UFO Encounters in my Family


From a very young age I’ve always felt a deep spiritual connection to everything around me. I have always had a fascination with delving into “the unknown”, and UFO’s and space are just one area that has not only fascinated me, but resonated within me.

In some of my posts I have shared some of my UFO dreams, however I’d like to share some accounts from my own family, after this very brief introduction and pictures to make you ponder…..

Believe it or not, but UFO sightings go back 5,000 – 20,000 years ago, and are evidenced in ancient texts (such as the Bible), hieroglyphics, legends, cave drawings, art e.t.c around the globe. Through these means, generations of cultures around the world have documented close encounters with strange flying objects and beings that have incredible knowledge.

Despite a cloaking from governments and media on the existence of UFOs being seen by credible witnesses all around the world, there seems to be a growing amount of evidence to prove UFOs and strange visitors have descended on the Earth in ancient times, and continue to this day.

At the end of this post, I will provide some interesting reading suggestions or links for you to make up your own mind about what you believe.

Egyptian Heiroglyphs and repitilian being

15th century art

7,000 B.C. – The Lolladoff plate, discovered in Nepal, appears to show a hovering disk-shaped object in the center and a small being, resembling an alien resembling an alien gray, beside it. The circular pattern is reminiscent of the spiraling movement of consciousness

Petroglyphs/Pictographs in Africa -Some of the painting have bizarre depictions of what appear to be spacemen wearing suits, visors, and helmets. resembling modern day astronauts. This takes us to the west African tribe – the Dogon whose legends say they were guided to the area from another part of Africa that was drying up – by fish gods called the Nommo who came in huge ships from the sky.

This painting is called “The Madonna with Saint Giovannino”. It was painted in the 15th century by Domenico Ghirlandaio (1449-1494) and hangs as part of the Loeser collection in the Palazzo Vecchio. Above Mary’s right shoulder is a disk shaped object. Below is a blow up of this section and a man and his dog can clearly be seen looking up at the object.


So now let me share with you my mother’s experience, that occurred around 1964:

“I remember when aged about nine, our family ( mum, dad, my brother and little sister) were traveling in the outskirts of Mount Gambier, South Australia, at Yahl, when we saw bright lights as bright as anything that literally blinded us.

Dad had to stop the car, or it just stopped? this is a bit hazy recalling that bit, but, we looked up and saw a huge craft with many windows and one could see the metallic bolts etc and all panels on it underneath, also whether you want to believe it or not beings in form of large heads big eyes black as coal, whitish bodies with arms legs but no distinguishing of the sex of the being.

We were transfixed as we watched but my younger brother lost it and was terrified all of a sudden and mum tried to calm him down saying its Okay, nothing to be scared of, and to settle. He never, but as we decide to try and leave, the craft virtually lifted and disappeared within a milli-second it seemed.

Mum and dad were chatting about it , me? well I was intrigued by it all- reliving what one saw over and over trying to make sense of it all. My brother was crying hysterically till we got home. Funny, why were we so calm? looking back why were we calm and my brother not, it always intrigued me.My brother started having nightmares at night and behaving irratic.

One day, perhaps a week later, though a guy (American) came to visit the house saying he was a reporter regarding the sighting. I recall him being dressed in a smart suit, actually thinking back he had another with him but he was more sitting back reserved.Anyway, he asked each of us what we saw, all questions etc Were we afraid etc. Also asked if anyone could draw pic roughly of what was seen -I did as it was easy.

Thinking back now… how did the guy know we saw the craft? and where to find us? particularly in such a small town. Which if one remembers rightly enough seemed weird. No one seemed to ask those questions and why did we not tell anyone after that? Looking back it seems to me that the guy was sent to maybe erase parts and in some way making us not speak of it ? I’m not really sure.”

The Greys

An example I found that mum stated look similar to what she saw.

Another Experience:

My story is that I had another sighting in the school yard in Mount Gambier East. I was about ten at the time then and was for some reason compelled to look up and see the sky. Again I saw the craft  that I saw when was 9.  I could vividly see the rooms in it , windows with the little weird people in it looking out, not many only about 3 of them .My friends asked what I was doing… and I said looking at the thing in sky, they said what thing?  I said “what do you mean what thing? its huge how can you not see it”?

In that second it was gone.The weird thing is that I always felt a sense of peace when they were around.For many years I remembered the events and at times questioned myself was it real? It was and I always felt DIFFERENT after the sightings for many many many years.

When I got married we went to a scientific expo regarding aliens etc in Sydney in 1983 I think.And sure enough there were pics of what others had seen and drawn.So, how could I have made it up if all the pics were same as I remembered were almost exact.My husband just laughed at my story but it didn’t bother me as I know what I saw. To this day it still doesn’t make me fear them, it just makes me more curious.”

My Dreams Recalled


I see a book it’s called ” The 3 worlds, the sun and the spaceman” by ….Walters. Flying the through the three worlds I see ours healthy and the others destroyed/sick.


I saw UFO’s and aliens. They were so peaceful, one had a name, in which he told me, and he was grey/red like. There were two; one tall and one shorter; I felt one was older. They were Healers.  There are many different looking beings too. They did speak of pollution on a planet, and they spoke with much wisdom. They also said their were good and bad beings in existence.


Seeing UFO’s and aliens again. He looks familiar to me,  and I ask him, “What is going to be happening for me?” and he simply says “You already know”. Whilst there were many UFO’s around me, only I could see them. The UFO was surrounded by golden white light.

This is actually a very good image I found online of what was similar to that of my dreams.


I saw UFO’s but I don’t know where I was, although my mum and sister were with me. The sky was strange and when I saw the UFO’s I was frozen, I couldn’t talk, nothing would come out of my mouth… I was too excited. There were three of them, they were going in all directions then simply disappeared.

Further to this, around the years 94-96, I was outside my house one night having been drawn to, and saw an unknown bright light in the sky, it prompted me to write a poem about, and I think I was conflicted within,  that I saw something that was not a star.

Further Reading

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Stanton T. Friedman –  Captured! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience: The True Story of the World’s First Documented Alien Abduction

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Bud Hopkins – Missing Time

Thomas J. CareyWitness to Roswell: Unmasking the Government’s Biggest Cover-up
Kean, Leslie –  UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go On the Record.

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