Embracing Clairsentience


So my blog is  called Confessions of a Clairsentient, and so it is only apt that I try to find words to describe this energetic operating system one is born with or develops. I still find it difficult to put into words what I feel sometimes, but try to do my best here and present information that resonates from my personal experiences. But each person is different.

Clairsentience (clear-feeling) is one of the most common and down to earth intuitive gifts that you can develop, yet complex as the same time. It is a sixth sense, so to speak, and means the ability to “feel”, or “know”, and interpret the feelings or energy around you to divine emotions and other energy vibes from people, places, spirits, animals or anything really that contains energy. Empathy and Clairsentience could also be grouped together in the spectrum of intuitive gifts, which relate to feeling or sensing the emotions and energies of the world around them.

Clairsentience is a broadened form of Empathy, which encompasses a wider field of sensitivities and has quite a lot in common with intuition, because it a strong awareness that you feel inside yourself about the subject you are concentrating on or connect with. I should add, that you don’t always need physical contact to connect with energy. It can also be the most challenging, because sometimes you will feel things, yet it is difficult to put into words what you pick up and why.

To feel, as in Clairsentience, requires recognition, acceptance, and it takes commitment to learn the skills to manage the range of energy experiences you perceive.

Depending on your sensitivity or gifts, the following are some traits of being Clairsentient;

  • A “feeling” of being different will probably have been with you from early childhood – you may also have been able to see and hear in a way others could not or viewed the world around you differently.
  • You can be emotionally attached to someone, even at a distance you can ‘feel’ them (dreams, random thoughts, flashes of insight etc).  This can happen even if you are no longer associated with them. Even if you don’t want to be a part of it, you will still feel connected, and so you may need to take steps to disconnect the spiritual/etheric cord.
  • If you were misunderstood as a child you are likely to have been told that you “shouldn’t” feel that way or that you are “imagining” things.
  • You may have been a target/blamed or made to feel responsible for other people’s problems, including authority figures, primary carers, teachers or siblings. In adolescence this could progress to friends, work colleagues or partners. Perhaps you were used or are used, as a soft target practice!
  • A continuing pattern of “others” not understanding and or saying there must be something wrong with you because they do not “feel” that way. That you are just being “too sensitive”.
  • Able to perceive energy fields (through physical sensations), including a person’s aura and vibrations (such as voice and how words are strung together). Ever heard someone talk and their words just sing or lull you?!
  • Not knowing how you know but “knowing” anyway, things others do not seem to know or understand.
  • Feeling guilty and responsible for other people’s happiness.
  • Choosing to stay in situations for the sake of “others” even at your own detriment. Usually it will be for emotional rather than financial reasons.
  • Always giving others the benefit of the doubt whilst failing to see your own “goodness”.
  • Having an inner knowing that you are the “stronger” person even though you are accused of being over sensitive, emotional, irrational and imagining things that do not exist.
  • You can sense the presence of spirits, but you don’t understand what you’re feeling, except you know you feel a strange energy.
  • You are highly sensitive to your surroundings and they can affect your emotions. Large crowds and events can make you physically feel ill (perhaps you will feel nauseous, get headaches etc).
  • If earlier difficulties existed you may have a deep fear of confrontational situations. You will have probably unconsciously developed some level of coping strategies to avoid these but having to face a situation can cause great anxiety. This will be at a level of feeling very vulnerable and helpless, whilst manifesting physical symptoms of heart palpitations, nausea, frozen fear; this will be followed by a period of time trying to calm yourself while pent-up energy rushes through your body. This may seem to others an inappropriate or exaggerated response to what appears a fairly ordinary exchange or minor problem.
  • You go to other people’s homes or even meeting somewhere in a workplace and your emotions may change.  You may even attribute it to not liking the people, but have no definitive reason why.
  • You may serve as a “host” to another person(s); whilst supplying their “being” with energy will make you feel and appear the weaker person, the other person(s) strength can depend on “you” as an energy source. You may not recognise this yourself, however erratic and depleted energy is a symptom.
  • You think of someone who is not around you, and you inexplicably know how they are feeling and sometimes know if something good or bad is going to happen or has happened, but you don’t know why.
  • You have an ability to heal others. You can talk to them in person or even over the phone and they feel better, but you could feel worse.
  • Sometimes you can feel others physical pain and take on that pain.

Clairsentience usually falls into one of three categories: Gut feelings, Empathy and Physical sensations (of which I get all of).

Gut Feelings
A strong emotional response that can feel physical (feeling of dread or excitment) and it good to sense if you like or trust someone.
A sinking or sick feeling in my gut means that something is not going to go well or is to be avoided. A light fluttery (yes butterflies sometimes), excited feeling means that I am on the right track. Gut feelings allow you to sense very quickly whether or not you like and trust someone. Over time you will learn what it means for you.

One of my biggest part of my gift. Some of us find that we have been able to do this from a young age. Sometimes a quick glance is enough or their physical prescence in order to pick up on the feelings of other people and know what it is like to be another person. Empathy is a hard gift to manage initially – whilst you can put yourself in other peoples’ shoes you can succumb to being a sponge – absorbing and feeling emotions which aren’t your own. Do you ever experience overwhelming negative feelings which seem to have no cause? Then you could be feeling someone else’s feelings.

Here are some traits of Empaths:

  • Your emotions get out of control (anxious, panicky, frustrated) in crowds, even though you may want to be there or at an event, you end up being drained.
  • People seek you out, they like being around you and even if they have just met you, they will tell you about their problems and issues (you will do all the listening and giving of attention
  • You have a need to make people feel better and do your best to, you also just know what people need to hear to feel better about themselves or situation
  • You have difficulty expressing your own emotions and prefer to focus on someone else (SO TRUE!!)
  • You explain away others bad treatment of you, thinking they needed you on some level, and have to accept it
  • You need to help and heal others, and you will sacrifice yourself to do so
  • Nature and animals make you happy and give you peace and comfort – you covet it.

Physical Sensations
Clairsentience also speaks to you through sensations in your body – like tickling or pressure or pain. I have found that certain images, words or even sound can have an effect on the body. Those who are more sensitive may not be able to view some visual images on television for example, because they feel physical pain (for example I get a sharp painful stabbing sensation, or shock through my entire body, it’s not pleasant! and cannot imagine good for the body).

Occassionally, whenever I am tuning into spirit or connecting with someone else when tuned in on a spiritual or active level, I get a strong warm tingling  or prickling sensation on one side (usually right) of my head.

Exercises to develop your Clairsentience

One on One Practice
Ask a friend to show you a picture of somebody they know well (but make sure you don’t know the person in the picture).  Look into the person’s eyes and tune into their energy – how do they feel at the moment of the photo being taken? If this is the first time you have consciously used your clairsentience, you may just pick up on a basic negative or positive vibe.
Ask yourself what this individual is like as a person. Ask yourself whether you trust the person. Is there anything else the person’s eyes are revealing?
Check with your friend – how accurate were you?

Practice in a Busy Place
The easiest place to do this is somewhere public. A coffee shop is a great place to start. Take a seat somewhere that you are less likely to be disturbed but still have full view of the comings and goings. Start by choosing a staff member. Focusing on them, just open up and imagine what you think they are feeling. Are they enjoying their day, or are they feeling frazzled and tired. Do you imagine that this is their only job, do they have children, are they studying at University, do they have a marriage or relationship, are they social or private people, shy or outgoing, and so on. Just explore who they are. Make sure you are using your imagination and that you aren’t pressuring yourself or second guessing what you come up with. Practice this regularly, and you will see a definite improvement in your ability to tap in to people. Make sure that each time you do this exercise, you complete the session with these cleansing practices and then ground.

The traits and tools I apply to nurture my Clairsentience

  • embrace imagination and visualisation
  • embrace and explore your senses
  • be curious! notice things
  • open your heart
  • trust flashes of insight or images (even if you don’t understand) -write them down
  • get plenty of rest and time alone to recharge
  • get sunshine and space in nature to reground
  • practice cleansing your energy





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  1. I can’t figure out which one I am, but my whole life I have felt different.. My parents have always told me that I help people too much, but I can’t help it. It always annoyed me, but since I can remember, my mood would instantly change based off of where I was, and nobody else in my family had the same feeling I did. I just pick up on specific energies and sometimes feel great, but sometimes go into a depressed phase. Lately it has gotten worse. Ever since I started dating my boyfriend I can sense any emotion he feels. When he is said or upset, my body goes into this sad state, and my heart is so heavy. Lately however it has been everyone around me, and I’m a super bubbly person, but other people’s emotions literally take over me. I can also sense other energies that I can’t see. How do I control this. I think it is a good thing and I know that it has developed over time, but how do I control it so I can be in control of my own emotions?

  2. Can you please add me to your Facebook page as well? You have described me to a tee! It is so refreshing to know now what I have been feeling is real 🙂

  3. Yes!!! This is me and while I have found text book definitions, I have never had some one lay out specifics they way you do! Thank you! In a very “clean” environment I begin to pick up energy from plants, if there are rocks or other items from nature I can pick up on the energy of the person who placed the rock i.e. man, large build, gentle soul, where the hand was placed almost glows from the residual energy he left there. Thank you for writing what I have never been able to put into words. Please add me to any website or FB page.

  4. I have recently learned that I am a high-level empath, and possibly clairsentient. My ex-fiance’ (who I was with for 5 years) was a sociopath who fed off my energies, leaving me emotionally drained. She committed suicide last month, and ever since I feel her presence in my house. She is constantly trying to manipulate me, which has led to me pushing away the one woman who actually understands me and doesn’t try to manipulate me. She puts ridiculous thoughts in my head, and I wind up acting on them. I have received multiple EVPs while attempting to communicate, and I have had several extreme paranormal experiences over the past 2 months. I am wondering how I can stop her spirit from attacking me, emotionally? I can’t take it much longer. I have lost 20 lbs over the past 2 weeks, involuntarily, over these attacks. I have lost the one woman who understands me by projecting my ex’s sociopathic tendancies onto her. I just can’t stop doing it, either. When I’m out of the house, I am fine. When I’m in the house, she attaches and attacks. Can someone please help me? I can’t take it much longer…

  5. Wow!!! After reading this I dont feel like Im crazy!! This sounds like me almost to a T, I still would like to learn a lot more about my gifts and abilities. I would love to be added to your facebook page as well. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and knowledge.


  6. Hi, I have sent a friend request on your fb page, would you please add me? I have been “suffering” for 50 years with what I am now discovering to be wrong (or right) with me. As a result of my hyper sensitivity I am now agoraphobic (although it does not help much because I am still bombarded with energy, and have spent the last 7 years at home just crying ) I want to change this, I NEED to change this.
    Thank you 🙂

  7. Please could I be added to your group. This article has helped me to understand a little better, I.am keen to learn more, I see your name on the replies so I will add you, thankyou for sharing your knowledge!

    • I’d love to invite you into the group I have. We share a range of things in the learning circle, and it is nice to feel supported and understood-dealing with emotions and energy are common topics. if so, can you send me a friend request if not already done (when ready to Njari Johnson) as the only way I can add people is if they are connected to me, due to it being a secret group. Once added I will let you know, and respectfully unfriend afterwards. We can always reconnect later on again.Blessings to you & thank you.

  8. Hi Njari,

    I’m coming to terms with it, slowly but surely. Also I’m very curious about being an “energy host” to another person/psychic : I believe I am, which has been causing quite some grieve, especially I’m sensitive to energies.
    I would love to hear your thoughts about it. Can I send you a friend request on Fb?
    Thank you for the great post! 🙂

  9. Could you please add me to the secret Facebook page. This article helped clear up a lot of questions for me. Very informative and comforting. Monica Ballesteros

  10. Would u please add me to your page. I tried hitting on the link and its having trouble connecting. Thank you. I found the info you offered very helpfull. I knew i was very intuitive and empathic and was just informed by a psychic today that i am indeed clairsentient. This is the second time a psychic confirmed it for me. Id greatly appreciate the guidance and communication with others who can relate.

  11. Please add me to Facebook, I really need for daughter to embrace her gift. We were on the trolley she said momma I can feel a spirit here, she’s with this lady, and I wanna tell her. I asked her not too. She said momma I can feel her on my right side of my head. I want to help her.
    Thank you

  12. Very informative post on clairsentience…thank you, Siannaphey, for writing it! I am curious to know if you experience the ability to not only receive the information around you through clairsentience, but if you also are able to offer healing energy as needed? I am researching clairsentience for a novel I am writing. I hope to find some information about healing as it relates to the four clairs. Do you have any posts around that topic that you recommend I read? Thanks again and blessings to you on your journey.

    • Thanks Janet – i feel that with clairsentience and depending on how it is used it can provide healing. i am studying counselling, i have found my energy and presence combined with clair abilities do really help others. if i do find any articles or links i will certainly pass them on. thank you, and wishing you the best on your novel and the journey it continues to take you on. best wishes, Njari

  13. I have just recently began believing that I may be an empath and clairscentient. This was definitely helpful. I’ve felt embarrassed to tell me friends thinking they would just think I’m crazy so having others to talk to about it would be great. I’d like to learn how to embrace this and would love to be added to the secret Facebook group.

  14. This is the most helpful and beautiful information & story on clairsentience I have found. My 3rd eye is opening and I’m remembering who and what I am after many years of being completely shut down. Im an empath and am again experiencing clairsentience & clairvoyance. I’m not scared, but it’s such a blessing to find out there many others out there like me. I’ve been listening & trusting what I know, letting the law of attraction work and its like my path is shown to me. I keep following it and it just brings me more and more of the lesson and experiences I need exactly when I need it. Like finding this sight. I even found my soul mate because I knew ahead of time what We now know with words. Thank you for sharing your story! You are positively impacting others journeys in such a meaningful way. 🙂

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  16. reading this made me feel so much better and some parts brought tears to my eyes. I am having a hard time with anxiety that’s partily my own and the rest I just KNOW is not mine; its making life pretty difficult and its just getting stronger/worse as I get older. Im 26 now and this is all getting stronger than its ever been.
    thank you for your post

  17. This defines how clairsentient you are

    Ok its not like you can read minds or have super powers to feel the pain of others really. It really is how sensitive you are to others and just to think you have some paranormal feeling is ridiculous of exactly how the other person feels; its simply empathy. Simply feeling them at every moment is ridiculous because that’s not possible. I can be around someone and kinda tell by their body language. People that read carefully of words and how they simply perceive or in some situations discern things can relate to your life experiences or simply caring for people a lot and your’e down-to-earth. People that ignore you when you try to give advice I say are people that are not down-to-earth people or are down-to earth by simply want to be left alone because they are too scared to even know what will make them feel better.

    • Thank you for your comment, I get the impression this is of great interest to you because you have taken the time to visit my blog and share your personal thoughts from your personal experiences. The issue is not about enticing someone to believe my own personal experiences but about the heightened sensitivity that goes beyond empathy and learning to understand oneself better.
      In fact I’m glad that you raised this!. There are a number of people who do visit this post and mistaken there empathetic skills for something more. Anyone can learn to read people through body language, subtle environmental aspects and micro-skills in communication. However, in my own experience my perceptions and knowings go beyond the empath scope. This my journey and I wish you well on yours. Like you I believe in questioning everything! Thank you again

    • ^ that’s not true. Not everybody has a gift some people just don’t understand. To be clairsentient is to feel ones emotions as you would feel your own. Its the deepest feeling and it can create an immense understanding for others. But to day its not possible just because it doesn’t happen to you is an understatement.

      • You are mistaken, since the word clarasentience translates to not clear feeling, but clear knowing. Often you don’t find it in empaths and often you do, but it is not the same thing at all. You just simply know things, for no reason. You know paths that will prove good, even if they appear wrong, you know what is happening where you are not, you know random thoughts from others, you almost hear them loudly, and you just know when events or people are about to shift well before they show signs of shifting.

  18. I can not get to your facebook page. I am already well advanced in this to be honest but pain Is pain and having some one to really talk with would be a great help. I would love to hear from you 🙂

  19. I have a friend with depression I told him I would stand by his side and help him every step of the way but every time I go near him or see or think about him I end up on this massive emotional almost hormonal rollercoaster like I’m in some self destruct sequence, I don’t like it and I feel like its starting to push us apart I’m resenting him when it’s not his fault any ideas on how I can help protect myself and aide him at the same time?

  20. This is something i have been struggling to understand .I have been getting these strong uncomfortable stomach pains which feels like someone grabs me by and twist and twist until it just goes away .I don’t understand until later when i realized it only happens when danger is up ahead !?!?! I’m also very good a reading people and very atuned in my surroundings which i tend to avoid bright lights and noisey crowded places that completly drain me always !!! Please add me on FB

  21. Hello there! I’ve been reading your article and I want to know more! A lot of what your saying I can relate to and then some, after reading the first point I was like YES! That’s me all over, I’ve always thought of myself to be intuitive but recently I’ve been wondering if its something more. I’ve dreamt of unfamiliar places/scenes then later relived them remember that I had dreamt it! Was wondering if anyone could give me some pointers? Tar very much 🙂

  22. It’s such a relief to read this, When my daughter was 7, she would tell me “momma I can feel your positive energy before you come in my room”, at first I was like ahh really. Then sometimes she would laugh and say ” she could feel my dogs energy, she would say Phoebie is happy, I can feel her energy” this continued for a couple of years. At 9 years old, she wanted to go to the mall to go shopping, it was a indoor mall. It was end of August, we went shopping, it was really busy in there. We were in there for 5 minutes and she begged me to leave. She said I can’t breath and my stomach feels weird. So we left, once we were outside she felt better. I still had no idea.
    In the 4th grade, a new started at her school. Every morning a lot of the girls would gather around the new girl, except my daughter. I asked my daughter why she didn’t. She said I don’t like her, I said that’s not fair, you haven’t given her a chance, she said “momma every time I get close to her, I feel her bad energy and I don’t like the way that feels, I think she is a bad girl”. Well she was right and that’s when I started to do research on it. I spoke to her Aunt on my husbands side and she said the day she first held my daughter after she was born she felt it strong in her. My husband aunt also has it, she said that my daughter has it really strong.
    She is now 11 and I took her to her first concert at the house of blues, she did not enjoy it, she literally just stood there and was looking at people, I told whenever she wanted to leave we could. She tried so hard to enjoy herself, but she said she could feel everyones energy, and she had a headache. She said I tried momma. She knows what she has and sometimes we forget to do the shield. She doesn’t like people to hug her cause she feels their energy. She wakes up in the middle of the night for no apparent reason. Will it get better for her as she learns how to control or use it.

    • Hi. Ok I understand how you must feel. I will also tell you that I am not a mom just as a disclaimer. I am a very sensitive clairsent and I have had it since I was very young when I first learned how to speak fluently I would complain about going certain places because “the people were bad” one expirience I have had was; I loved my aunt and I loved to visit her, well one day when I was about 6 and 1/2 we went to go visit her I was so excited! We got were driving there when all of a sudden I saw a memory like scene flash in my head, I saw my aunt layng on the bathroom floor screaming in agony. I said “oh no. Something bad happened to becka!” I started sobbing and told my mom to help her. The whole way there i continued screaaming “help becka! Mommy help her! She hurts!” We arrived about 2 minutes later and I ran inside and ran to the bathroom my aunt was leying on the bathroom crying her boyfriend had just been found dead. He committed suicide. I continued having these flashes and scenes and i still cant be in a crowd i just cant. I would say things randomly. One day I asked my mom why she had an orange line around her. She said she didnt and took me to the doctor. I saw auras sensed energies and see when things happen to people. I still do. If you want more information on how to help your child learn to control it and this is for anyone who needs help, please email me my email is haunnalove@mail.com

  23. Hi, I’d like to join your facebook page please, but the link in your blog gives an error. Is the facebook page still active? If so, can you repost the address? Thanks,

  24. I just read your blog and I need help of any kind. I am 30 years old and as I get older these feelings I have get worse. When I was little, they were like “raw” feelings that didn’t bother me and I accepted. As I get older, they are not comforting and confusing. I have a hard time going to public places, especially crowded bars where there is a lot of noise, emotion and people. It’s like I am trying to listen at 100 people talking at me at the same time. When I am in situations like this, I feel pressure on me. Especially on my arms and my hands get tingly. I can’t focus. It’s like there is too much energy is one place and it’s suffocating me. My eyes travel from one person to another and I read them, feel them.

    If it is a singular, very strong energy, my side hurts. It has become very physical. Once I remove myself from the space, the sensation can last a couple of days. This feeling usually happens for energies I can’t see. Not people. Something else which I cannot explain. Not good or bad – just unexplainable.

    I can tell a person’s profession or if they are upset before they tell me. I can walk into a house and feel an energy if it’s there. I can connect with animals easily and honestly, people too – all walks of life. It’s a lot to take in. I feel alone much of the time even though I feel so much around me. It’s like being alone in a very crowded room of people if that makes sense. You also get people you hardly know trusting in you and needing you. Reaching out to you for some odd reason.

    I try to ignore it and I’ve gotten quite good at it, however on certain days, I let it in and it’s alot. Sometimes, it’s so strong, I can’t ignore it. It overwhelms me. I used to pass out a lot before I knew what was happening. I was put on a heart monitor. The doctor’s thought it was something with my heart then I diagnosed it, on my own, and labeled it as anxiety. I wouldn’t say it’s that for other “symptoms” tell me it’s not. Now I know what I am experiencing and I simply remove myself from it or embrace it to cope with it. There are after affects though. Feelings that linger and pains in my arms that stay for a bit. It’s like I take it with me and it needs to rub off.

    The other really weird thing is that I have the most simple dreams and then they happen in real life. For example, I’ll dream reading a flyer and picking up a coffee cup. I’ll wake up, remember it. Then, down the road, years even, I can be in an entire different city and it happens and I remember dreaming it. It means nothing that I can see. It’s always the most simple things. Just bothers me and I don’t know what to think of it. It never involves people. Always a place or an object.

    I don’t know what to do about it. I am dealing with it for now, however at this point, I think I need to either embrace it or figure something else out. I can’t put into words how I feel and it’s hard for me to explain to others. I think my mom might have the same thing and she has a really hard time dealing with it and honestly, maybe even a little naive to what she is actually experiencing. I also don’t know what the purpose of it is. I feel cursed.

    I used to see a little girl when I was little in my old house. Sounds insane right? I don’t know if that has anything to do with it, but I can still feel her sometimes and I live an hour and a half away. She’s very lonely. She never talked to me, however just watched. I could “feel” what she was thinking kind of. Now, it’s kind of like a distant calling if that makes any sense. I have very foggy dreams and feelings around her. They are not good feelings. Never were.

    I also feel other people I used to be connected to. I can tell when someone is thinking about me or think about them randomly and then they call or appear in my life. I can also tell when someone is sick. I can tell if someone has cancer before they tell anyone else. I can tell when their days are winding down. It’s sad.

    Because I can feel this things, I sometimes get connected to very lonely, alcohol and drug addicted people. I do not do drugs, however I feel their deeper emotions than just what they are experimenting with. At this point in my life, I steer clear of these individuals, knowing that I cannot help them. My ex-husband had these issues and I let him go two years ago. We had been together for nine years. I am attracted to dark individuals. I see someone hurting and alone and I draw to them. The weird thing is that they draw to me too and we connect when they have such a hard time connecting to anyone. It’s like they trust me and I really trust them and see the good in them even though there is a darkness keeping them down.

    My house now has no energies in it, however every once in a while I feel something. I don’t know why and don’t know who or what it is. It just comes and goes randomly. It’ll be months before I feel something. Sometimes when it’s here, I can’t lay on my side in bed because I can feel pressure on my back. Sounds insane right? I don’t know. That’s how it usually comes. Pressures and feelings. Awareness that there is something there that you cannot see, however you can feel it. Ignore it as much as you want, it’s there. I like to ignore because I feel like if I accept it, something might happen. Like a deeper connection and I don’t want that. Sometimes I think if I accept that it’s there, it will then know and then who knows what might happen. I just stay as quiet as possible.

    I can also predict when someone is about to die. Not a certain date or how they die… just a feeling that their life is going to be cut short. May take a couple of months, may take a year, however it happens in the end. It’s like they are walking around with a sign above their head that only I can see. Many young people have died in my life. I’ve had them visit throughout the years. Long stories I’m not going to go into, but some watch over me. I feel guarded by them. One of them saved my life while he was alive and came to me later after he had passed. I was going through a hard time and he came to me and told me everything would be okay. He wouldn’t answer any of my questions, he just told me I’d figure it out in time and it will all be okay. He just kept repeating this over and over while I asked questions and talked to him. It was comforting, confusing, scary and angering all at the same time. These “spirits” never touch me and for some reason I don’t reach out and touch them even though later I wish I had. I couldn’t see it then and I was mad at him and confused. Now I know he was right and he was there to “hold my hand” per say. It felt so real and I was awake, however who knows. Maybe I was dreaming. Either way, glad he was there in one form or another. This is the only time he’s ever “appeared” to me, however a couple of times I felt him and dreamt about him.

    It’s odd and it’s uncomfortable. Like I said, some days are worse than others. I just don’t know what to do about it and it bothers me. At this point, I know I’m not making it up and I know it’s not in my head. Too many things have happened to tell me otherwise. Again, I just don’t know how to deal with it.

    I have a boyfriend now that I really love. He lives with me and at first, I felt him a lot. Now that I am around him all the time, it’s not so bothersome. I can still really feel what he is feeling at times – call it my gut intuition – however it’s so deep that I don’t know. It makes me nervous… like I am reading his diary or something. I try to shut these feelings out and then I am not myself and I don’t react the same as if I would if I didn’t… that’s hard to explain… you get the point though.

    Anyways, this is how I feel and what I am experiencing. It’s very bothersome to me. I was at a bar tonight and I couldn’t stay. Too many people interacting and I couldn’t focus on everything that was bombarding me at once. Also, a lot of “unhappy/confused” people go to bars to commiserate and you feel that. Once again, it felt suffocating and my arms hurt. They still kind of hurt. Just really stinks sometimes because I want to have fun and be like all the other people having fun not knowing what is around them. It really is what is around you. I can’t see it, however it’s there somehow. Thanks for listening. Let there be a light at the end of this tunnel lol.

  25. Mine is returning. I had long suppressed with religion it as a teen and young adult. Then my daughter was born and this strength came over me. I finally left my abusive ex husband and moved forward. But he left a spirit behind…one of dread and suspicion. It was black and hid in corners. I prayed it away. I managed to suppress the feelings again but today, it is back. I guess I better pay attention again, there must be a reason my abilities are returning. Glad I found your page.

  26. I’m not entirely sure whether I’m clairsentient or not, but if I am it must be weak. When I was younger, I detached myself from most of my feelings because I lived in a harsh, unaccepting environment, (I lived in a state of greyness, and tried drowning my feelings so I wouldn’t appear “weak”.) so I wasn’t aware of my possible psychic abilities until recently. Even now, I still find it hard to accept because it’s not the typical image I get when I think of a psychic. I think of people who can tell the future or talk with spirits since they were a toddler, but that’s not me.

    But as I’ve learned more about myself, I’ve come to realize that I’ve had strange, “gut feelings” about people my whole life. After a conversation with someone I just met, I can tell if they’ve had a negative past, if they’re lying, and/or if they have good intentions and can be trusted. If I’m talking to someone over the internet, I can tell if they’ve created a fake identity for themselves (Happens more than you might think.). Sometimes I feel tense environments when I walk into a room and then something bad happens. (Ex: my boyfriend is upset, I find out people don’t like me, etc.)

    I think I’ve done this for sure since I was 10 or 11, but I could have developed this earlier and just wasn’t aware. I think the biggest reason why I wasn’t aware of this for a long time is that most of these gut feelings seemed so obvious to me that I thought it wasn’t anything special. Also because of what I said earlier about trying to drown my feelings, (I eventually lost my sense of self during those times.). So on my voyage towards recovery from that, I’m wondering… am I clairsentient?

  27. Hi! I have feel like I have this sense too! Ever since I was six years old my parants knew I could sense things and see things that others could not. I read this and I was crying happy tears and now I know I am not alone. For so long I thought I was a freak and no one could understand this, but now I have done some research and I know that there are others like me!! I am only in my younger age but I have been very confused with many things, and this has cleared so much up, and helped me discover myself! Thank you for writing about this, I really appreciate it!

    • I’m also a clairsentience and I literally felt the tear of joy in your short paragraph. I felt the vibration at this sentence “I know that there are others like me!!” Thank you for sharing!

      Best Regards,

  28. Hi, go fund me link says url not found. Also, link to FB is spelt wrong so it would not load. That was only when I clicked on link. Best wishes. Paul

  29. Hey just recently discovered that I am Clairsentiencent, because I notice when people are about to die. I started noticing it as a child as family members passed but as school went on. I had these strange encounters where I would meet people and have this strange compelling attraction to random people. Some emotional about them drew me to them but me being awakard at times I never got to deep into any real friendship with them, but more like I was compelled to keep up with them. Then soon after they all passed. Any I just seriously noticed the correlation, is my gift to see when someone’s time is running out if I can’t save them from their impending doom. 😦

  30. Great information! Thank you for sharing this. I have long known that I have these abilities, but I have always called it Empathy … so I appreciate learning more. It took me a LONG time to discover meditation and actually start to get control of this ability … for the longest time I simply felt unsafe because my emotions were always changing, for seemingly no reason, and I had no control over it. That was a scary time. SO glad to have about ten years now of learning how to use this gift as well as being able to discern what emotions are mine and what is someone else’s!

    I am DEFinitely interested in learning more wherever and whenever I can … I also have visions that end up coming true and intense nightly dreams that frequently do not feel like they are “mine”. These really aren’t things that I can really talk to anyone about, except one friend who teaches energy healing.

  31. I want too know why I get chills with certain people that I talk to. Just last week a Reiki teacher couldn’t stop touching my arm and shoulder. He said I have it, that my aura and presence is fascinating. I felt that way about him but why don’t I feel this more often?
    He said only 2% of the world have this connection within each other.
    I never knew this word existed, I just felt certain things. Please advise. Thank you for your light and love.

    • My thoughts, I must say that my journey in uncovering my gift in being clairscentient/Empath has been like a roller coaster ride, I’m always playing and having fun with it tho..at first I would get angry and frustated at not innerstanding why I felt certain things..what I uncovered is that its not all that important to innerstand every feeling, yet it is important to allow those feelings to flow thru with love, compassion and concern..I’m life coach so I’m always investigating things..lol sometimes I feel like a madd scientist. I’m here to change an enforce laws for the new order, so I’m always challenging old systems that no longer serve for the highest good of everyone involved…its funny sometimes when people see me coming..they call me trouble because they know my purpose..yet there are also those who will fight my help..so, I have to stay in shape mentally, physically, and spiritually loving myself 100% lol its a full time gig, yet I love it because I’m making changes in the universe by just being myself and allowing others to do the same.. I pay attention to everything in myself, and this allows me the freedom to serve well..”When the ocean surges, don’t let me just hear it. Let it splash inside my chest!”~ RUMI.. thanks for allowing me a place to share my heart and thoughts..onelove♥♥♥♥

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  34. Hi, I’m finally looking up what happened to me on two very memorable occasions 14 years ago. Both times, a full-body sensation overtook me and I immediately knew, without a forethought, exactly what was happening far away. Both times, I acted on that knowledge by investigating and was correct, down to the detail. These occasions are so memorable, because I had absolutely no information or prior knowledge about that which was happening; there was no way at all that I could have known just by putting “pieces of the puzzle” together subconsciously. Today, the more I am looking for experiences like mine online, the more I find other oddities in my life explained. But here, in your blog, I have finally found a complete picture of who I am. I have been diagnosed with depression and PTSD when I’ve told psychologists that I feel overwhelmed and disoriented, and am too sensitive to what others are feeling. I am a little troubled, because the only way I can function in the “sane” world is by taking one, and lately two, antidepressants to numb those feelings and be able to focus. This has dulled my strange intuition (other, much smaller things have happened, as well, throughout my life), unfortunately, but has also given me great relief. I’m now, at 35, finally able to say I will be graduating soon with my first bachelor’s degree. This never would have happened without the medication, because I would have been constantly distracted by PEOPLE and their FEELINGS…Ugh. But now the sensitivity is coming through anyway and I need support. I am beset on all sides by strong feelings and energies that bombard me and I am starting to be quieter and receptive to all of it again, and so sad about all of the things they are going through. It sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would like to be part of your group. I think I need to see if anyone there understands me.

    • This is me! I always new I had a gift, I always feel peoples emotions even if they don’t know they have that emotion at the time or they think they are hiding it. I have gotten out of many situations that I felt something was just not right. Everything that you wrote above this fits me to a tee. I just need a little guidance to fully grasp it and to help others. People are naturally drawn to me, and this makes so much sense to me. It’s like you wrote my story. Thank you for your help in helping me to finally understand my gift. Also when I close my eyes I see faces, letters, and numbers, and almost like pictures of events or past lives. I also see orbs all the time..I just can’t hear them..please add me to your page. I’m excited to learn more and hear others experiences.

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    • On the tight side of the blog page there should be a Facebook icon to contact me. You can also search for the page ‘Clairscentience’ and via the page just send me a message for further instructions. It’s a secret group that only I can add you. Thank you, Njari

  36. I would like to be added to the secret face book page. What a great blog!!!! I’m taking classes right now to develop an understanding on how to use all
    Of the “Clair’s”. So this was great!!!!!

    • Kelly, I’d love to add you, just contact me via Clairscentience Facebook page or send me a message (Njari Johnson) and send a friend request with accompanying message. I’d love to have you in the group and you can share more about your classes!!
      Thank you so much x

  37. I would like to join your group for support. Im clairsentient and Im being diagnosed with PTSD. Explaining what am feeling to people makes me sound crazy

  38. Reading every word of your wonderfully written post described everything i feel in certain scenarios and how i can’t help but feel really bad when i am unable to help somebody, People I know keep picking on me, saying I’m over sensitive when I cried while watching a movie about a boy being bullied.. This helped me feel more comfortable of myself, knowing its natural for some people to feel the emotions of other people even when they say nothing of their problems no matter when even an ocean parts us, and the fact that I feel like my emotions are irrelevant and the emotions of others matter more. Thank you for sharing your knowledge to us.

  39. I want to join ive been looking every where for u i think…i’ll no if im right if u can be a mentor im so an odd one ..people either love or hate …but i can relate to them all good bad or indifferent ..i need help as these cold read pages are standard I’m 37 and am looking for further info..and or insight. .im Open and only work ,serve what’s good and right …i NEED to know others like me exist i fit your description to the T …if it’s ment. Be..you’ll soon know me..idk what this even does not blog savvy. .but want to apply to try the fb teachers…ty

  40. i am an african man but i have suffered, i feel bad when people are feeling bad, my uncle died recently and everyones pain hit me, i don’t like going to public places and i like isolation.

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  42. my whole life,as far back as i can remember,i knew i wasnt like the others…i thought i was a freak,a weirdo,and i was sure everyone else knew it too. i didnt know until i was 30 that there is a name for it and that i wasnt the only one…while it does help with my job as a server,its a hard thing to deal with i cant control it or stop it and sometimes its pure agony….

    • I agree it is very hard, as a sensitive, I still struggle on occasions, but I have found through the great difficulties I have had in my own life that the more you flex your habits, or ways of managing, it gets easier. I have good days and bad days. I have learned not to be so hard on myself. I’ve always enjoyed my individuality and although I felt different, I embraced who I was 🙂

  43. I have been researching clairsentience all day today. I love researching and finding out new things about myself because I’ve known since I was 5 that I am different. I’m 15 and I’ve always been the “old soul” and I never fit in with my peers because they didn’t understand my level of thinking. I agree with everything this post has said. But people always tell me that I’m making everything up when I get feelings even though I know what I’m feeling is real. Once in a while I have dreams that actually come true. My most recent one was a dream where I was riding my bus home from school and the bus driver drove to a new location in the middle of nowhere in the woods to his house. Later on he molested me. It was very realistic that I was shaken up all day. The next night there was a breaking news report that said: “Tonight at 11:00, student molested by bus driver.” I’ve been diagnosed with depression and anxiety. Mostly because I try to help people and when other people are rude to me I don’t confront them because I hate confrontation. I always give people the benefit of the doubt. Always. One of the reasons why I don’t know if I am clairsentient even though I fit this describtion to a T is because I’ve always blamed some things on my neurotic personality. I feel anxious about everything. I always said that I get that from my mom because I’m afraid of everything she is afraid of. It would be great to actually have an explanation for these things. With the physical sensations I do get some tingling but not often. And I can’t think about my friend of 9 years and know what she’s thinking. She is a very special friend to me because we always have lots of deep meaningful conversations. (I’m so sorry if I sound like I’m rambling. There are so many thoughts flowing into my head at once). I hate large crowds. About a month ago my family and I went to a flea market and I just felt depressed all day because of the bad vibes. I only have 3 friends and I’m ok with that because I have deep connections with them. I am very good at picking friends and identifying phonies because I just “feel” it. It’s very hard for someone to lie to my face and I don’t recognize it. I love Myers Briggs Personality types and I am an INFJ. Also, I’ve dedicated myide to serving others. I’m going to go to medical school to become and emergency Physician and get a degree in counseling so I can give people professional advice. Based on some of the things I’ve said would you say I’m clairsentient? And if anyone can give me advice on how to channel negative feelings? I feel them all the time. Thanks so much!

    • Hi Raenna, I love reading Siannaphey blog, the first time I read it, I thought to myself she is describing me! When reading your response to her blog, I was impressed to reply, in saying I too had very similar experiences when I was you age and I too was fright of people as I could always read them so clearly. Almost reading their thoughts, I had limited friends and still do to this day. You differently are an “old soul” and you will know things before they happen more and more. It sounds like you are a “seeker”, I have been exploring my gift of clairsentience for over a decade now and it has been an exciting journey. The one thing I would like to share is that I sort out other like minded people to practice and fine tune my gift, both positive and negative energies affect me and I have learnt and now teach others to embrace their gift and utilise it in their everyday lives and learn to protect and understand as well as acknowledge and then dispell negative energies. Thought you may be interested a couple of books, Archetpes by Caroline Myss & to take a quiz http://www.archerypeme.com & Extraordinary Psychic by Debra Lynne Katz and there is so much more, but Caroline Myss is amazing!
      Love and Blessing From another Clairsentient, Enjoy your journey!!

    • Fitst off..level!!! Samesies !! Except my moms fears im her protector ive felt since 5 and it was only to my disadvantage with my big family ..nor did she want it..but im 37 and have learned i picked her for a reason so i search it that way and through the guides powers and from my god…my conscience. .n gain a huge moral compass..also have a bestie..for 26 years and i suggest u keep those friends and use your gift to help them see the things they cant and be specific for we all harbor greatness and u are the company u keep.. so only show the safe kkind, we earn vulnerable..and try to not get hung on diagnosis. ..learn them of course but only accept what u identify with , like this article..i think u know yourself in an uncanny way..super self aware ..and hyper vigilance …That’s Your surroundings too…i relate and an old soul you sure are but expand and take risk cause hurt dissipates from disappointment but knowing u have a clean conscience And maybe even on the smallest scale you changed a day, better? a life! and best ..what will save the earth …is you just could change someone’s heart…you have a very soft soul.. with a wisdom i in my life have not yet experienced. ..sheer shock your 15 but i feel better fir the universe your our future…make connections you’ll change your own life at very Least.,u can’t relate to all if u don’t meet them …and to be purely empathic is to go through pain so one doesn’t travel to suffer alone n misunderstood ..just try to feel if it was u ..for its knowledge of all emotions…that’s just truly a great person. ..empath all that is just what we are…you are powerful beyond belief…i feel this all n i have never done anything like this but u sounded like my comment and well i couldnt let u feel bad this is a bessing..there are many others who just won’t relate..u by being forthright and honest moved me to do the same…ill rest much easier knowing your our future…stay gold ..by staying u…but expand asap…noone can make u feel inferior without your concent. ..god bless..with the white light that help angels rise..

  44. I fit almost every single description of a clairsentient. I knew there was a logical reason I had these feelings and sensations but couldn’t put my finger on it. I dislike most people I meet, or I should say I dislike their aura. I hate crowds, they make me nervous and on edge. I live out in the country next to a little forest with lots of wildlife. I am a dog trainer by day and have many pets. I am a Christian but very few churches feel “Holy”. I have never expressed my gifts to anyone but my husband and I am still sure he doesn’t believe me. I can sense both demons and angels. Although as a child I was able to see a few of them in my bedroom at night. Thanks for assuring me I am not crazy or imagining things.

    • Also, When I held my Aunt’s hand a few hours before she died in the hospital, I told her I was there and we all loved her. Immediately an electrical charge went through my hand to my entire body which made the hair on the back of my neck stand up, and I knew she was saying everything was okay and not to worry.

  45. Thank you so much for posting this article. I came across it because I was trying to find a way to describe my abilities to my very open-minded boyfriend. I found myself falling under every category mentioned and it’s nice to know I’m not alone or “crazy”. A lot of these abilities aren’t really controlled by me but more so just happen automatically, like it’s second nature. I find it hard to cope sometimes, but my clairsentience makes me who I am. I am curious how I can make it stronger so I can control it better and be a better help to others if I can be, however.

  46. I am so confused about my ability. It’s as though if they were three people in a room and I walked in I would feel their presence, I would feel their heartbeat not hear it. I would feel their slow breath. I would feel the space they take on earth. And about the tingling sensations people often describe, they dont usually happen. They’re very very rare and so I was doubtful if I was even clairsentient or not but sometimes I see a person and I just idk I feel connected. Like we are one. I feel so lost. Please help

    • I understand how difficult that must be, I was much the same when I was younger so overwhelmed by others and energy, but I have learned to harness energy much better. You are not alone. I am going to write more soon, but I’m so unwell and it’s hard right now. Feel free to connect via my Facebook page as I’m checking that regularly and posting pieces 🙂 x

  47. Hi I am new at this one of my friends has gifts similar to this and she is helping me with it as she has more experience but i was looking into picture of people my friend new like you suggested and I was getting it right beside there names I couldn’t get the first two peoples names but the third I did he was a boy when the others were girls so not sure if that had anything to do with it as well when I looked at him I saw a yellow thing I’m not sure how to explain it it was all over his body it was like some one painted him and tried to get rid of it I think it might of been and arua or however you spell it but I’m not sure so I wanted to know if you have ever had the samething happen

    • I haven’t seen auras, it’s not my gift, but it’s possible that is what you saw. I am clairsentient, claircognizent, with a few other Clair’s at intervals. Practicing with people you are comfortable with is a good thing. Do be put on the spot with others testing you, as not all are open. Xx

  48. Wow!! I read that and felt like it was written about me. Only lately exploring my spirituality and feel like I’m missing something. Like there is more I need to feel

  49. Hello, my name is Gabrielle, i have most of these symptoms, and now that i’ve noticed and aware of them, i can clearly notice it now sometimes when something is happening. I don’t want to go into too much detail but, i want to know, why do i have like electric currents running thorough my body every now and then when i’m sat next to someone, or when i’m thinking about someone i have it on my own? I don’t meditate, i try and do a few exercises – stuff i’ve looked up on the internet. I’m also keeping a diary of stuff thats happening, so i can take note of them and keep track. But i do know that i am linked to this, that i can relate to things, it’s like i understand them now..
    I’m only fourteen, but if you can reply to this comment and give me some feedback on my question that’ll be wonderful, thank you. And great post by the way, it really did help me a lot.

    • Hi dear Gabrielle
      I think it is great that you are keeping a diary, keep that up, as at your age messages and insights will come through much easier, as that is what it was like for me and then it slowed as I got older. Even though I know how to meditate well, I mostly just practice mindfulness and switch off these days, so I am just ‘being’. I have felt the currents you speak of, and we are all electrical beings of light and energy,and we are ALL connected :), and I would suggest that if you feel this that you should look to a path of hands on healing (like pranic or reiki) as I feel you will be naturally gifted in this. Sorry for the late reply, my illness affects me a lot, but I want to post more soon. Love and Blessings – Njari

      • Do not worry, thank you for your reply. I, too, am sorry for my late reply – I might look up the healing stuff, but i do think i need to look up more stuff on empath and clairsentience, i’m kind of torn between the two at the moment. As i said before, because i’m noticing more and aware of it, i’m getting loads of signs – even physical experiences. For example, my Grandad is suffering from C, and when he was coughing and short for breath, he went outside of some fresh air. Whilst this was happening, i felt a sudden tightness in my chest, like a struggle to breathe. I do not know whether this was linked, whether i was feeling his physical pain or so, but i’ve typed it in on my diary so if i ever have a similar experience again, i can look back and compare etc.

  50. .

    My realisation about my connection begun with a prenamination that I had at the age of 15.
    I always knew things before they happened but I had not have enough knowledge to name it.
    In 1995, I was invited to a closed circle and I had my training for 3 years with My guru who passed away in 2009. Since than I took on many mediumship duties.

    Thank you for this post Dear Njari. All the facts have been put together nicely with clear definitions

  51. hi, i have only just accepted that ive got the gift of clairsentience, my experiences are like i can feel what other people are feeling and what they are going to do next, also i can get really bad gut feelings like im really depressed then when the bad thing happens it goes away, and when i get the feelings the event normally happens within days. thanks for this

  52. I think my son is a clairsentient. I have been to see 2 clairvoyant women, 1 year apart. Both have said many things pointing to clairsentient, but not telling me he is. Perhaps I was meant to discover it. He is only 2 and incredibly empathetic. Often he will stop our forward progress to wherever we are going to fixate on individuals. he was always a sympathetic crier as an infant. He seeks out classmates who are hurt and upset. He is eager to help anyone always. Also, I find he is an anxious child… very concerned when things are not the way he perceives they should be.. like if something upright falls over. He is easily flustered and tries to repair everything. The 2 women told me he is connected to me, and a projection of me. I do recognize that I too have all of these traits and have always felt a small amount of some sort of spiritual gift, though never to the degree I see in him. He is me amplified 100x. They have told me I will need to teach him the crystal cocoon to protect his energy. And to always remind him it is his choice to help, heal, and take on only what he wants and its ok to refuse. They also said I need to tell him and show him that I don’t need him to take care of or heal me. I feel humbled and awed at the amazing little person I happen to be raising. I hope to help him develop his gifts and also protect himself.

  53. Does anyone know if there is a way to get rid of this? I hate it. I don’t feel that it’s a gift, rather a curse. I can block out so many things but I can’t seem to shake this. I’ve even considered ECT (electric shock therapy) but I’m afraid it will be a waste of time and money. Please, someone just help me with advice on this. I know this comes across as extremely negative and I apologize for that. I just don’t have anyone to discuss this with.

    • Hi Mary, you really need to connect with others who have these abilities, as I understand each individual has been brought up with different beliefs etc that may affect the way we perceive these types of abilities. Yes, it is hard being a sensitive, but I don’t see it as a curse personally. Individuals are given abilities for a reason (some artistic, some intellectual, some psychically attuned) and that is what we are here to learn and share with others. I’d suggest seeking out a spiritualist church and sharing your experiences. Feeling alienated and different, and keeping it bottled up, just compounds things.

      • Wow reading this is uncanny, it’s like you’re describing me!

        After years of depression and confusion and anxiety where I tried to hide behind drugs and booze to try and block it all out as everyone told me I was too sensitive or imagining things, thus I spent my life thinking there was something wrong with me, I eventually went to therapy, realised they were just people who were different to me, so stopped the drugs and booze which lead to it all getting much stronger.

        I then just cut out the people who were negative about it, or just chose whom I shared my feelings and precognition with, no longer needing to explain my choices to those who would never understand.

        I’m curious about events now rather than freaked out by them and learning to trust my gut more. What’s even weirder is I can smell spirits that no-one else in the room can smell, and I can smell if a person is a good or bad person. Maybe I was a dog in a previous life! 😉

    • For myself, I find that learning to control it and understand it help a great deal. ECT will NOT help. Find others who can help you and support you. The more you know, and understand, the easier it becomes to accept this part of you.

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  55. I ran across this blog due to a friend of mine. This is totally me. Never talked to anyone that actually had this sense and stayed away from people that claimed they had it. Also never had a name for it. Until the last few years I resisted it and tried everything to get away from it, I now co-exist with it for the most part…. I dream things that happen, I knew my mom had breast cancer 3 months before her diagnosis through a dream, also dreamed my dad’s face at the time of his death also months before he passed…. Only two of the many many things that I can describe. Also I was a very sensitive child, called over-sensitive etc… It has not been a very positive thing in my life but working on it. However I can tell you that I never ever go against my gut feelings anymore. I can pick up items and feel stuff about people, especially people that I am close to. I can walk in anyone’s house and feel the things that have gone on. Try house shopping with that one… Yikes! Anyway glad you are out there and that I am not alone… Thank you!

  56. I feel like I’m in a different ball park so to speak. I’m always giving out warnings to people whom in turn don’t heed the advice I give. Time and time again they get tired of hearing me say “I told you so” like I am a know it all. I have the gut feeling on a daily basis of what they need to do and i cant tell them what is going on in their lives and around them and not even know them. But sure enough I’m right. I can’t feel the emotions of them and the parties involved and i get anxious and headaches and physically ill and I get that gnawing of knowing what will happen and I tell them what they should do and I tel them “mark my words” and boom it unfolds and them I’m the bad guy. I purposely stay at home alone just so I don’t have to be subject to anyone’s disappointment anymore. Except for my kids, they still have to deal with me lol 🙂 The hardest part is, I can’t help myself with my own gift.

  57. I truly understand everything that is on this blog..I have been like this since a child..Started out seeing ghost, friends and people I never meet, I would tell my mother she said I was crazy and not to be thinking those things, so I never told her again and then I always notice people drawn to me telling me there problems or I would see people and feel there pain, really sad feelings, at times I hated it because I would go home and feel so drained it would nock me into a sad and drained stage..It still happens, I always worry about people and wanting to help them and do not like drama that’s like worst enemy scary but true..the one thing I do know, I never have drama. its the people around me that bring it around me and I always try and fix it so it does not rub on me, because it will really make me super sick and weak, I hate the feelings that I go through when this happens but I have learn how to fix it..Just remember you will always have things come your way because it part of life. You just have to be able to channel it out or work around it..The only person you should help to the outmost is your children because you will have one of them have the same thing you have. once you know start talking to them about it and explain that’s its ok to feel those things and what they need to do when it happen..I had six kids out of my six kids three of them have it completely and the other three do but does not effect them as much as the three that do..This gift is beautiful and at the same time hard to understand and it will take the person around half of there life to figure it out..So if you have kids or someone young that is going through this help them understand what they are feeling so they don’t think they are not right in the mind..trust me you will feel so good about doing this and it helps you energize your soul and your day will go beautiful..I can go on and on..I have had many experience in my life time am in my mid 40s and feel happy to tell everyone that am at my happy medium and know how to handle the emtions don’t get me wrong there day’s that am super drained but I coupe with it..good luck

  58. I feel like I can predict the future I get this feelings that something it’s going to happen and when it happens I already knew that it was going to happend if you know what I mean. It bothers me a lot I wish I didn’t had/have this feelings because they don’t really benefit me they usually stress me out when I get them because I don’t want to think about it I try to ignore it but I can’t and when it happens they harm me, so it’s like I can only predict when bad things are going to happen to me. Please help me I don’t know what to do, I also suffer from ocd

    • Hi Will
      Honestly, it is hard for me to give advice, as I have never felt stressed about my intuitive abilities. The closest prediction that affected was one day driving along, and I saw myself losing control and heading straight into a pole! I have to admit I was feeling very much in a bad dark way at the time, and wondered when I saw this if it was me wanting to happen because I was so sad. I didn’t know it was going to happen, or when, and then a few months later, I lost control of my steering, and veered straight over a pole and nearly over a ledge. I was in one piece, but freaked out!! Then I connected the dots vision and reality. There is a reason why I don’t watch the news or surround myself with too much negative things…why ? because my mind is also rather hyperactive/sensitive and can obsess over and over on some image or thing that has emotionally affected me, or is fearful. I know how powerful our minds are, how we can shape our reality, because of experience in seeing things come to fruition. You need to evaluate where your thoughts are at, and try and find ways to let go of excess emotional energy, reground and find your centre. It’s taken me a while to learn to stay very present, it is easy to obsess over past and future. There are MANY people like you, like me, and once you start connecting with more, it will help with understanding your abilities.

      • yes I know how powerful or minds are and learned about manifesting and the law of attraction. I suffer from ocd and I get this unwanted intrusive thoughts all the time maybe it’s that. Thank you

  59. I am so grateful for this. It has opened my brain to so much of what I’ve felt my life and even more now. I appreciate this truly.
    Thank you, I will be trying your exercises and hope this is a gate for my improvement to understanding my clairscentience.

  60. I’m 35 and this summs up my whole life even to the point of being able to sense spiritual presences, living and non. I can walk into a room and feel the energy, which is really starting to freak me out a bit. After reading this I truly believe I have this gift. You describe me 1000% yet I don’t quite know what to do with it or how to handle it.

    • Yes you do have a gift, and you don’t need to be freaked out about it, you just need to learn to calm yourself when you feel overwhelmed – trust me it takes time, I am 36 and still learning. I understand what it is like to feel all these sensations, emotions and not know sometimes even how to describe them! People like us, draw people to us like magnets, we only have to Be and we impact people with our lovely energy. x

      • I have to add another dimension to this for you. All of these sensations I have experienced become more intensified since I started answering a call to the Priesthood and visiting various monasteries this spring. (I would think monasteries are heightened locations for spiritual activity.) I had my first spiritual reading at a monastery. I could feel several presences in the room at the same time and there were just three of us physically present. It was actually exhausting.The people that I have interviewed with have confirmed that the calling is there, and ever since I discovered it things have literally fallen in place for it to happen. Now if I could understand how the Clairsentience comes into the picture. I believe it is meant to help people. I described how I will sometimes get a reading of a person’s spiritual state to a Priest and when I described what happens the Priest the chills because he has had similar experiences, and he didn’t understand how I could know that about him. I didn’t really know that about him per say I was just telling him about me, but he opened up. It was an experience for sure.

  61. Wow what an insight. Thank you so much! You summed it up so well. Yes people acuse me all the time of being way to sensitive but I didn’t know they weren’t able to feel what I did. I spend some time sitting in circle but that wasn’t right for me. I found my own way. I always felt as I can see people’s beauty inside! It’s fantastic. I also knew when I was seeing someone for the last time. My cousin past and I knew at that last meeting it was last time I’d ever see her. Is this also part and parcel I wondered? Same with nan. Last ever time she should that door I knew it was the last time. But on the bright side. I met a lady. We were drawn together instantly we both knew like we’ve known each other for decades. It was bonkers. She’s my closest friend now and we never looked back! The main thing for me is that I know now I’m different but not insane! Thank you so much x

    • Jana, I am so glad you found some confirmation here with what I wrote :)! haha you aren’t insane, you are special and unique, beautiful and full of light – people are attracted to that and will seek you out because they like being around you. All these things you have mentioned resonate with me. I instantly know my connections with people and being drawn to certain individuals – it is such a blessing!! Thank you for sharing here xoxo

  62. Shana, I’m really greatful for this article, when I was a child I always wanted to know why I am different from my family members. What I embrace about myself is the ability to read emotions and future good/bad motives. This helps me move away from people who might do something to harm me or my loved ones. My husband thinks I’m over-sensitive, we argue always and this tires me down. I get bothered by a very cold spirit that attaches itself wherever I am around the world. At times it taunts my children but the moment it arrives one of them would sneeze, I would move my arm around the nose and immediately sense its freezing cold temperature. No matter how much I pray, it does not want to go away. At times it causes severe nose blockage and would assume it is sinuses. This spirit is triring me down because I have to be highly conscious and this drains my psyche and physical energy. Can you advise of any methods of healing I can use, I really need my energy and happiness back!!!

    • Hi Julie 🙂 I am glad you enjoyed this article. Have you ever been to a spiritualist to see what spirit may be attaching itself to you? it sounds like you might need to do some cleansing work. I am no expert to lingering energies or cleansing of them, but can only sense it. Sao Paulo is a cleansing essential oil, and like to do some smudging every now and then in the house to do a cleansing of stagnant or unwanted energy. I know there are some skilled individuals at http://www.clairbook.com who may be able to advise you further. Julie, I am sending you peace, love and joy xx

  63. Thank you for writting this article… You hit it right on the noise really! I have tried to explain what my gifts are and it’s impossible for me. I am forwarding this article to my Bf. Finally someone that can explain it where I can relate to everything you talked about.

    • Shanna, thanks so much, I’m glad I made some sense of all of this, so others will understand. Sometimes I feel that others may think I’m naive because of the sensitivity, how wrong they are, we are so switched onto stuff! 😉 I really appreciate you sharing. best wishes, Njari

      • Thank you, for responding… I was just reading your article to my friend that’s like us… And she enjoyed it and also answered yes to all. 🙂

  64. Wow, I thought something was wrong with me. I seriously can not be in public places for long periods of time without feeling ill and drained of energy. I don’t see aura’s but I do hear the sounds strung in peoples voices. I can tell when people are lying to me or are being deceptive in some form whatever that may be. I am very empathetic…..Thank you for this information, it is very helpful. Do you know of any way to block your energy from being drained? This is my problem, I can’t go anywhere, I feel like a hermit. I can’t watch the news because it saddens me.

    • Hi Janice
      It is very difficult, especially in close relationships or people around you often (such as work). I can see motives, the underlying reason for what they are saying or doing, etc. I too try to avoid the news, and if someone starts to describe something horrible etc I ask them not too..lol. Do you find yourself re running thing in your head that someone else says, or something you see? I have learnt to try and disconnect, it has gotten easier the older I have gotten, but I have moments where I am so super sensitive, so if something appears just say ‘stop’ to it. I acknowledge myself and feelings, and so if in a busy place, try and take a moment to step away somewhere there is space, and regroup. There are a number of grounding exercises you can do, imagine being surrounded by a bubble or eggshell etc, or invisible cape 🙂 and believe in your own power.I wish there was an easy answer sometimes. I read a really good book in my teens that helped me understand, it was called “Are you really too sensitive”.
      Blessings to you

    • I am the same way. I can read people like a book when I meet them. I know what to tell someone exactly what they need to hear. I let other peoples negativity affect me and I put myself directly in their shoes to the point I get physally tired and damaged from it. I understand people the first time I meet them or talk to them on the phone. I am able to easily connect with strangers to the point that I have to bite my tounge. I can adapt to anyone or any situation with this gift but it also can be a curse because I am unable to control how affects me so much at times. Thank you for your post. I need to learn to use my abilities wisely and figure out how to properly use my gift to the fullest benifit for myself and others.:)

  65. Reading you blog is like being home, about 8 years I finally found myself and begun to understand what being a clairsentient meant, since then everything has become so clear. It’s lovely to read that there are so many beautiful clairsentient people out. To any reading this blog and relates to the readings on all levels, then start to live your life the way you were meant to! Love and Respect who you are and how gifted you are and remember with an open heart anything is possible.

    • Hi Lynette, thank you for finding my small blog, and sharing here your thoughts. It is a challenging gift to have some times, because we pick up so much from all around us. I love connecting with other sensitive souls, and makes me feel less ‘different’ or misunderstood. love and blessings back xo

      • I too am grateful for this post. but can i just say that i feel angry at the world and then at myself, somedays its a struggle to exist.
        is it imagination that i need to embrace to let go of anger an beating myself.
        also how to a cut psychic cords? i really need to do this with one perticular person. sometime i dont know if its a good cord or a bad cord so my gut tells me and its speaks from the point of view of me… my well being. i think we can not heal others unless we can heal our own selvs first. for that we all need love ourselves deeply and truelly! x

      • Hi Delina 🙂 thanks for your words. Why are you angry with yourself? (If you don’t me asking). In the middle part of my current life I beat myself up a lot, sometimes I wanted to physically, because of the pain I felt so emotionally, and the world state. It’s important to be very self aware and find what ones underlying issues are. It’s true our inner and outer world can mirror. Loving yourself, understanding yourself, are paramount. We can be very hard and unforgiving with ourselves sometimes. We release others with love..oh I think I have a cord cutting post on my blog too :). Hugs to you

  66. I do not know if there is a word which describes the range of my being, but clairsentient would be close, and I did not know this until reading your excellent and informative post.

  67. What a great post Njari, so much of what you explain here is true for me as well. The gut feeling and the empathy descriptions at the bottom of the text are very accurate. Thank you 🙂

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