Journey to Spirit (Part 9) – Divine Guidance – Abadiania, Brazil


It was only a few days until I would be leaving Abadiania, and this made me feel very sad. I felt like I had found so much love and peace within myself during the four weeks away from home. This place has a strong power that some will be scared of or others will embrace. What I mean by this is that it would open up wounds within you that may be hard to acknowledge, and you will be flooded with emotion. One thing is certain, you will leave Abadiania as a different person.

It was about my second last day in Abadiania, and on this particular night I didn’t sleep well, and woke at around 3am (seemed to be a common time for me here). I had asked Spirit for a sign that night before bed, and even asking that I felt shivers all over. So I was up at this early hour looking out my window to the clear black sky, then whoaaaaa, I see a big orb shaped ball of light fly past my window in the sky, no sound or anything (it was not a shooting star, it was closer and big). Instinctively I sat bolt upright covered with goosebumps!  I thought well I asked for a sign and got it!! so I thought….

In the same morning,  I went to Current, and after about 2 hours of sitting in meditation, I needed to go to the bathroom and stretch my legs. So I got up walked out, quickly put my shoes on and went to bathroom block. When I went to wash my hands, I saw something strange on my left hand. It was a manifestation of an oval and cross literally stamped deeply into my hand, the oval was pressed down into my skin and the cross was actually raised up. I only got to show the current guide the manifestation before I sat down again to meditate, and we couldn’t speak so we gave each other an acknowledging smile and she pointed up. Please note that my hands were held palms facing up the entire time I was meditating. Naturally my mind tried to debunk this, and I even retraced my steps and where I put my hands (haha) but there was nothing to explain it!! I took this as a sign to have faith. Even though I am not religious, the Entities who reside and help those who come here led religious lives in their time on Earth. This was the most prominent sign that could be given.

I have drawn it on to my hand in this photo to show you what manifested:

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An Orb-tal Misty Morning in Abadiania

It’s a Brazilian Life


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  1. My experience has been unending for five years. I have recorded vivid dreams in waking awareness that told stories in trilogy format. Often the dreams would start with me and be finished by my husband. He would start to tell the dream, and I would describe the characters who were in the stories. I have a shopping bag filled with notebooks containing the dreams, and there was more that happened than just dreams.

    I was wondering, since you shared similar themes related to JOG: alien, ufo, knights, and of course the lights, did your experience involve music, a musician, performer, singer, or any sort of performing artists. Mine did. Someone extremely well known. I noticed that your recent entry was about a performer. He was not the one, but someone else. I have read that there is an entity that people think is John Lennon. He is not the person who was in my experience.

  2. I’m writing to tell say I am so happy to find someone describe similar experiences that I had. In fall 2009 I attended John of God at Omega, in Rhinebeck, NY. I have had this light illuminate my tree outside my bedroom window, on 7/14/12 and then dart to the center window, in New York State. My husband experienced it too with me. I have had a spectacular dream about a knight, and royal themes like you describe in another post. It’s made me crazy needing to attribute this, along with so much more, to someone, John of God, but I haven’t been able to do this. My John of God contacts discount it. It’s been just spectacular. It continues to this day with a related dream on 7/14/2014. It is a five year story that is so unbelievable, and far too long for me to tell you about it here.

    • Wow, that is beautiful. One thing I have learned on my spiritual journey is that it is unique. Don’t allow others to affect your experience. Sadly there are a lot of egos still in the spiritual arena. When we have an awakening and begin to take notice, more experiences occur 😊. John of God may have been a catalyst for new experiences, sometimes we need to be pried open a little more. I’m certainly intrigued about your story. Make sure you write your experiences down too 😊 love and blessings to you!

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