Spiritual Energy in my Room


Here are some more recent videos and still shots in my house of energy in various forms. I have been asked if I can see the energy and I would say no, but I feel and know it is there. Having said that however, I do see ‘something’ at various times, not just when recording. For example, I could be having a conversation with someone, and be distracted by a bright spark of light next to ones head…just like a bit of glitter, but bright enough to take notice!

Still shot from the above video. After reflecting with others, I think it may be coming from me. Immediately before I was drawn to my essential oils and was intuitively blending and connecting then reflecting on their energy. Essential oils after all are considered the blood or life force of plants.


The video below is the response I received immediately after I requested the presence silently.

The video below is in slow motion because the green orb was so superfast coming down from the sky!!!

Still shot from another video

Still shot from another video


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  1. Hello! I have a question that I hope you will be able to answer. Can a clairsentient be wrong or incorrect? I spoke to a clairsentient friend recently and she shared her perceptions of someone who I’ll call Person A. I have also had some feelings about things going on with Person A but did not want to pry or assume. The things that my clairsentient friend perceived were quiet sad and had to do with inappropriate behavior in Person A’s childhood and how that has influenced Person A’s sexuality and Person A’s struggles with self (i.e., personal demons). My clairsentient friend is fairly young and has nurtured her skill/gift independently. I guess I’m hoping that my clairsentient friend is reading energy that is apart of Person A or around Person A (via Person A’s mother perhaps?) but not something that will plague Person A throughout life. Person A is a very emphatic person so I wonder if Person A has taken on some of these emotions and stories from another like, from the womb — is that possible? I know the past has already taken place but my main concern is the idea that Person A will be “plagued” and that inappropriate behavior (abuse) will be a primary shaper of Person A’s life.

    Can you provide any perspective for me? Thank you for taking the time to read this.

    • That’s a really interesting question! And I am no expert, so this is just my view.
      I think for any person with any spiritual gift, be it clairsentient or clairvoyant etc, it needs to be well trained in order to be a clear receiver of information. Picking up sensations, images, feelings is something you need to get pretty skilled at and have validation. Being clairsentient is one of the hardest gifts to hone. I think it is possible to get wrong perceptions, as a feeler (clairsentient), because it is hard to escape from a whole range of emotions when tuning in or you are just picking up stuff (i find it hard to know past, present or future, or sometimes pin point what I am picking up). Our own emotions, limiting beliefs and internal issues can easily be projected onto others. By that I mean that sometimes we can be picking up not others but our own repressed feelings too. So you need to be a very together clairsentient to maintain objective and interpret others energy accurately, without your own stuff getting involved. We are all very connected as souls, and I have often found that that even with the better psychic readers, information crosses over and is relateable to immediate key people around the person being read.
      To some degree I think we are influenced by residual ‘stuff’ ranging from ancestoral energy (parents, grandparents etc), to past lives to early life events we are involved in. Our souls come into each life with particular lessons to learn and with key individuals, but we also have free will and choices, so we don’t have to be plagued by whatever has occurred. Person A, sounds very sensitive too, so that would make things hard when they may be picking up emotional stuff around them too!
      Hope all that makes sense! 🙂

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