Those who don’t jump will never fly – Sky Diving in New England


I was born a free spirit.

I love being high on life, and I love anything that feels free, that makes me feel alive, and generally it involves nature and kind souls

I am an Air sign after all!

Skydiving for the first time was not what I expected. I mean, I knew I was not afraid of heights or edgy stuff, for I seem to thoroughly enjoy running and throwing myself calmly off the bungy ledge in Queenstown, New Zealand, or scaling up a 3-masted barquentine tall ship to furl sails, or rock climbing jaggered  vertical terrain and taming difficult horses most my life.

Adventure is my friend – my Zen.

So it is really strange to tell you that I found the whole diving the skies experience pretty relaxing, trance like and natural.

Honestly, I am more scared of gravity, it pulls one down, and well with my illness it’s claimed me probably over 100 times over so many years. I am also more scared of not fully living, regardless how hard things may be!

Skydiving has always been something I wanted to do, and I never knew how it would be for me, given I have mobility issues (lack of leg strength and absolutely no balance) due to illness. I needed to feel safe, as in trusting who would look after me on my first jump. I was so blessed that Jumptown in Orange, New England (USA) accommodated me.

I also intuitively knew I had a gift to give my tandem master. I knew it would be for the right person. Everything I do is sacred and regardless that in this day and age, something as simple as a skydiving jump is done so often, does not detract that it is a privilidge and brave thing for any individual to do, even for the person you are doing it with. So the gift I had for the right person, was a carved rose quartz eagle.

The Eagle represents strength and power of moving through the realm of higher consciousness — it is a master of the element of air. As a totem it is used to represent the fearlessness and fluidity of movement between worlds, adept at seeing big picture, being able to reach new heights. The Eagle is an awesome totem for spiritual knowledge, perception, and greater insight.Rose quartz is the stone of universal love. Later it was confirmed that it went to the right person. That was such a blessing to me and them.


So I went skydiving for the very first time in  October . I cannot tell you how calm I felt the entire time there, waiting, wondering and anticipating the feeling of freedom. It was about 4- 5 hours of waiting for the beautiful sky and weather to afford my greeting with my metal bird. My wonderful tandem master and partner in air, Jack, as well as the other amazing staff, made me feel like I could do this, do anything, regardless of my physical shortcomings. I cannot tell how much that confidence and faith in me meant!

So there I found myself climbing the skies in minutes on a little powerful plane, sitting on a little bench and strapped to my daredevil tandem master. All I felt was serenity as I looked out the window to the amazing earth, full of autumn splendour, to see it from above knowing that I would be flying through it, like a bird. I never once thought about height.

Slowly we winged our way to six thousand feet, and I did a little chat to the camera, awkwardly I may add. Don’t normal people act hyped, nervous etc. Here I was calm as anything like I’d done this all before. We kept on flying, heading for the height of 13,500 feet; pretty high, pretty amazing I may add.

Before I knew it, Jack had carried me over, and my feet were positioned on the edge of the plane door – Then we were out into the elements. All I remember was the falling for 55 seconds. It was the greatest feeling that I have had – knowing that I was doing something at that moment of time, it didn’t matter whether or not I could walk well, or balance my body– but I could fly! I couldn’t really see anything at that point and my eyes were watering a little from air creeping into the goggles and my breathing was so difficult (like being immersed under water) and I almost felt a panic as I was gasping to breathe. In the rush you can’t hear anything but the wind. But this passed quickly and then as the chutes were employed I could comprehend my position.

There was a great swishing noise and the parachute billowed out above us. There was an almighty tug and we were pulled back up-wards into the sky It was just beautiful seeing the green and gold autumn landscape and river beneath us. When that big chute opens, its like the most surreal thing I have ever felt. 360 degree views, and like I was just existing in time and space.Weightless, suspended, amazingness. There is incredible silence, but you can finally talk and hear each other. What an incredible sight to see earth from above. Jack pointed out different landmarks, including Boston skyline way in the distance.

Gracefully, spiralling down to the earth once again in perhaps 5-6 minutes, gravity beckoning once more. We landed upright, which was quite surprising to me. I landed refreshed and with a blessing. I’d be in trouble if I were well again, this could be addictive! But I vow to go again next time I visit New England.

Everyone should take a leap of faith more than once in life.

“..Some birds aren’t meant to be caged. Their feathers are just too bright.”-Shawshank Redemption

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  1. I admire you for being able to do this. There is no way I could even consider jumping out of an aeroplane. You did look very calm. 🙂

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