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My every breath


My every breath…..

feels claustrophobic

is a struggle

is like an elephant sitting on my chest

is lost in solitary confinement

is like breathing solely through a straw

is like running a perpetual marathon

is strangled by my absent functioning muscle

is like breathing in and out through a balloon

is stolen by windy days

is consciously controlled tirelessly

is my minds sole focus– in, out, in, out……

is my conscious intention…second by second, minute by minute

leaves no fog on windows…no message left

scares me! is it my last?


is savoured

is survival

is an essence of life

is a blessing

shares my story/journey

tells you to live in the moment…each breath

tells you not to take it for granted

is my expression of who I am

affirms I am still supposed to be here



15 May 2016


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