A Perth UFO


I went outside and was actively filming, and taking snapshots, on my phone the sunset and looking at the crescent moon and sky. There was no birds, planes, bugs etc. You can see the second picture was taken 29 secs later with nothing.

Taken on mobile phone-17 November 2012,  7:13:36pm,  no flash, aperature 2.80

Zoomed in, it looks elliptical in shape when you seen the pixels close up. I couldn’t enlarge the pic here due to the file size of original :(. But if you zoom in on original you can it better.

Afterwards: Nothing seen. Taken on mobile phone-17 November 2012,  7:14:05pm,  no flash, aperature 2.80

There are orbs in this picture, the crescent moon is a little skewed in shape here, on the right, due to flash. The white blob left of the moon is not round, but could be a moving orb..or ufo? it was taken on a separate camera on 17 November 2012, when it was darker.

UFO sightings in Australia are on the rise, according to people who track such phenomena, and international studies indicate a growing number of “closet believers” of extraterrestrial life.

I found a similar image from the Coast to Coast website photo gallery:

Ontario UFO? found on Coast to Coast website

I have just included a link from YouTube below of 2012 sightings on video


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