Hugging Boston


BostonheartWhen I read the news about the Boston Marathon tragedy, it was very hard to hold back tears, especially being an uber sensitive clairsentient, but also because I had a symbolic dream only a night or two preceding the event.

I woke up with tears in my eyes, and immediately recalled the dream where I was so upset I could barely breathe, until someone close to me who lives near Boston embraced me in my dreams and made me feel safe. In my dream I saw a city skyline, and I and a few others were observing it. Suddenly I saw an explosion moving through buildings, but it was not just one simple explosion, it was like an explosion of pieces. Anyway, as I was in the dream I was consciously recalling the pull to get up in the early hours of the morning and randomly turn on the TV to witness the 9/11 , which made me feel more upset.  If you go to my ‘About Me’ you will read a little about my other intuitive events regarding the twin towers.

So I just want to share this with you and send my loving thoughts to everyone has has been affected, because in this big wide world we are more connected than ever.

For those spiritually inclined, please visit this wonderful blog called Clairbook and read this piece on how to give healing


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