Uncording in 5 mins


I believe we never fully disconnect from people who we have soul contracts with in this life; these arrangements are made long before your life  and those primary souls or key souls may play a part in the next life.  However we can release them! and this can help us move on. Of course the other person may take their own time.

Here is simple exercise.

There doesn’t have to be elaborate rituals or props for this.

Visualise the person in your mind who you have had problems with and say “We tried, we really tried, and it didn’t work”. Imagine tearing up the contract and throwing it away. Mentally say to them “I forgive you, I release you, I let you go. You go your way with love, we don’t have to be connected any more”.

Then its over… but remember to forgive them and forgive yourself.

Let go of fear and replace with love.

REPEAT as you need to.


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