A whimsical & soulful escape artist who expresses herself through musings, imagery, affirmations and other thought inspiring notions. A very visual person who believes that a picture does mean a thousand words and feelings, and that the smallest things or simplest things can fascinate and enrapture..I don’t miss much!!I am a mental photographer*, I believe in the experience of a moment, and taking in as much as possible and wish to be able to beautifully express and perfect that into words that evoke a feeling. I also believe in the creativeness of the mind, and daydreaming,Β  for the mind does not know what is real or not real, and so the emotions you experience are real.

Part of my sensitivity has come about due to being Clairsentient (an ability to feel energy from people, places, and things). Sometimes a moment is so beautiful, the energy so good, that it affects me very much physically. Writing became a channel for expressing those moments, and I have keep journals of words, dreams, thoughts since my early teens, and now collating them here.

*mental photography – moments captured by the lens of my heart and spirit, and projected into a canvas of beautiful words for other’s interpretation
Me and my cat, Tahli

Me and my cat, Tahli

The motto I follow in life, which I channeled in my early teens is “Where we are willed, there we must go, where we are stilled, there we must abode”…….in essence follow & trust your heart or go with the flow.

It’s time I now confess…

I have always been a ‘feeler’ of energy around me. The term Clairsentient generally refers to being able to feel the vibration of other people (and I would extend this to animals, places, things, nature etc) and having an inner sense of knowing – this inturn is interpreted into an emotion type or sometimes felt physically.

There are many different degrees of clairsentience in people, ranging from being able to perceive thoughts or emotions of other people (and spirits), even illness. Whether I am interacting with someone, or in a certain place, I can sense and read the energy, and I can pick up on this from the Past, Present and Future.

As you can imagine when you have a sensitivity like this, there are good and bad consequences, some of which I’ve dot pointed below. It’s been very difficult growing up with a different operating system to other people, and when I was younger, the mere thought of being in a big crowd would at times overwhelm me, or it’s hard to explain to someone you have just met, or give impressions on people, when you cannot always put into words what you actually ‘feel’, it’s a language that I found difficult to explain at times. When it comes to my interactions with people, they can misinterpret me, or they don’t understand that I already know what the relationship with them is going to be or that I can see their motives!

I have also had many experiences in normal environments where people who have clairvoyant gifts have approached me, knowing that I could feel, and knowing that I knew they had a gift too. This is been part of my learning, as they would test me or reveal to me things I needed to know.

  • I cannot watch graphic horror scenes (in fact I refuse to) because I physically feel pain (usually in the solar plexus), it comes like a punch in the stomach or a knife, or hit somewhere else on my body.
  • Sometimes I am randomly, or so it seems!, drawn to items/things, the year 1993 was full of insights. I remember in my teens randomly picking up one of the encyclopedia books, and opening up to pages where I saw a chart depicting sizes of buildings, as I looked I saw the World Trade Centre and I looked carefully studying it’s height, grand size. The following day a bomb was planted killing and injuring hundreds. On the night of September 11, I woke up in the abnormal early hours of the morning, and turned on the television and was witness to the live broadcast of 9/11 bombing – at the time I thought a world war had broken out.
  • It was my intuition that led me to find a neurosurgeon interstate who would help me with my health, and had all the right connections to find answers that were eluded for over 4 years.
  • I well up with tears easily of love for stories of humanity and courage, or tragedy because I am a sponge for picking up emotional energy.
  • I’ve channelled names in dreams and meditation- Siannaphey, Takal, Zirachey, Jezmiah, Alantu.
  • I can sense if someone is going to approach me, or say something, I can read my environment well – this has been my safety guide in foreign places or situations.
  • When I was a little girl I had a period whereby I couldn’t have anything too tight around my neck I felt I was choking or suffocating (could this be a link to a past life?)
  • I’ve had premonitions, for example I saw the accident I was about to have weeks before, it was a warning that I didn’t heed, but came out without injury, not the car though.
  • Experience physical energy from spirit around my right side of head, and more recently neck and shoulders, is something that happens when I’m connecting more spiritually – for example having a soulful conversation with someone (I get spirit guide energy) or talking about someone or own loved one passed on, I feel their spirit energy around me. I’ve experience clairaudience (hearing) once, this was a call of my name from my spirit guide, but I told them I was not ready and to leave me alone for now.
  • Almost everyday I see 11:11 or 12:12 for those who understand this (Lightworkers)Β  you will know what this means already.
  • I can pick up on mood and motives of others – this can be good in the work place and knowing when to approach someone or leave them alone. This has also aided me in different environments and about being safe. When I was a young girl, I was with my cousins and sister, and we were walking to go to a shop and I sensed this energy from a man from a far as we were approaching. There was something unsafe about him and I felt he was going to approach us and something was going to happen ( I could feel it). I said to my cousins we had to leave immediately. My mum went down there to look for him later to get description and never let us go alone again. But I recall something about him being a child abuser or something along those lines.
  • Sometimes objects can convey energy – when I was in school my friends were writing to some prisoners in the US – what they were there for I do not know – but I remember being with my peers at lunch and there was a letter one had received. I held it, and began shaking badly, and assertively said something did not feel right, prompting me to convey that it had to stop (the communication).
  • I can feel energy from the nature environment – the weather, the seasons etc..Autumn is a steady slow beat of a drum with a sense of anticipation, a waiting, but not knowing what will come. Energy from nature is so cleansing and healing to me, and I need to be able to escape to it often.
  • A picture or place for me can evoke so many emotions. One time I studied an old photograph of a child, then I noticed another small child in the background, I felt a sadness overcome me reducing me to tears, but I don’t know why and the person could not tell me who the child was or the story behind it. Sometimes there is such a beautiful energy in a place, that I wish I could bath in it forever. It inspires me to write and channel what I feel into what I call ‘mental’ photography. One time I was reading a magazine and on the page I had a flash image of a flame, half an hour later I smelt fire burning somewhere.
  • Dreams – I would sometimes see places or items in my dream and then see them in waking life, or get warnings about running late (then wake up and find my alarm didn’t go off and I was supposed to be somewhere), or messages of family members travelling. I have written poems based on words that would come in my dream. I would see astronomical events i.e eclipses in detail, then draw it.
  • Ancient words – I used to channel words, phrases not of this time, for example “I sit within a circle surrounded by cleansing fire, I call to thy spirits, watch the releasement of birds, the releasement of my mind, then bless nature kind” or ” Lady, see that Raven set wings to the sky, for he fears nothing of what is veiled, for his sight is within”
  • I can sense the energy of people close to me from far away, and know if there is something wrong or not right. I also often pick up my mobile for no reason, and then receive a message or call or I make contact with an individual. Sometimes I have felt an overwhelming energy accompanying me, of something big to come, like jigsaw pieces are coming together. When I met my first husband, our connection was electric and souldeep, no words were necessary, there was a soul recognition and we both knew we knew each other before this life. I can usually tell straight away what my connection with some one is, friend or loves alike.
  • After my spiritual trip to Brazil, where I experienced such a profound spiritual clearing, I began to feel and capture orbs on camera. They are everywhere inside and outside, and remind us we are not alone.
  • More and more I am attracting spiritual teachers into my life to aid me on my path – I feel so very blessed.

These are but a few examples of what it is like to be one so sensitive and in tune. I’ve been very spiritual since I was a young girl, and my grandmother was very psychic also. I’ve studied mysticism and metaphysics for a very long time, as well as engaging in meditation and channeling insights or words, at times too, or seen in dreams. The ability to heal is something I appear to be called for, healing through words, and possibly touch but it’s a journey I’m still discovering and part of my illness is part of the learning.

When I was in my early 20’s my mother fell ill with large kidney stones, it left her at times on the floor in pain, and she ended up going to see a doctor, who did scans and was set to operate on her and remove the large stone. Before the operation was to occur, to prepare her til then, I meditated on an essential oil blend I prepared for her, and would massage into the area and lay my hands on her and direct healing. After this, she claimed she felt good and pain subsided. She went back to the Doctor to say she didn’t need to have the operation, as she felt fine. They were skeptical so did another scan. It revealed the stone had gone! they couldn’t believe it was possible!


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  1. I believe I too have third-party years sharing my storywithstrange things couldn’t explain coming thru bit couldn’t Sergey understood what I must do. Withoutcertain visions or sword I heard I would have been a stranger yo myself never growing proteins who I am and happiness would never have been somewhere I could be or had never found. As I have been on this path since the 90s thanks for sharing

  2. Hey Njari
    Lovely post thank you.

    Over 11 years ago my clairsentient journey began with an incredibly expansive experience that happened during a reiki atunement. I was left hiding away from the world for a couple of years and although I never reached out to others with the same thing happening to them, I did read about it a lot. That was a very troubling time for me as I was so sensitive that I couldn’t handle public places, especially public transport and supermarkets.

    The reason I am writing this is that over the years I have experienced what I can only call random psychic attacks that happen without warning and can just leave me feeling extremely anxious and uncomfortable. I came to the conclusion they were psychic attacks when I was living at home and I got in an argument with my father and straight after they would come on and wouldn’t stop until he had let it go. So if I came back still feeling it, it meant he was still in an angry state.

    I used to practice being in a bubble and imagining mirrors reflecting the energy but I really want it to stop happening. I was hoping someone like yourself might have some answers. Plus I think I am now reaching out because I am starting to get really sensitive as I started practicing and giving people Optimal EFT sessions.

    http://optimal-eft.emofree.com/ (incase you are interested) this was the orginal creator of EFT

    • I’d love to invite you into the group I have. We share a range of things in the learning circle, and it is nice to feel supported and understood-dealing with emotions and energy are common topics. if so, can you send me a friend request if not already done (when ready to Njari Johnson) as the only way I can add people is if they are connected to me, due to it being a secret group. Once added I will let you know, and respectfully unfriend afterwards. We can always reconnect later on again.Blessings to you & thank you.

  3. I am very interested in contacting you…I said the words the day before 911…”that who’s to say they won’t come and bomb us in our own country tomorrow?” One of too many and what came next worse..I knew others were out there and now I’m in contact FINALLY…8)

  4. I finally understand being clairsentient and a lot of my life makes sense now but I do have a few questions and no one to answer it. I was hoping you could help me with them. Do you by any chance know the percentage of how many people in the world are clairsentient? Why am I clairsentient? Of all people in the world why me? I’m I suppose to do something with it? It’s confusing and I personally don’t like all the feelings I tend to get from it but I strongly enjoy how I am able to help others because of it. How can I explore my clairsentient abilities if I’m afraid of opening myself spiritually or just have no idea where to even begin? And lastly what are the chances of meeting someone else who is clairsentient and what happens if they are both together/dating? Are the effects more good than bad or too overwhelming and complicated? If anyone could help me with any of these questions I’d greatly appreciate it ❀ thank you so much

  5. I have very similar abilities. The only difference is I can’t heal very well and I don’t feel pain of other things but I can feel them being in pain it’s hard to explain. I can however make spirits leave rooms and people and also strengthen other people’s auras. I can interact with spirits such as I had to pull my friend back into her baby when she had an out of body experience. I’m glad I’m not the only one with these abilities and that I’m not some sort of freak. Thank you for posting this.

  6. Hello! It sounds like your ability is more in-tune than mine is, which is kinda what brought me here. As of this past year I began experiencing some unsettling things. I think I may be a bit of a clairvoyant, though I have a higher aptitude for clairsentience. To start off, I saw a full-body animated figure of a woman moving toward me when I was renovating the house I was to move into. It scared the living hell out of me, to be honest and I had to leave the property because of the overwhelming information and ‘vibe’ that suddenly flooded through me. I know her full name, age, birthday, cause of death, and a lot of atartling details about her life. Also, after the event, I was compelled to draw the image of her face. Until I did, I felt a persisting anxiety and need to. I couldn’t sleep alone, and to this day I still feel twinges of what I felt that day. Eventually, I had a friend over and played with a ouija board made of paper and confirmed the information… It was definitely not the best idea, but I had to know I wasn’t going completely out of my mind. The temperature changed drastically while we played with it, and I get the feeling that there was something else speaking with us. I know, this is the typical dumb teenage thing to do, and I regret it fully… And I’m scared of what could possibly happen if I open up more to my ability. Since playing the board, I’ve tried denying the feelings I get and strange noises and sightings, and it has helped reduce some of it. But I’m still curious as to what exactly I was speaking to, and I want to move on without being scared. I know my family has a history of psychic ability, but this level is totally new to me. Should I be worried? Could you please give me some advice?

  7. Thanks Sianna! Found u πŸ™‚
    I feel sad for u suddenly…. Each person will ask u the same questions, it’ll be too tiring. :/
    I’m also amazed by how quickly u replied. U seem genuinely dedicated to helping all… I thank you on behalf of all…

  8. Hey Sianna, I jus found out I’m clairsentient. I cud always feel tingling all over my body like electricity way back since I could rem, especially wen talking about or watching movies that a motivational, inspirational, tragic, etc. In prayer I can amp up my aura and increase this *electricity. When I get this tingling and I amp it up, my hair stands and pores open all over my body…I could never watch horror or thrillers to this day and am a total sobber for emo stuff, tears just flow… I’m naturally wise and good at counselling. I suffer a few bad physical ailments and this has led me on the path to search for the truth. Here I am trying to find the extraordinary and I wanna know more about myself and wat more can I become (as I was meant to be).
    I can’t find ur profile on Facebook by tyhttp://web.archive.org/web/20050307004832/http://www.tealeye.com/ping *sianna phey*… Wat shud I search for exactly?

  9. i spent the earlier years of my life with an epilepsy/ghost quandary. Was horrendous. I am now part of a Circle and am finding my spiritual journey both exhillerating and too much. I need help.

  10. Hi! I stumbled upon your words after a strange incounter tonight. Your words are very reassuring of the gift I have been given. It is a blessing and a curse. I would love to chat if you have time. I have so many questions and situations all that I have documented through paintings, writing, songs and thought. If you could send me an email I would be thankful, thank you πŸ™‚


  11. Hi there
    I found your post on the web, in my search on information on empaths. I recognise myself inso many of the things your have written.
    Is there any books or groups on the web, that you can recommend to me? I have just started my journey πŸ™‚

  12. I’ve always wondered about myself. People almost can’t lie to me, I go though severe mood swings for no reason, and I can’t watch people go through pain. I can answer yes to just about all the empath quizzes I find, but they never have an answer.
    Recently I’ve reconnected with someone who had to move out of the country. We developed a relationship based on only communication. I love her and have no doubt that she loves me, in fact I think there may be a lot more to it than either of us realize.
    But she has a boatload of obstacles to overcome before she can come back. Its tearing her apart and I can’t help feeling everything she’s going through. iwish I could help her but I can’t. I don’t know how and it’s killing me. I feel like I might go crazy. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    • Hi there, thanks for writing. It is not always easy feeling others pain, or simply watching them struggle. It sounds like you don’t know what to do to help her. Having been in distance relationships (friends or romantic)I understand, but the greatest thing you can do is be there to listen, offer emotional support and love. I’m sure you are not expected to do any more than this. Special connections or those relationships with karmic ties are never easy but they provide a lot of growth. Be strong in knowing that you are always connected, and understand their May be a higher purpose for all this. Keep your communications open and positive with each other.

  13. Thank you for sharing, I discovered the word clairsentient today and meanings, made clearer by yr writings. I have had experienced some of what u have mentioned .Having many links with cats and hair. When 9/11. Happened I was having my hair done watching TV.
    Cats hmm…l guess there are always
    messages from there timely prescense around me. Before I sat down and was guided to your page. I placed a warm blue towel around my neck to relieve some of the aching.

    I was also looking for, and was drawn to some beautiful oils and aromas today at the spiritual shop. My mother passed of kidney failure. Curing myself from NY misalignment would also be in her honour. If that makes sense.
    Today I went into a healing space spiritual shop wearing blue. As I was reading some info on the healer/ clairsentient etc she walked thru the doorway wearing a blue….and our physical communication began.
    ….and so it unfolds…continues. I will become more still so I may clear the way to my try calling.
    I believe my illness is Also. linked to this.
    Thanks again for your clear and great blog.
    Peace n light

  14. Hi, I believe I have this type of physic ability, however I just wanted to know.. Is it possible to watch someone’s videos and read their emotions and understand their feelings? Because sometimes I feel there is something within me that has the ability to do this. Please get back to me soon, thanks xox

  15. Very much like e, only you seem to have mastered yours, or at least control it in a way that I have not yet done. But the one thing I very much am only posting about is ask you, Why blue (the colour)?

  16. Hi Siennaphey,

    Im writing to you in desperation. .. you may remember me from a comment I wrote to you a while ago. Ive been struggling a lot lately, with my ‘gift’. I saw that you have a Facebook group for Clairsentient people where we can talk to each other. But I cant find it on Facebook. Has it been removed? Im desperate to just read things from other people like us… I only know one other Claisentient person who I dont get to see very much. I feel like nobody else understands me. Would you be able to reply to me with the Facebook link? Or do you know of anywhere else I can go on the internet or in person to talk to another Clairsentient person? I need advice and understanding. .. im sorry to post this here, I just dont know what else I can do. Its affecting me very badly and my loved ones too.

    And thank you for your beautiful blog which has helped me a lot ❀

    • Please find me on Facebook, Njari Johnson, and send me a friend request and a message. The group is secret, it can not be found and only I can add you if a friend. I respectfully unfriend once added to the group.
      Blessings and hugs

  17. Dear Siannaphey.
    Wow, I just read about this Clairsentient stuff and now I think I understand who I am.
    I want to develop this gift but don’t know where to start.
    Till now, I didn’t really understand what was going on, so I have sometimes tried to block out the emotions that seamed to steer my decisions. I feel what people aren’t telling me. I get emotional for stupid things, and only later discover I was feeling what someone else was going through. I seem to be attracted to people that need emotional support, even if they are 10000km away. Many times I shy away from voicing what I feel/think, in case I am wrong, yet most of the time I am right. My wife doesn’t understand and I really feel alone and can’t speak to anyone about this. There are just so many people out there hurting and I so much want to just see people without fake smiles for a change. Whenever I think of someone, I send them a message just to say hi, 99% of the time they say it’s amazing how I just know when to call them to cheer them up, after they had just been through an emotional ordeal. I want to help people, but I want to do it the right way. I need to be sure that what I feel is real, it just seems wired that I know things and can feel pain that’s not mine. Where do I start?

    • I could have written this post myself! A gift that sometimes “gives” too much. Just found this page trying to find others that may know how to stop the unwanted empathy and/or choose when to “feel” and when not to. Or if always feeling is part of our plan, what to do with it. Just now reaching out to others (I’m 32 years old) to finally get ideas on how to be at peace when there’s chaos around or it’s super close to home… But just wanted to say… I feel the same!

  18. Hello there:) I just found your article while searching for more about clairsentience. I have a question for you or anyone else who happens to read this.

    From the earliest I can remember until I left for college, I lived in a haunted house with multiple spirits including a woman and a little girl. Most of the activity was within mine and my sister’s rooms. I spent most of my time afraid to be alone and especially afraid of the dark. Even when I visited other peoples’ houses, I felt the same energy-like everywhere was haunted. I started to have terrible nightmares/night terrors, as well as anxiety, panic attacks and OCD. I finally discovered how to “turn it off” or block out those energies, because I couldn’t handle the fear. Now, I’m 24 and am starting to realize I think I’m Clairsentient (as I never saw anything that I can remember), as well as potentially empathic. I also feel I am a Crystal Child-maybe a scout since I’m older? and have been told I have the Crystal pointed aura.

    I’ve read countless articles but felt compelled to write to you. I guess my main question is did you have any experiences with fear of spirits as you were growing up or even after? I want to turn my gift back on but every time I try, I feel an overwhelming anxiety and fear. I guess mostly of letting bad energy in or seeing things I fear. I sometimes feel like I could see spirits if I wanted to. Is it possible to develop Clairsentience into Clairvoyance or mediumship? I know teachers are on their way to me, but sometimes I feel so impatient!

    Thanks so much for sharing so much of yourself. I could relate with every word of your article. It’s always comforting to stumble across others with similar life experiences.

    Love and Light.

    • As a child I was typically afraid of the dark, I used to be touched on the head when I was in my bed. It is normal to be afraid of the unknown. I have never had an overwhelming anxiety or fear of spirits. The first time I heard my name being called out, I promptly yelled out ‘I’m not ready, please go away’ but it was only spirit guides nothing negative…it was just a shock. I’ve never had any bad spirit experiences really, though I did sleep overnight in a haunted hospital and woke feeling a presence over me, I got a panic attack eek and covered me head in the sleeping bag! I’m spiritually strong, I connect with light so much that I don’t really fear the dark energy that also exists. Fear is the emotion we must let go of. It can feed negative energies. We tend to have multiple gifts, and you will find that you do to. I’m clairsentient, intuitive empath, claircognizant, clairvoyant, Clairaudient, telepathic, and not in a full on experienced way, but these are glimpsed often. We are often given what we need in life. I don’t force or overly study anything. Life and seeing the world through spiritual eyes and curiosity is all I personally need. Teachers in forms of family, friends, loves, colleagues are around all the time, and we continuously learn.
      There are so many clairsentient that are diagnosed with anxiety, Post traumatic stress, OCD, or like. The western world and psychology does not factor in the spirit. So these gifted souls are seen to be crazy or irrational etc. What is needed to learn is a strong energetic shield to protect yourself and choose what you let in and out…we do have control.
      Thank you for reading my blog.
      Love and blessings

      • Apparently I was meant to wait a year to see your reply! I’m so bad with technology haha. Thank you so much for your taking the time to write back to me. It’s interesting to see how things have progressed since then and to read my own words from a year ago. I’m now in almost a purging process of all the fear I’ve lived with all my life (in the best way possible! Letting gooo!) and elevating my vibration so that my connection to the light, which I know is what I am, overpowers any fear of anything “negative” or lower vibrational. Thank you for your love and light! Hope you are well:)

  19. Reading this is so comforting to me. The unexplainable beauty of your writing… It comforts me to know that I am not alone. I am a 19 year old Clairsentient person, still coming to terms with my gift. Like you, I struggle with the fact I was born with a heart as big as the ocean. And I too know that it is my life purpose. Youve helped to remind me of the joys. And that the sorrows wont kill me, even though it feels that way at times.

    I can see myself reading this article over and over again.

    From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

    • Thank you so much for your beautiful words and sharing from your heart and soul. I have had a difficult time in my life, struggles that could turn one to severe sorrow, but I have learnt to see life as a gift, my soul would no doubt like me to grow through my lessons and struggles with a character that learned to focus on blessings, courage, love, humility, kindness, strength, and trust, you know? I feel things very much, and I also love being able to tune myself to the more positive things in life. Blessings to you xxxx

  20. I have just found out about this from a friend he told me to lok up “emphat” cuz he siad je say that i was one. I never understood myself as i do now i alwasys taught i was strange and i knew something was wrong with me. Ever since i was a little girl. I bwlieve now that i saw my angel wen i was about 4 years old. Really saw. Anyway i’ve always been the type to be sad if someone close to me is..happy, angry and so on. Ive hear voices many times callin my name and ive even seen things not of this world.i have an amazing sense for feeling if some one will be good to me or hurt me, if i meet someone bad for me i will be so sick and vomitting and constantly feelin to throw up wenever i have to see them. I knew all this made me not normal, that was before i knew who i really was it has been some days since i found out who i am an i feel sooooo much better.. now my goal is to contol it and not have it control me as it usually does….im tryin ro find my centre i will Appreciate any help.

  21. Ciao beautiful souls, I am having problems trying to link to your face book discussion group. I live in the tropics in Australia, Cairns. A sister clairsentient, trying to understand this journey. I have left myself open & need to understand the process to protect my heart. The angel number 111 & 1111 are symbols constantly & a white moth sat on my shoulder the other week as I was embarking on this change in my journey. Would love to connect with the group:) please assist as I am not much of a Facebook guru lol ….

  22. Hello there, I am also a clairsentient as well as a claircognizant, clairaudient and an empath! I loved your post about Pray Rain Journaling !!

    Can’t wait to follow more of your journey!

  23. hi Siannaphey:

    I am returning to The Casa after over 10 years. I have forgotten the best places to stay or rent for someone like us, who are connected to the earth mother and looking for increasing in consciousness. Any insight on accommodations for the more hippie crowd are appreciated.
    Many thanks… LeeZa from Sedona, AZ

    • Hi LeeZa
      I can only really tell you what I know, because I only stayed at one place Luz Divina and vowed if I went back that’s where I’d stay again. It was colourful, the rooms large and private, big beautiful garden, highly peaceful, Fruttis just at the end of the street. So yeah :).
      Warm regards

  24. Hi,
    I’ve recently realized that I’m a Clairsentient person. The problem is that no one in my family has the same gift or even knows anything about it, so I’m already scared to tell my parents about it. My mum believes in ghosts (she met her grandfather the day he died, because he just wanted to say goodbye as a spirit) but I don’t know how telling her could make my situation any better. I mean, how can someone who’s not been through this give me any advice that wouldn’t be ‘stay strong’..? I need instructions, a teacher maybe.
    I’ve met a terrible spirit once, had a clairvoyance experience, too, but mostly because some ghosts wanted to joke with me. Now I’m depressive, left alone by my best friend who was the only one person to help me or talk with me about it… Some days I feel that I cannot do this anymore, I’m sorry, I know you handle it every day, but it’s just too much for me. I get touched spontanously by spirits everywhere I go, no matter what I do, and I do see energy flying around like the world, like my own life is just a dream I can’t wake up from… This is very confusing, and I feel that if I don’t do something I’ll end up killing myself, this drives myself crazy. I have health problems caused by stress, I’m desperate. Please, if anyone knows how to at least control this gift/curse, how to deal with it and keep it separated from the ‘real’ life, answer me. Please. I know I sound riddiculous, and probably many of you have went through much more, but I want to be happy again. Help me, please.

    Save me from myself.

    • Dear Pauline, I realize this reply is coming many months after you originally posted your comment, but if you still need some guidance, perhaps this site can be of help to you http://thehappysensitive.com/being-empathic-versus-being-empath-crucial-differences/. The lady on this site (Caroline Van Kimmenade) offers coaching sessions and other types of support for highly sensitive people (HSPs) and empaths. Even if you don’t contact her, perhaps the information on the link can still be of assistance to you. The bottom of the link offers a coping course for clairsentients (empaths). Perhaps the combined support form both Siannaphey and Caroline can bring you the help and peace you are looking for.

      Kind Regards,


      • Great advice, thanks for sharing. There are a lot of individuals who are not just clairsentient, but are more empath or HSP, and they are very different. When you have trouble determining which are yours or others emotions, it rings loudly that one may need some specialist help from a counsellor or similar and is common with Empaths. Much appreciated. Love and light.

      • Thank you so much for help, I’m much better now than I was when I wrote this post. I’m trying to deal with my gift and ease the symptoms of prolonged stress, but I’ve managed to control my fear a little so that my daily routine seems to be much more bearable. I’ll definitely use some help though, because learning to understand clairsentience can be a long prosess. Namaste.

  25. Lovely post. I’m a 30y M pisces,Clairsentient if your wondering :D. Only discovered this subject the year. Done some here and there most my life thinking its just something everyone does but dosn’t say.Besides the healing i’ve done allot of what you said and more. Over the last year i decided to explore it rather then brush it off, wow! I narrowed down how it works and developed a few methods,tracking close people,knowing what kind of thoughts a person is having from anywere,3 ways of seeing things mutch like you said with past-present-future. I made a 5 step proccess if you want on how to find a persons energy signiture and ”track how they are feeling”. The odd part i can’t find on the net is about the 3 realms i keep finding again and again. 1 is ”absence” or ”the shadow of all mater” you could call it, 2 is time and the 3 is a ”mirror of existence”. 3 i can’t make heads or tales of tho it is a visual…made from the ”minds eye” of a room 20by20 feet,empty and made of white rice like stuff that has refrence to all solids in the physical world. To walk into it you have to turn off all thought of using muscles and sence your own self in a meditation of absence. If you home in on a persons energy signature there you can call to them and sometimes people tell me they heard it. What in the world is this place called if you know anything of it? Oh also do some of the art! Paint some of the moments, the ”minds eye” as people seem to call it turns the raw energys into pure colour emotions. The odd side effect is pysicaly having echos of what close ones pains and plessures.

      • Angel Boy sends his love :), old friend. i will earn my feathers and wings in time :). thanks for watching, i feel you worlds away all the time and i know you can too. One “Who” is clear feeling- “2” πŸ˜‰ as well. forever your “Fragment” πŸ˜‰ you know “Me”, ill drop in here and again, πŸ˜‰ as always. for some reason lol i just know you will read this soon,

  26. hi,Jana
    i am so much like you. Its challenging in Kenya most people follow religion and hence they do not believe in such experiences.I no longer try to share this part of me as no one believes Me.I would love to visit a spiritualist but well none exists on this side of the globe.Currently i got a new job in a new town and my shoulders have been aching so much.I am not stressed am almost certain am picking energy from either my workmate or my new place please advice . I eve wake up with my shoulders aching. thanks am feli

    • I understand so much, everyday I try to shed the toxicity I feel from my workplace too. As I am not well it takes extra work.. Being aware of it helps, and making a conscious effort to find ways to regrouped or protect your energy before or during work helps. I used to sit down and do some grounding energy work before starting work. Our aim is to learn to manage energy. As you share more with those you trust or those like minded, you will begin to connect with others and not feel so different or misunderstood. Thanks for sharing

  27. Hi I like your Article and I feel that I am also a kind of person who can easily get emotional and feel sad for some one if they feel not good or some thing bad happen to them.I don’t know it is okay or not to having this kind of feeling?

    • There is nothing wrong with having empathy, it is difficult too though…we must learn to manage the emotions too. E.g I make a point of not watching the news, as I get upset by some stories.. We are here to bring guidance to others, as we are natural counsellors πŸ™‚

  28. Ive Been sensitive (clairsentience) and in tune for a long time, my mother was abusif but i still felt empathy and love for her. I remember everything i was thinking up to the age of 3 years old. I remember she would throw me in my room i was crying and i felt energy as soon as the door closed, he was soothing me, i could feel it. I remember the feeling he would bring to my room as soon as i said i wanted to go back home, as if he was saying “dont worry child this is not gonna happen for long, keep strong little angel, you will make it back home when the time comes” .. i didnt hear the words but i could feel them, he still fallows me today, he comes and goes, i remember dreaming the name Grabriel or thinking the name. I know no one named Gabriel, last year i googled it, Arch angel Gabriel appeared and i felt soo many good energies around me, i started crying, i felt relieved. Im 20 and everytime i call him hesright there. I have so much more to say but i will end this comment by saying i cried reading what you wrote, it feels so good to know i am not alone, i know i still have alot to learn, and i know i will return home someday, but i am set to accomplish my mission here on earth, and i wish to meet others like me and others like you, i hope you can tell the difference by this meaning πŸ˜‰ lots of love to you my dear, i enjoyed reading and had a very good gut feeling on your part. Please feel free to msg me, i am still at a lost sometimes and being in touch with someone “different” would really be appreciated πŸ™‚ good day madame xo

    • How beautiful that you are embraced by the beautiful energy of Archangel Gabriel :). It is hard for souls who have such a special mission on Earth. Your spirit in a human body, is learning on the hardest plane of all, Earth. I feel that the going home refers to where we call come from, and where a piece of our light/spirit resides to keep us connected to the Source of All. That is what I think it refers to. It is a pleasure to meet with you here :), and I am happy to share with you, and help you understand, as I am sure you can assist me too. We are all here to learn from eachother. I am so happy that you get a good feeling from me, and my page! Feel free to connect with me on facebook my-Clairscentience page -as i check there the most. Much love to you beautiful soul, our gentleness is such strength, and the world needs it xo

  29. Hi. Loved reading your Gove blog since I lived there with my young family 95-04. Best place in the world for children to grow up, as my daughters will tell anyone! Am blown away with learning of your Gift, as I’ve just finished reading a book written by a guy I knew at uni 30 years ago who has become a Divine Healer, detailing how he realised he was ‘special’ and how he’s had to come to terms with it contravening his scientific background. You are both extremely fortunate!

    • Thanks so much Toni :). My Gove piece was truly from the heart and I am astounded at the feedback I have received. It is nice to know that in future years to come that one can glimpse a little piece of history :). I don’t consider my sensitivity a gift strangely, it has been challenging but rewarding at the same time πŸ™‚ Thanks so much for your kind words!!

  30. Glad to have found you. I’m a fellow clairsentient, but really only came to the realization 3 years ago. Thank you for putting yourself out there. It’s something I’m not completely comfortable telling most folks, but it’s helpful to read about others’ experiences. I also find it amazing that so many of us had odd feelings on the morning of 9/11. It was so many years before I realized I had a gift, but I woke unusually early that morning with the feeling that something was wrong.

    • Hi Karen πŸ™‚
      I could say thank you for the very same reason :). Being Clairsentient is one of the most difficult gifts to have sometimes, it has got easier over time! I have found it hard to put into words, because some feelings cannot be easily interpreted. Thank you for visiting my page πŸ™‚

  31. Wow I love your site, so inspiring, I’m alway very sensitive to emotion and body language, I also sometimes get flashes or feelings of things that haven’t happened but occasionally they do, I was wondering if you could give me adivce?

    • Hi Taylor, firstly thanks for the kind words about my site. It is hard to know what advice to give, I’m no expert and feel I’m still learning about the great mystery. It’s like being part of a big orchestra, and trying to stay in tune :). I have flashes that come from no where sometimes, but I think its important to write down anything that nudges at you (i use my mobile phone a lot to take notes/feelings/thoughts). I try to remain ‘aware’ and have trust.

  32. my wise beautiful child a true angel in every sense, from the time you were conceived know you were truly loved unconditionally by me, regardless of my bad choices in ways at times of dealing with things that were going on in my life, I felt alone at that time but I had you, you had me, forever that mothers bond is there, no matter what or how I am here for you ..in whatever way you need me..mum xx

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  34. Really quite interesting page. Very intriguing. I have a very intense empathy for people in emotional or physical pain. I can’t watch horror films or anything with physical or emotional trauma (I can watch PG-13 type violence, but rarely seen an R rated movie with violence). I feel too much for the person.

    • Thanks so much :). Yes, there are people that are more sensitive than others! emotion is energy and they can affect us greatly. When you feel things physically it is evident of it’s energy to manifest something physical. Thank you for reading my blog and finding it of interest. πŸ™‚

    • Blessings, love and light to you always
      (¯`·.·´¯) (¯`·.·´¯)
      `·.¸(¯`·.·´¯)¸ .·
      ×°× ` Β·.ΒΈ.Β·Β΄ ×°×

  35. Hi! Great Gove piece. The memories this brought back… amazing. I grew up in Gove from when I was 3 weeks old in 1978. Maybe we knew each other?


  36. Hey there, stumbled on your blog tonight on a search for other clairsentients. So glad I did. Your poetry is beautiful and haunting. And reading this About Me is very much like reading a bio about myself! I’m looking forward to following your thoughts in future posts.
    The Misfit

  37. Hi Siannaphey,
    I remember some of the things you speak of here from when we were growing up.

    I sense a lot from the people I work with and know when I am connecting with spirit because my hands heat up. I am also aware of when I am speaking with the aid of spirit vs my own training. I try to always go with my “gut” as it always proves me right. 3 weeks ago I didn’t listen to my gut and had a car run into my car! That will teach me not to brush spirit off in the future.

    FYI I still have that book of poems you wrote for my birthday. If you need a copy, please let me know.

    Love and light. Felic

    • Hi Felic,
      It’s good that you recognise when you are in tune, and interesting how we feel things differently! I enjoyed our spiritual chats and learning in our teens – can’t believe you still have that book! I can’t remember what was in it now πŸ™‚ but I still have many of my own books from those years.
      Love and Blessings hon
      Njari xoxo

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  39. Thank you for sharing this with us. I, too, have experienced many of the things you describe. I look forward to getting to know you better. I am happy that you subscribed to my blog and look forward to your feedback. Hugs, pat

    • Thanks Pat! It’s nice when others can relate to this, because it’s not always easy :). I will enjoy your blog, the words and expression are a kin to me. Blessings xo

      • Dear Siannaphey,
        I’m not surprised to find out we have so many things in common. It has been like that since we met. When I was reading “About me”, I found many things that could have been written by me. I’m glad we are friends. You know you can count on me. I’m just starting my blog, I just wish I could be as open as you are. I wrote the first one in Spanish, but soon I’ll write in Englisht too. I hope this helps me to open up. I admire the way you are able to open up in front of your readers. I must learn to do that too. Have a wonderful trip. Keep me posted. πŸ™‚

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