person, the other person(s) strength can depend on “you” as an energy source. You may not recognise this yourself, however erratic and depleted energy is a symptom.
  • You think of someone who is not around you, and you inexplicably know how they are feeling and sometimes know if something good or bad is going to happen or has happened, but you don’t know why.
  • You have an ability to heal others. You can talk to them in person or even over the phone and they feel better, but you could feel worse.
  • Sometimes you can feel others physical pain and take on that pain.

Clairsentience usually falls into one of three categories: Gut feelings, Empathy and Physical sensations (of which I get all of).

Gut Feelings
A strong emotional response that can feel physical (feeling of dread or excitment) and it good to sense if you like or trust someone.
A sinking or sick feeling in my gut means that something is not going to go well or is to be avoided. A light fluttery (yes butterflies sometimes), excited feeling means that I am on the right track. Gut feelings allow you to sense very quickly whether or not you like and trust someone. Over time you will learn what it means for you.

One of my biggest part of my gift. Some of us find that we have been able to do this from a young age. Sometimes a quick glance is enough or their physical prescence in order to pick up on the feelings of other people and know what it is like to be another person. Empathy is a hard gift to manage initially – whilst you can put yourself in other peoples’ shoes you can succumb to being a sponge – absorbing and feeling emotions which aren’t your own. Do you ever experience overwhelming negative feelings which seem to have no cause? Then you could be feeling someone else’s feelings.

Here are some traits of Empaths:

  • Your emotions get out of control (anxious, panicky, frustrated) in crowds, even though you may want to be there or at an event, you end up being drained.
  • People seek you out, they like being around you and even if they have just met you, they will tell you about their problems and issues (you will do all the listening and giving of attention
  • You have a need to make people feel better and do your best to, you also just know what people need to hear to feel better about themselves or situation
  • You have difficulty expressing your own emotions and prefer to focus on someone else (SO TRUE!!)
  • You explain away others bad treatment of you, thinking they needed you on some level, and have to accept it
  • You need to help and heal others, and you will sacrifice yourself to do so
  • Nature and animals make you happy and give you peace and comfort – you covet it.

Physical Sensations
Clairsentience also speaks to you through sensations in your body – like tickling or pressure or pain. I have found that certain images, words or even sound can have an effect on the body. Those who are more sensitive may not be able to view some visual images on television for example, because they feel physical pain (for example I get a sharp painful stabbing sensation, or shock through my entire body, it’s not pleasant! and cannot imagine good for the body).

Occassionally, whenever I am tuning into spirit or connecting with someone else when tuned in on a spiritual or active level, I get a strong warm tingling  or prickling sensation on one side (usually right) of my head.

Exercises to develop your Clairsentience

One on One Practice
Ask a friend to show you a picture of somebody they know well (but make sure you don’t know the person in the picture).  Look into the person’s eyes and tune into their energy – how do they feel at the moment of the photo being taken? If this is the first time you have consciously used your clairsentience, you may just pick up on a basic negative or positive vibe.
Ask yourself what this individual is like as a person. Ask yourself whether you trust the person. Is there anything else the person’s eyes are revealing?
Check with your friend – how accurate were you?

Practice in a Busy Place
The easiest place to do this is somewhere public. A coffee shop is a great place to start. Take a seat somewhere that you are less likely to be disturbed but still have full view of the comings and goings. Start by choosing a staff member. Focusing on them, just open up and imagine what you think they are feeling. Are they enjoying their day, or are they feeling frazzled and tired. Do you imagine that this is their only job, do they have children, are they studying at University, do they have a marriage or relationship, are they social or private people, shy or outgoing, and so on. Just explore who they are. Make sure you are using your imagination and that you aren’t pressuring yourself or second guessing what you come up with. Practice this regularly, and you will see a definite improvement in your ability to tap in to people. Make sure that each time you do this exercise, you complete the session with these cleansing practices and then ground.

The traits and tools I apply to nurture my Clairsentience

  • embrace imagination and visualisation
  • embrace and explore your senses
  • be curious! notice things
  • open your heart
  • trust flashes of insight or images (even if you don’t understand) -write them down
  • get plenty of rest and time alone to recharge
  • get sunshine and space in nature to reground
  • practice cleansing your energy




One Mind, One Heart

One Mind, One Heart

We are each a divine idea expressing through the One Mind in harmonious ways.

We have come together because there is something we need to learn from each other.

We have a purpose in being together.

There is no need to fight this purpose or to blame one another for what is happening.

It is safe for us to work on loving ourselves so that we may benefit and grow from this experience.

We choose to work together to bring harmony into the business at hand and into every area of our own lives.

There is a Divine blending of energies as people work joyfully together, supporting and encouraging each other in ways that are fulfilling and productive.

We are healthy, happy, loving, joyful, respectful, supportive, productive, and at peace with ourselves and with each other.

The community of human beings on Planet Earth is opening up on a scale that has never been seen before.

New levels of spirituality are connecting us.

We are learning, on a soul level, that we are all one.

I have chosen to incarnate at this time for a reason.

I believe we have chosen on a deep level to be a part of the healing process of the planet.

I remember that every time I think a thought, it goes out from me and connects with like-minded people who are thinking the same thing.

I cannot move to new levels of consciousness if I remain stuck in old judgments, prejudices, guilt, and fear.

As I practice Unconditional Love with respect to myself and others, the entire planet begins to heal.

The world of the future begins now, right here, with all of us.

John Assaraf (via bodymindandsoul)

Soul Weavers


Sometimes we experience the same patterns of people in our life

but then, someone comes along seemingly different

yet we have lost faith in what we deserve so we get scared..


what if these souls are truly weaving the threads of something you have never seen before…

then WHAT? (Nj)

Ego vs Soul


Everyday, and in every moment in life on earth our consciousness is dominated by  thoughts which play out like a movie or stage play where your senses give you a corresponding  image constructed in your mind. From what I have researched online, you can have up to 12,357 and 63,000 thoughts a day unless you are OCD. And that 90% of our thoughts are repetitive, 80% negative.

You have the ability to be aware, and choose whether what you are experiencing is just your Ego, or a true depiction of what is real in life. You are a Soul but you experience yourself through the dense and earthly physical environment of Earth. One of the hardest questions  is ‘How do I know what is a message of my ego or my soul?”. Both co exist, but they merge, blur and overlap, so I thought I would write a little about both, as I know it, and understand it to be.

In brief, how do you differentiate between Ego and Soul? The soul is happy in the now, the moment. The ego is in the past or future, looking or wishing to change things. The Ego is the part of us which is unhappy with what you have now in our life and also unhappy with the good things that are missing (or what you feel you deserve that others have.)


Being Ego means you are experiencing yourself as being in your body and mind.Ego feels dissatisfied and insufficient, constantly seeking satisfaction elsewhere, in each next experience as a means to the next and reacting from a state of lack.  It is a constructed Self, based on an external landscape of what our physical senses perceive, how the intellect calculates, memories of past events, patterns.

It is the Ego that attaches itself to externals, for a sense of self and fulfillment. For example, Ego says having a new sporty car that is faster, cooler and more expensive than others, contributes to that self fulfilment, then the Ego is disappointed soon after because you realise your new neighbour just got a new car that is even much faster, cooler and more sporty than yours. It is the same with social interactions, which can lead to competition, comparing ourselves and always wants to be ahead. The Ego wants to be the centre of attention and nothing is given without an ulterior motive. Ego is defensive, fears change and thinks in terms of what I do to you should be the measure back and more. Think in terms of someone giving lots of love to someone, and expecting the same back or more, because it should be proved.


Being the Soul means experiencing yourself as being feeling-awareness in a moment of presence, and in the form of an intuitive flow of peace, compassion, joy, love, wisdom, and creativity. Our sense of Soul is perceived when we suspend the Ego and it’s constant seeking of wants, needs, desires from moment to moment. The soul doesn’t seek satisfaction elsewhere, in the next moment, because the soul is already happy in the moment, and doesn’t look for a means to the next or react from a state of lacking.

You are connecting to your Soul when you begin to have an awareness of the true nature of the human experience – that you are a soul or spiritual being who is experiencing life through senses of the body or having a physical experience. It is a oneness of understanding, a joining of everything, a profound wisdom of love and Oneness. As the soul feels itself within all things it has no desire or impulse to possess, or need things to oneself, as we are all infinite parts of one another.  The higher one’s journey the more one realises that the Source and the power of the destination of the journey are the one universal Soul or God.

But we have both aspects  and we have to learn to live with both of them. We don’t need to be in competition with both, we need to learn to mesh them together. Like anything it takes practice. I have always found meditation and mindfulness the best way to quiet the mind and connect with your beautiful Soul Self.  You learn to listen carefully to messages that come through, and question where it is coming from, your Ego or your Soul. Messages of the Soul should be full of joy and flow of love. Whenever I know something is coming from my intuitive or soulful self, there is very little thinking involved, it just comes through and my logical mind doesn’t question it.

Some dialogue to show the difference between Ego and Soul:

Ego Says,     “No”     Soul Says,     “Yes.”

Ego says,     “Can’t get it. Can’t do it. Can’t have it.”  Soul says,     “You can.”

Ego says,     “I can’t change. Change is fearful.”  Soul says,     “Change is an aspect of Love.” “Change is a choice to live your Life, not your death.”

Ego says,     “I am not enough.”   Soul says,  “You are Love.”

Ego says,     “It’s your fault” to the other.    Soul says,     “It’s never about the other.” “The other is a reflection of your own Consciousness.”

Ego says,     “You push my buttons. I will avoid you.”  Soul says,     “Thank you, my ego. You are the doorway to the Illumined state.”

Ego says,     “Love is out there.”   “Love is limited.”  “Love is conditional. It can be lost.”   Soul says,     “Love is within.”
“Love is as boundless as the sea.” “Love is eternal. Love is the only Truth.”

Ego says,     “I believe in the Big Lie, that we are separate.”  Soul says,     “We are all connected. We are all one Consciousness.”

Ego says,     “Everything is personal, either good or bad.”  Soul says,     “Everything is impersonal. Everything just ‘is.'”
“Embrace the ‘isness.'”

Ego says,     “Poor me. I am a victim.”    Soul says,    “You create your own reality.” “Everything is a Divine Set Up created by your Soul to help you Awaken.”

Ego says,     “Live in the mind.”  Soul says,  “Live in the Heart.”

Ego says,     “I want to know everything.”  Soul says,     “Egoic mind is greedy and full of avarice.”
“Surrender the need to know anything. Accept.”

Ego says,     “It’s never enough.”  Soul says,    “This is all there is. Be present in Love in every moment.

Soul says  “Yes. Open to change. Open for whatever the Divine brings. It is for your Awakening. Trust Soul, your connection with with Love. You are Love.”

I Am


I am the soulful and blue eyed girl next door
I wonder what I, and the world will be like in 10 years time
I hear silence in the pulsing velvety nights
I see flickers of spirit lights from time to time
I want you to hold my hand, let’s be adventurers of life
I am the soulful and mysterious girl next door

I pretend that everything is okay when I’ve been hurt
I feel people’s energy, their motives, their soul
I touch the stars, the planets, the universe
I worry when people don’t see the beauty of their soul
I cry when you hurt, or when  you open your heart
I am the soulful and blue eyed girl next door

I understand frustration, and battling on one’s own
I say that Love is everything in life
I dream of my soul mate, and feeling the energy of life
I try to inspire you, and open your mind
I hope that you will awaken to your own Power
I am the soulful and blue eyed girl next door

What is really happening at the Heart of You?


Times are a changing in the world! Energetically people are recognising, talking about, speaking from, and living from the Heart – whether spiritually or non-spiritually.

HeartMath scientists have discovered that the heart does more than just pump the life force through our body. The human heart emits an electromagnetic field that surrounds the entire body, extending at least 15 feet in every direction. The field signals to every cell in your body, affecting the physical, mental, emotional health and well being. It is also affected by electromagnetic field of earth, other people, animals, plants, places or anything that has electromagnetic qualities, including space, planets and even stars. So we truly are connected.

Not many really know that the heart actually sends more signals to the brain than the brain sends to the heart, and that like the brain, the heart can learn, remember, feel and sense on it’s own.  The heart signals effect our brain function, and have an influence on emotional processing, perception, memory and problem solving. The Heart responds to your brain, but the brain is continually corresponding to your heart.

In the fast passed conscious world, it’s easy to get caught up in the mind, stresses and feel ungrounded. However the brain alone does not hold all the answers to happiness, peace, love and contentment. We need to have a harmonious connection and communication between the mind and heart.

The Institute of Heart Math, which studies link between the heart, mind and emotions, has revealed that the heart’s complex nervous system actually qualifies the heart as a distinct “little brain” in it’s own right. They have created an exercise (below) designed to help one to access this “inner intelligence” of the heart. (Source: heartmath.org)


Focus your attention on the area of your heart (or the centre of your chest). If you lose focus, just keep shifting your attention back to the area of your heart.


Breathe in slowly and deeply. Imagine the air entering and leaving through the heart area, or the centre of your chest. If you are more experienced or used to meditation, you can imagine breathing in white light, or green chakra energy into your heart.

Heart Breathing helps you begin to get in sync and draws the energy out of the head, where negative thoughts and feelings are amplified. This helps neutralize stressful feelings.


Now  a nice chance to daydream a little…Remember a time or experience when you felt good inside – try to recreate this feeling. Focus on this  feeling as you continue to breathe through the area of your heart. (This could be a feeling of appreciation or gratitude toward a special person, animal, nature, a place you enjoy, or an activity that was fun.)

When you experience positive feelings like Love, Care, Appreciation while breathing through your heart, you begin to feel and think better, almost immediately. Holding positive feelings makes it easier to stay in sync longer, and becomes easier in time, so you can easily remain calm and balanced in stressful times.

HeartMath have a product called EmWave which I have, that trains you with your breathing and alerts you when you are not in a coherence state.


The Spiritual Shoreline


Last night I was contemplating Stillness, and researched some suggested reading on Osho, inspired by my fellow spiritual friend, following my post on Tantra – The Way of Acceptance. Then during the night I had a very profound dream on this very topic, it involved aligning with our energies (chakras) to that of the universe energy points, and being a vessel for allowing things to flow. Unfortunately I woke up, and my conscious mind took over, leaving imprints of feelings and the image of sitting in lotus position, and seeing the chakras lit up through the centre of the body. I’m taking all of these messages from others, from my own spiritual self, and universe as an indicator of importance to me right now. The following words are a result of my dream and thoughts about finding Stillness in the present moment.

is the spiritual shoreline
where energy flows
so let go of control
it is a mask
of old patterns
and repetitive waves
Just be Still
and Observe
let the surge of thoughts pass
of their own accord
but do not participate
for beyond the moving tide
you will find unmoving ground
and if you stay still
the waves and  energy
will flow through you

for you are One
with the ocean of your heart
you see the waves above
but your attention

is of the vastness around you
you are connected
to everything