Be Yourself, Everybody Else Is Taken (8 Ways to your Authentic Self)


I’m sure you have all heard the saying “Be yourself, Everybody else is already taken”. We live in a world of expectations, pressures and imposing ideals of what should be important in life, including subliminal and often  in your face messages that make you not feel good about yourself. Essentially we become scared of the consequences of being authentic; these include others judgements and reactions, our personal fears and doubts, or possible  failure and rejection.

How often have you made a decision, do something or say something because you are worried about what someone else may think?

Being authentic is about aspiring to become genuine and true to yourself . It’s a deepening of becoming more of who you are through a conscious effort moment by moment as you journey through your life. I personally think the biggest roadblock to being authentic is Fear. Eventually you will come to the point of, ‘This is who I am, I’m proud of the person I am, I’m not perfect, but I am true to myself’

A couple of things to note, being authentic is NOT…..

  • always knowing what you what to do with your life, or where you are going (I certainly don’t know!)
  • Going to the beat of your own drum and out-casting yourself or thinking you are just special, unique or too cool for school
  • about being totally fearless or being a risk-taker
  • needing to have overcome arduous events in life
  • speaking your mind and telling people what ‘you’ think

Here are 8 things you can consider on your personal journey:

  1. Joy is possible. You have the power everyday to take the gift of joy and allow it to recreate, illuminate and free you in any given moment. No matter what the realities of your life may be, you have the opportunity and choice to infuse and transform it into Joy. Joy energy can create dreams and heal you where it is needed. Becoming more Grateful is one of the keys that creates joy. Even though life can be hard (we all have our stories) you can choose how to respond.
  2. Seek your own Truth. Opinions are just other people’s observations. Believe in your own wisdom and be open to think about your life in new ways. Everything you read is open to your interpretation, so absorb it, think over it, and make your own interpretation. Your truth becomes your beliefs. Be open to possibilities in life, and learn widely from various resources.
  3. Be willing to Transform yourself at your own pace. Life is full of lessons that will test you in all facets of your daily life. Be gentle with yourself and take the time to connect heart, mind and spirit to process events, emotions, and interactions with others. People are always free to give advice, tell you what you should do, but this is your soul journey, it must unfold in your own time, as this is what you are here for.
  4. Get to know yourself better. Excavate your past, and sift through the fragments of your life in order to find your own treasure again. It is never easy to look back and through the memories of experiences – the hurts, the losses, the hates, the failures, the risks – but you need to be able to recognise what has affected you negatively and positively on your life path, in order to move forward. Embrace your scars of life (seen or unseen), and what you have learned from them.
  5. Express yourself and explore your Passions. Journal or collage your dreams, or passions, thoughts. Start finding things that represent who you are. Think big, because this is your life, celebrate who you are and what you represent. If you ever had an idea to do something or a hobby, that you just put aside, now is the time to do it! When I was younger, I gave up on my career dream because I was told it was not a real job and was persuaded out of choosing subjects for school. I found ways later to do what I loved without it being a career.
  6. Rediscover the little things in life, now forgotten, that made you happy or had a special meaning to you. Think about things you liked as a child, the little pleasures you remember – books, movies, toys, trinkets, places, pets, food, holidays, music etc. I still remember a beautiful rose brooch pin with rose scent my nana gave me (it brings so many lovely memories of her). What little things in life are you going to recognise now in your life? Learn to savour these in your life.
  7. Accept Change. In finding more of yourself and the world, sometimes you have to be willing to start over because you are forced to or you choose to. Know that it is never to late to do anything and that transforming fear is one of the biggest hurdles you can jump. Make a conscious choice to let go of the old ways of thinking and acting. Whenever you embark on any new adventure, sometimes you have to let go of the predictable, safe and patterned ways in order to embrace and grow with the new – people, places, passions, pleasures and predicaments.
  8. Embrace conscious Choices and trust your instincts; this empowering and creative act is what being authentic is about. Unconscious choice is where we sacrifice ourselves for that of someone or something else, and is effectively not being true to yourself. Trust in your inner compass, for it will lead you where you are supposed to go.


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    • Thank you you very much 🙂 I think sometimes it takes courage to be true to yourself, and follow your dreams, which you have literally done!! I hope to check out your books soon, it sounds amazing and it couldn’t be better timed universally :)!!

  1. Awesome! So interesting, I had been pondering similar thoughts this morning and for the last few days. I’ll have to take a few minutes to write down what those were so you can see 😉 Have a great day dear Lotus sister.

    • Thanks :). My mind told me to write this when I was trying to sleep. As usual, the blog writes itself, but I think I needed to remind myself. There’s an unconscious message in my dreams about letting go, but it is more so Fear. I’d love to hear your thoughts!! much love Lotus sister. xo

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