Pray Rain Journal


There are many different methods for manifesting our reality; daydreaming or guided meditation (visualising); acting as if you already have what they want; creating alignment by using spoken words (mantras, affirmations, scripting); or surrounding yourself with reminders of you want (vision boards, sticky note affirmations).  Or just forget about goals and intentions and simply focus on feeling good! Personally I have had success in visual, written and imagination methods.

Pray Rain Journal is a special journal that you use to help you get into vibrational alignment with your dreams-as if you were already living it.  Here’s something else that will motivate you-Statistics show people who write down their goals have over an 80% higher success rate of achieving them.Indigenous people have understood this kind of prayer for centuries, and now quantum theory is suggesting that their prayers have a basis in science. The secret is that when we ask for something, we acknowledge what we do not have (staying in a vibration of lack). Continuing to ask only gives power to what has never come to pass. We must first have the feelings of what we wish to experience,we align ourselves vibrationally with already having it and give thanks or gratitude for doing

This story has been shared and passed on by many, it’s a simple explanation of how to manifest things in our lives. Pray Rain was inspired by author Gregg Braden’s story about his Native American friend, who took him on a quest to bring rain during a three year long drought in New Mexico in the ’90s. Greg was surprised when instead of singing, chanting and dancing in extravagant costumes, his friend instead spent a few quiet moments in a sacred circle of stones – a medicine wheel -with his eyes closed. The act of sitting in a medicine wheel allows for a place of focus for the one invoking the prayer, like a road map or GPS for the soul to connect with the universal energy or god force.

When Gregg asked what the deal was, after just a few minutes in the circle of rocks, his friend laughed and said that if he prayed for rain he wouldn’t get rain. Because – When we pray for something, we acknowledge its absence, and that acknowledgement empowers the very condition we don’t want (lack of).
What his friend did was “pray rain.”
He felt the rain falling on his arms, collecting under his toes, feeling his clothes drenched with rain, smelled the ozonic freshness in the air, tasted it on his tongue, imagined shoulder high corn due to all the rain that’s come.

In other words, he was connecting with the feeling of already having it.

He felt rain.
He didn’t ask for it to rain, he imagined it raining now.
As the story goes, it did indeed rain.  
That afternoon, Gregg exclaims the weather changed.Suddenly, droplets of rain came falling down onto the deck. Quickly the droplets got larger and faster, until a thunderstorm was soon under way.  It rained so hard the barren earth was soon awash!
So how does it work?
You write a page everyday about this dream of yours, and how it feels as it is manifested, how it is to live this dream, what it is like, who is enjoying it with you. You write your dream everyday as if you are already living it in all of its amazing details. You need to write in the present tense and really feel the joy and the happiness that comes from your fulfilled dream.Live long enough there and your brain does not know if you are actually living it or not. It is cognitive reality and vibrational attraction will take it from there to create it in your physical reality. You don’t have to know the how, just the what. The promise is that by the time you get to the end of your journal, you will have already reached your dream or you will be in the process of it unfolding within your life.
Happy Manifesting..

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