Merry Christmas 2012


It feels like 2012 went so quickly! Thank you to all those who have followed the journey this year, I really appreciate it.

This Christmas, like every other Australian one I have had, will be spent eating a smorgesbord of cold meats, salads, turkish bread and desserts, and trying to stay cool in the near 40 (100.2) degree heat. Dad’s playing host this year, and my whole immediate family will be there. I have not seen my sister in a couple of months so I’m looking forward to seeing her.

Check out the Australian Christmas Quiz and Jingle Bells aussie style below…

We are also eagerly awaiting the arrival of a new addition to our family. My niece is having her first baby, and is due in about 3 weeks. I will be a great aunty (or giddy aunt as I’ve claimed) at age 36!  My sister a grandmother! So this closing year brings much joy and the new year brings excitement and adventures.

In appreciation to you all, these are my wishes for you….



chrissy 2012 011

Aussie Christmas Quiz

Answers at the end of the post 😉

1. Because of Cyclone Tracy on Christmas Eve 1974, Santa never made it to which Australian city?


2. Who sang an Australian Christmas song about six white boomers?

Slim Dusty
Rolf Harris
Col Joye
Lee Kernaghan

3. What Australian Christmas tradition began in Melbourne in 1937?

Christmas barbecue
Decorating gum trees for Christmas
Christmas carol competition
Carols by Candlelight

4. Which sporting event begins on Boxing day (the day after Christmas) in Sydney?

Sydney Marathon
Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race
Boxing Day Test Match
Christmas Boomerang Championships

5. Australia’s Christmas Island has an amazing annual migration of which creature?

Small Fairy Penguins

6. In which Australian City is the traditional Boxing Day cricket test match held?


7. If you decorated your house with some Ceratopetalum Gummiferum – what would you use?

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bush
Gum tree branches

8. In the Australian version of “Jingle Bells” what mode of transport is used instead of the one horse open sleigh?

An old bush horse
A beat up old truck
A worn out Ford
A rusty Holden ute

9. Pavlova is a popular Christmas dessert in Australia. What is the basic ingredient of a pavlova?

Egg whites

10. White Christmas is also popular and traditionally Australian – what is it?

A specially decorated white tree
A festive Christmas drink
A snow covered Christmas scene
A Christmas confectionery

Jingle Bells Australian Style

Aussie Quiz Answers

1. Darwin -Cyclone Tracy virtually destroyed Darwin. 65 people were killed – 49 on land, and 16 at sea. Post Cyclone Tracy Building codes require buildings be clad to protect them from flying debris. Roofs must be tied to the building’s foundations.
2. Rolf Harris -A boomer is a large male kangaroo. According to the song Santa unhitched the reindeer and used the six white boomers to pull his sleigh through the blazing Australian sun.
3. Carols by Candlelight “Carols by Candlelight” was first held in Melbourne in 1937 in an effort to bring people together to celebrate and share the Christmas spirit. Today “Carols by Candlelight” gatherings in parks and gardens are held all over the country in the weeks before Christmas.
4. Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race – The Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race begins in Sydney on Boxing Day and finishes in Hobart several days later depending on weather conditions. It is a 630 nautical mile ocean race.
5. Crabs – At the start of each wet season, millions of crabs migrate from the rainforest and down cliffs to spawn in the ocean. Later the baby crabs return to re-inhabit the forests.
6. Melbourne -The Boxing Day test match is a traditional sporting event in which Australia plays a team from one of the major cricketing countries around the world.
7. Christmas Bush – Christmas Bush is very popular at Christmas as both a garden plant and as a cut flower. Large amounts of the native flowering bush were harvested and sold in Sydney markets as early as 1882.
8. A rusty Holden ute – The ute or utility is an important vehicle for country Australians. It has a two seat cabin in front and a large open tray behind. No ute would be complete without a trusty work dog riding in the back
9. Egg whites – A pavlova is a meringue cake with cream and fruit.
10. A Christmas confectionery – White Christmas is a popular confectionery made with ingredients including rice bubbles (rice krispies) fruit and copha. Copha is solidified coconut oil.


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