Words from myself – as an 18 year old to the World


I wrote this when I was 18 years of age (19 years ago now) in my journal and this is the first time I have shared it with anyone:


My Message to all as a concerned intuitive young woman. I am too well aware the imperfections of our world, it is surely a rollercoaster. For I feel and see the pain people go through in life. Life is pain, but it is through pain and traumas that strength is found. Each of us is special and we each hold the gift of a unique treasure. To understand life and people and all that surrounds us in the now, you must first understand yourself. There is so much to reflect on within and around, yet sometimes we feel so lost. I want people to know they are Beautiful and that we are blessed with the greatest artistic tool/skill, our own individual minds! Our minds really do create the picture of our lives, and all we really need to do is Stop, and Listen. Realise that everything has a door, and that all we have to do is open one door to allow more doors to open. Sometimes opening doors can be quite a task, for the first door is to our SELF. If we could all just open that door, to be who we really are, you will unlock and reach many many dreams, dimensions, and potentials. The more doors you open the better life will be, and just Be. I believe in all. The key to following lifes path, whatever it may be, is to learn Trust, Truth, Love, Belief and Acceptance of your Self. Never be afraid of your deepest heart felt dreams – have Courage to do what you feel within. It is a feeling without judgement. We are all free and hold great potential. I give all peace and love today.

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