5 Minute Mood Makeover


Yes, we all have our moments of despondency, apathy, and just feeling down.  I think happiness is not determined  by how much pain we are dealt but how we recover from or respond to it. It’s not easy! but there are some activities that take 5 minutes or less, which are sure to elevate your mood…and I want to remind others that the smallest things or simple things in life can bring great joy.

Daydream. This is one of my favourite past times! and recently shown to help us think more creatively. So, think of your favorite film or television scene/show or characters, places and experiences you have had travelling, or goals that you are working towards- the ones that always make you feel really good.

Sunshine Bath. Go outside and sit on a chair, a lounger, or near a bright window and reap the benefits of the warm light.  Sunlight ups our  vitamin D, which in turn keeps serotonin (a feel-good hormone) high.
Stretch and touch your toes. According to Dr Oz “It opens up your hip joints, which is where most people store tension,” Hold the position for a minute, before slowly rolling up. As you lift, so will your mood.

Smell the Roses.  Appreciate the small wonders of life, that inspire joy. Looking up at the stars in the sky, butterflies and birds in your garden, the cuddle from your pet/s, a cup of tea whilst reading, the full moon, the first rays of dawn, a cherished card/letter.
Give to Another. How good have you felt when you have given something to another person without expecting a return? Make a cup of tea for a colleague, a morning greeting to a stranger, a thank you note, compliment another, a random act of kindness, or just your time.

Send out the Love. text a friend, loved one and tell them three things you love about them.

Exercise.  Do a quick 5 minute workout, dance or play with your pet…I’m sure you will feel better.

Be Present.Do Nothing.  The less you do, the better you’ll feel. Take one thing off your plate each day -say no, delegate or leave til tomorrow. Be present and just focus on each task in a mindful manner, just be.  

Go Outside. Take a walk in the garden or watch a sunrise. Sitting outside for five minutes a day is enough to feel good and change your mood.

Touch. Give and receive a kiss, a hug, a touch on an arm. Touch is transformational and healing.

Look for the Blessings. Look for what’s good in your life. Look for reasons to be grateful. Focus on the positive. You cannot be both happy and sad, so pick awesome 🙂

Stop. Look. Remember. Look through photos, savor your good memories, read your favorite quotes, and keepsakes.

Make a happy face. Smiling makes you happy even when you’re feeling sad. Smile at the people you love and even the ones you don’t. Smile just cause!

Listen to music. There’s not much a great song won’t cure. Dance it out, close your eyes, go with the flow…

Love. Dwell on love. Feel love. Send love to people in trouble or in pain. Send loving thoughts to your family and friends. Speak and act with love.


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