Reviberation…stay in alignment through raising your vibration


According to Quantum Physics, every single thing in the universe is energy. Vibration could be described as a rapid dance of particles in motion. Even solid objects are a form of energy expressed as physical matter; matter is composed of particles, energy is also particles. When two bodies vibrate at the same frequency, they are said to be in resonance, or they are attuned with each other.

Matter and energy are interchangeable, meaning one can “be converted into” the other. The amplitude and frequency of the motion of its particles is the energy difference between physical and non-physical. This is what is called “vibration rate” and what allows for the invisible to become visible when your inner vibration is attuned with the vibration of the intended object or result.

We perceive the world around us from the vibrations received through our senses (sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell), which our brain and being interprets, on a conscious or unconscious level. All of these interpretations can create feelings and emotions which are also vibrations. For instance, imagine you are walking in a calm forest, in the golden hour, enjoying the warmth of the sunlight peaking through the trees and listening to the birds chirping in the trees, with the balsamic scent of pines….… how do you feel?

According to memories and prior experiences you may or may not like the forest; however, your feeling  still creates a vibration. If you enjoy this experience, you will raise your vibration. If you don’t your vibration decreases. Once you are aware of this, you can choose to create vibrations intentionally at will. We have to learn to take responsibility for our energy, and the vibration we are emitting. We always have a choice about energy and what we choose to uplift us and make us feel good.

Therefore discover and embrace the things that raise YOUR vibration and make you feel centered and connected. Here are some suggested activities or ideas to raise your vibration.

Write down 10 aspects of you that you love and re-read them as often as you can
Eat fresh fruit and vegetables or change your diet
Read a great book
Visit a place in nature you enjoy

Nurture yourself
Spend some quality time with yourself
Think about someone or something you love
Write down your goals and list reasons why you think you are going to achieve them
Go for a walk in the woods, or barefoot out in nature
Do something creative
Learn something new
Be aware of your emotions
Wake up earlier than usual
Fill your mind with thoughts and ideas that resonate with your soul
Purify your body
Travel somewhere
Make love with your partner
De-clutter your environment
Spend time with true friends
Practice positive affirmations
Challenge your belief system
Face your deepest fears
Turn off the TV or computer
Take a bath, go swimming or feel renewed by a shower
Watch some funny videos
Keep your room temperature mild
Surround yourself with things or people you love
Introduce more colour in your life
Put candle lights in your room or burn some oils or incense
Make your room / house more lighter – either open up curtains or have more lights on
Treat yourself to something special
Put on and listen/dance to your favourite music
Focus on pleasurable past symbols/gifts
Sing in the shower or car
Keep your ego in check
Focus on breath
Attend a spiritual retreat or peaceful activity
Feel the inner peace that is always present at your core
Observe and enjoy your pet
Put on a funny movie and spend time laughing and enjoying yourself
Wear something colourful to lift your mood
Do something crazy fun and spontaneous
Guided Meditation
Find and live your purpose – follow your heart
Befriend like minded people
Act on your desires
Celebrate achievements
Eat and/or make your favourite dish
Tell your friends and family you love them, both through your words and your actions
Write out a page-long list of things you’re grateful for

Find your Bliss


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