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Moments captured by the lens of my heart and spirit, and projected into a canvas of beautiful words for your own interpretation.

Addicted to Mornings




“Every morning the world is created.

Under the orange…

If it is your nature to be happy

you will swim away along the soft trails  for hours, your imagination

alighting everywhere.  And if your spirit

carries within it …” Mary Oliver

Autumn Musings


It’s Autumn again, and we wade through chilled air, as blossoms kiss and part, leaves whisper and flit around, descending to ground, to meet the steady heart beat of the earth.

Captive thoughts beg to be released, and so I let them let go, with every breath..and I gather my strength to move forward like farewelling a loved one.I fall into a neverending cocoon of novel fantasies, organic comfort food and resolved spiritual mind.

Waking in the early dawn hours, I feel this wonderous energy, ebullient to my spirit, and I want to sungaze from white shores, lay on grass and divine the cloud shapes wisping by as travellers in the sky, and connect my heart like a rainbow to the skies.

Nature has becomes my muse.

Then gradually my sight will be a wintry gray, lost in darkness, all will fade, to repose, holding on to only what is necessary….

Beautiful artwork by professional artist, Stacey Ann Borg

Beautiful artwork by professional artist, Lily A Seidel.

It would be so lovely…

It would be so lovely…

to hold you close     ……………   (but it’s not time yet)

to feel you breathing ……………(but it’s not time yet)

to hear your heartbeat………….(but it’s not time yet)

to feel your warmth………………(but it’s not time yet)

to have my hand in your hand ………..(but it’s not time yet)

to be loved once more ………..(but it’s not time yet)

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The Secret Life of Me#2 – Born on a Moon Day


Attempted to be aborted through anothers heartache, she was eventually born on on a moon day – blue eyed, white haired, and taken away from her mother due to being very ill. Her legs have always been like the beauty and the beast. Her hips were twisted and they wanted to break every bone and reset them. Her mother fought for alternatives. She still has her little aluminum splint. Sensitive, and pensive soul seeing and feeling everything around her. She was gifted at drawing, and they were always horses and women in bodiced gowns. She was frightened of the dark, as she felt she was being touched, and the darkness made shapes and shadows turn into things. But oh how she loved the earth and nature – her father influenced her with nature shows and she explored cultural north Australian lands. But there was this mystery, she always had trouble breathing, would stop breathing abruptly and be raced to hospital. Feeling things around her neck would make her panic. For some reason, like it is significant, she still vividly remembers a childhood dream…upon a 17th century ship in the storm, thrown overboard with others being thrown around in the dark of the night with creatures below, eventually taken by the sea. Again her body fell ill, very sick, it was thought to be cancer but it was a growth on her kidney; she saw friends pass away in the cancer ward. A large scar now adorns her pale body but she wears it with love.

We all have a story…..

The Secret Life of Me#1 – California Dreaming


In my early teens I would buy international travel magazines or special editions, I would dream about travelling to exotic places, or imagine adventures, like desert road trips in the US, california dreaming, seeing the pyramids of Mexico, or picturesque Canadian mountains. Sometimes I would hold onto a magazine that had inspiring photographic scenes or places, or decors of how I dreamed my house could be inspired by…earthy, with cultural pieces, antiques, Moroccan or ethnic tiles… then there was this perfume sample enclosed “New West” with watermelon notes, steeped in oak moss and musky undertones….it would imbue the magazine each time I opened it…I had to have it of course!…. scent is powerful for association, and it made me think of the spirit of the west coast, the earth, wind, sea and fresh summery days…and well the freedom that travel invoked…..The matte printed pages were well worn in that magazine!

Ocean Retreat – Guided Imagery


Let’s Begin. Take a deep, slow breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. Keep breathing in and out, focusing on how your body feels at this moment. Feel the pace of your heart and lungs becoming slower. With each breath, breathe IN relaxation and breathe OUT tension and tiredness. Feel your body sinking more and more into deep relaxation.

Start by taking a few deep breaths…. slowly…. and evenly…..remembering to let your belly rise as you breathe in…. and to let it fall as you breathe out

Breathe in relaxation…… and breathe out tension and tiredness….. Take another breath in….. and let it out.

Now, imagine yourself on a beach in the early evening…… The salty sea-breeze is still warm against your skin…. but the sun has just begun to retreat into the horizon……..

As you sit in the white sand… on the edge of the surf…. you can feel the cool water washing gently over your toes……… as the waves roll in….. and out…….. take a deep breath in……. and let it out……..


Allow your limp body to sink into the sand while you look out over the deep blue waves into the sky…. you see the brilliant orange sun…. dipping below rows of saffron and indigo clouds to meet the horizon….. the sun-set covered clouds drift in…. and out….as their shadows rest on the surface of the water.


Far off in the distance…. you notice the mast of a sailboat…. It gently glides across the water…. The peacefulness of the waves is calming & comforting…. as your thoughts float in and out… Allow your chest to rise…. and fall….. as you take a slow deep breath in….. and let it out.


Your body feels heavy.. as you.. close your eyes…. and soak in the last rays.. of the golden summer sun…. you fill your lungs with the crisp ocean air… and let out a big sigh…… relaxing into the moment…… letting everything else melt away……. for a moment…. completely content.


The imprints of your thoughts……. drift… drift in like the clouds….. forming shapes across the sky…. Floating weightlessly.. in the peacefulness of this moment…… time passes.. without measure

As you slowly open your eyes… you return from this motionless state…..feeling relaxed and calm. You discover that the warm summer day has given way to a beautiful moonlit evening….. The clear night-sky…. reveals bright clusters of stars as the reflections glisten on the water……..

The tide has come in… and you feel the cool water now, brushing against your legs… and see it stretching it’s way up the beach… Taking in the serenity of this place.. one last time…… you rise to your feet….. and move slowly up the beach… allowing the steady pace of your steps… to carry you safely and calmly… into the rest of your day…. feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Now, take a deep breath in…. and let it out…. take another deep breath in…. and let it out…. Remember that whenever your feeling tense…. or need a break in your day… you can bring yourself back to this beach,,, back to this moment… to recharge your mind and body.

When you are ready, open your eyes to discover the new, refreshed you.

She simply IS, She is simply ME

She simply IS, She is simply ME

She’s a girl who enjoys drinking dandelion tea, or cacao chocolate,  ritualistically in pink flowered tea cups like it’s a magical elixir.. and a romantic muse who dreams of writing the most beautiful words and sharing the energy of love with the world so it radiates out like light from person to person.

She dreams of walking on ancient stones in ancient cities, and sitting in bohemian cafes with her beloved, hands touching, in awe of a beautiful life, feeling the foreverness of the moment as time shifts idly past

She often goes outside at night, to acknowledge the star life, winking above, and to know and feel a part of something much greater than what she is. On occasions she feels that warm tingly energy pierce her aura, in acknowledgement of a spirit’s  presence, and it brings a smile to her face in a gesture of thanks.

She is the kind of old soul, that loves simplicity, and enjoys the earthiness of a mortar and pestle, and dreams of a wooden benched kitchen with hanging utensils, Moroccan tiles, colourful recipe books,  and fresh herbs hanging alongside little spices draws.

She covets nights of reminiscing of favourite childhood television shows and romantic movies in the company of a glass of wine, dimly lit lights and dark chocolate – it makes her feel good, and  in touch with the child at heart – it’s nurturing.

She is the type of girl who prefers a movie and homemade desert with her love to a fancy night out and dreams of sitting in magical places full of energy and beauty with them.. stealing playful kisses and warm embraces that make her feel precious and adored.

She is a girl that was born with the heart of an adventurer, an archeologist of poets, writers and bohemian explorers of the past. She imagines immersing herself in an Agatha Christie classic, whilst on the Orient Express rolling through snowscapes, and mountainous countryside too beautiful for words, and can only be felt and absorbed in the moment.

She is a giving soul, who believes the best gifts are those from the heart or positive intent. She would find special treasures in the sands, take them home, hold and imbue them with love and goodwill (inscribing messages or symbols) then return them for a chosen soul to find as their very own treasure. The feeling one would have if they found  a washed up message in a bottle.

She simply IS, She is simply Me



Twitching whiskers

a package neatly wrapped with tail

paws over nose


Sleeping always

curled in a ball

as if the bed is hers

cocooned in blanket

and furs

the life of a loved cat

in this hearth

pampered, well fed and


this little  Tabby princess

Raindrops – photographic poetry

Raindrops – photographic poetry


you feel more about everything

warmer when there is chill

more pain because of gloominess

more lonely when heartbroken

more comforted because you are cocooned

everything blurs…

senses kick in…the tone of raindrops, the smell of wet earth, the chill, memories and reverie….

Here are some beautiful artful photographic compositions I have found that I hope provide some inspiration and feeling

Image by Paco CT

Image by Ellenm1

Image by EJP Photo

Image by FFrame

Image by Pietrozuco

Image by Kevin Morris

Image by WanderingtheWorld

Image by Daniel Stark

Image by Gaspi *yp

Image by Pedro Pecheco

Image by Stefan

Image by Flythebirdpath

Image by EJP Photo

Image by Grevel

Image by Caneles

Image by ImageMD

November Collage


I love beautiful words, so will, from time to time, share such musings I find with you…

November — with uncanny witchery in its changed trees. With murky red sunsets flaming in smoky crimson behind the westering hills. With dear days when the austere woods were beautiful and gracious in a dignified serenity of folded hands and closed eyes — days full of fine, pale sunshine that sifted through the late, leafless gold of the juniper-trees and glimmered among the grey beeches, lighting up evergreen banks of moss and washing the colonnades of the pines. Days with a high-sprung sky of flawless turquoise. Days when an exquisite melancholy seemed to hang over the landscape and dream about the lake. But days, too, of the wild blackness of great autumn storms, followed by dank, wet, streaming nights when there was witch-laughter in the pines and fitful moans among the mainland trees? –The Blue Castle, L. M. Montgomery

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