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The Secret Life of Me#1 – California Dreaming


In my early teens I would buy international travel magazines or special editions, I would dream about travelling to exotic places, or imagine adventures, like desert road trips in the US, california dreaming, seeing the pyramids of Mexico, or picturesque Canadian mountains. Sometimes I would hold onto a magazine that had inspiring photographic scenes or places, or decors of how I dreamed my house could be inspired by…earthy, with cultural pieces, antiques, Moroccan or ethnic tiles… then there was this perfume sample enclosed “New West” with watermelon notes, steeped in oak moss and musky undertones….it would imbue the magazine each time I opened it…I had to have it of course!…. scent is powerful for association, and it made me think of the spirit of the west coast, the earth, wind, sea and fresh summery days…and well the freedom that travel invoked…..The matte printed pages were well worn in that magazine!

She simply IS, She is simply ME

She simply IS, She is simply ME

She’s a girl who enjoys drinking dandelion tea, or cacao chocolate,  ritualistically in pink flowered tea cups like it’s a magical elixir.. and a romantic muse who dreams of writing the most beautiful words and sharing the energy of love with the world so it radiates out like light from person to person.

She dreams of walking on ancient stones in ancient cities, and sitting in bohemian cafes with her beloved, hands touching, in awe of a beautiful life, feeling the foreverness of the moment as time shifts idly past

She often goes outside at night, to acknowledge the star life, winking above, and to know and feel a part of something much greater than what she is. On occasions she feels that warm tingly energy pierce her aura, in acknowledgement of a spirit’s  presence, and it brings a smile to her face in a gesture of thanks.

She is the kind of old soul, that loves simplicity, and enjoys the earthiness of a mortar and pestle, and dreams of a wooden benched kitchen with hanging utensils, Moroccan tiles, colourful recipe books,  and fresh herbs hanging alongside little spices draws.

She covets nights of reminiscing of favourite childhood television shows and romantic movies in the company of a glass of wine, dimly lit lights and dark chocolate – it makes her feel good, and  in touch with the child at heart – it’s nurturing.

She is the type of girl who prefers a movie and homemade desert with her love to a fancy night out and dreams of sitting in magical places full of energy and beauty with them.. stealing playful kisses and warm embraces that make her feel precious and adored.

She is a girl that was born with the heart of an adventurer, an archeologist of poets, writers and bohemian explorers of the past. She imagines immersing herself in an Agatha Christie classic, whilst on the Orient Express rolling through snowscapes, and mountainous countryside too beautiful for words, and can only be felt and absorbed in the moment.

She is a giving soul, who believes the best gifts are those from the heart or positive intent. She would find special treasures in the sands, take them home, hold and imbue them with love and goodwill (inscribing messages or symbols) then return them for a chosen soul to find as their very own treasure. The feeling one would have if they found  a washed up message in a bottle.

She simply IS, She is simply Me

I Am


I am the soulful and blue eyed girl next door
I wonder what I, and the world will be like in 10 years time
I hear silence in the pulsing velvety nights
I see flickers of spirit lights from time to time
I want you to hold my hand, let’s be adventurers of life
I am the soulful and mysterious girl next door

I pretend that everything is okay when I’ve been hurt
I feel people’s energy, their motives, their soul
I touch the stars, the planets, the universe
I worry when people don’t see the beauty of their soul
I cry when you hurt, or when  you open your heart
I am the soulful and blue eyed girl next door

I understand frustration, and battling on one’s own
I say that Love is everything in life
I dream of my soul mate, and feeling the energy of life
I try to inspire you, and open your mind
I hope that you will awaken to your own Power
I am the soulful and blue eyed girl next door