Each tomorrow wears a silent cloak full of magic, for it is wrapped up in hope, love, dreams, success, potential, joy, freedom and peace. It is protecting All from knowing what the future may bring. So beautiful Souls who are weaved into my life, I want you to look towards each Tomorrow in the face with Love and Trust, remove any Fears that hold you back, because Tomorrow smiles back and glistens with opportunity to create each moment as you wish. The stage has been set for 2013 – so listen to your heart and make heart-ways..

With Love xo



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  1. Thanks Dear Jeroen!! I think if I don’t have hope, love and joy in these beautiful things, the grief and sorrows would really break my heart in this world, which heart and soul aches. Much love to you xo

  2. Njari, thanks so much for this promise for 2013! I hope & wish this becomes your best time ever! And i’m still puzzled how completely opposite your view on our beautiful world is to mine. Your hope against my despair. Your love against my anguish. Your joy against my sorrow. Need i go on? Anyway, I will lavish myself with your beautiful words as they come forth! Much love, Jeroen

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