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Hand Energetics


Our hands are channels of divine Love. When we use them consciously, the creative power of the cosmos is at our fingertips. ♥handsenergy

We are all healers!

To touch, to fee,l is the most natural thing in the world. When we hurt ourselves, or another is hurt, we instinctively place our hands over the place where we are hurting. Even when our emotional heart hurts we place our hands over our chest, or if we are upset our hands may go to our solar plexus. And well when you are hugged in a lovingly way that too is healing, calming and therapeutic.

Science has proven the validity of bio-electromagnetism and has given a scientific basis to spiritual healing as a form of bio-energy therapy. We are not just physical, but energy beings surrounded by invisible energies, a life force that inhabits every living thing.

This vital energy force is called Ki, Chi, Prana and other names in cultures. In the centre of each palm there is a chakra which is very sensitive to energy flow and balance and is activated and guided by the power of intuition.Your hands therefore can absorb and transmit healing energy naturally.

You can activate your hands to transmit the healing energy simply by visualizing. Visualize that from the Divine/Source/God/Goddess a beautiful beam of light enters at the top of your head and exits in the palms of your hands. When you do this, you will feel an immediate sensation in your hands indicating that you are now ready to heal.

Your hands may feel hot or cold, heavy or light, or even pins and needles. A lot of healers feel heat or fire as they awaken their healing potential.

Electrograph of hand, 1900

Electrograph of hand, 1900


Whatever the sensation in your hands, it is just fine. There is not a certain way you must feel. Every person experiences or perceives sensations in his or her own way.

This visualization is all you need to do. Nothing more is required of you than to accept your intent to heal. Put your hands over the part that needs healing, whether it is on yourself or someone else. The “ki, chi, prana” energy does the rest, flowing without any direction, through your hands, to where the healing is needed.

This healing energy cannot harm anyone; in fact it usually brings a deep relaxation. It has no harmful side effects like drugs or other chemicals and will dissolve any energy blocks. It comes directly from the Source and is pure and clean.

We are all connected to the universe. All life is a circle, so that when you are healing someone else you are also healing yourself. Use the magical power in your hands to heal, and do what has been the most natural thing in the world for centuries.

Increase the Healing Power of Your Hands

Rub your hands together vigorously for 3-5 minutes.  This stimulates the flow of prana/chi/ki and produces heat.  Hold your arms out from the body, parallel to the floor with the palms up.  Do breath of fire for 3 minutes.  Inhale and hold your breath, then move your hands out so that its as if your palms are pushing the walls away from you.  Feel the energy in the center of your palms flow throughout your body.  Then rub your palms together for another 2 minutes.  Move your hands in front of you, left palm up, right palm down on top, with about 8 inches in between them, in front of the stomach.  Meditate upon the exchange of energy between your palms.



Spiritual Energy in my Room


Here are some more recent videos and still shots in my house of energy in various forms. I have been asked if I can see the energy and I would say no, but I feel and know it is there. Having said that however, I do see ‘something’ at various times, not just when recording. For example, I could be having a conversation with someone, and be distracted by a bright spark of light next to ones head…just like a bit of glitter, but bright enough to take notice!

Still shot from the above video. After reflecting with others, I think it may be coming from me. Immediately before I was drawn to my essential oils and was intuitively blending and connecting then reflecting on their energy. Essential oils after all are considered the blood or life force of plants.


The video below is the response I received immediately after I requested the presence silently.

The video below is in slow motion because the green orb was so superfast coming down from the sky!!!

Still shot from another video

Still shot from another video