Mothers Day Giveaway – Celeste Perfume



In celebration of Mothers Day on 12 May, 2013, I have decided to give away one of beautiful natural perfume oils to a lucky Australian fan of Clairscentience on Facebook.

Entering the giveaway is easy, just ensure you have like my Facebook page, and click on the green ‘Giveaway’ tab. There will be a simple question to answer -this plays no part in winning – and you just need to complete the fields to ensure I can contact you if you win. The winner is automatically drawn through the system on May 12th, and will be contacted via email.

So about Celeste?

Celeste was an intuitive creation, sometimes a name or image will come to me and I will then be drawn to create what I feel or see. Celeste was the name that nudged me for two days…

The name Celeste comes from the Latin word caelestis, meaning “heavenly” or “divine.” This tender and feminine perfume has been woven together with the softness of organic sweet Madagascan vanilla bourbon, night blooming Jasmine, delicate sensual Ylang Ylang and solar energetic Heliotrope. Celeste is connected very much to the moon, but has her feet grounded on earth, but her tender nature resides in the ebbing and flowing of the lunar cycles.

This oil is associated with the new moon is a time to conjure what seems out of reach, and creating the vision is the first step to making it a reality. What would you like to create in your life? Celeste calls you to breathe in deeply and move into a calm state of mind. In this state, you can watch your emo­tions come and go and not be affected by them. In this calm­ness, you begin to see your life more clearly; you begin to see what is possible. What is your purpose, where are you going.

This precious blend will come Reiki charged and will be bathed in the coming New Moon with the energy directed to new beginnings. A small piece of Moonstone floats through the liquid perfume.

Handmade with ♥ Love

For more of my perfumes please visit Clairscentience ETSY Shop



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