Journey to Spirit (Part 6) – Abadiania, Brazil


The remainder of our Aussies (from Western Australia , New South Wales and Victoria) have arrived at Abadiania, as they too endured the delays caused by the Chilean volcano. They are beautiful souls and it’s an immediate connection.  We spent the morning having breakfast with one another and then Sherril and I went to the Casa to peel a tub of pumpkins for the blessed soup which would be enjoyed over the next three days.

After buying some blessed water, we get a taxi as a group to Casa de Sopa, a project requested by Dr Augusto. It was built with clear instructions – it was not to be a place to feed the poor, but a place where anyone who is hungry can get nourishment. In addition to providing food, it is also involved in helping local children and their families. We took along donations of nappies, and had a tour of the stores (it stocked clothing, blankets, toys and school items).  Afterwards, we sat down at the long tables to enjoy soup, bread, coffee and biscuits with the locals. The light, open aired room was full of woman, children and men of all statuses.

Once again, it is a beautiful cloudless and sunny day in Abadiania. I adore this weather, but because of the spiritual interventions I have endured, I must shield myself with an umbrella or hat as my energy needs to be contained. Whilst the remainder of my soul pod make their way to the sacred waterfall, I prepare myself for another week at Casa and get my ‘whites’ organised. Friday is also Medium Joao’s birthday so there will be a big party near the Casa – they have built a wooden tower which will be used for fireworks, and tents, stage and various musicians will be arranged.

Casa Day (Morning)

It’s an early start today, as it is very busy. This small area is filled with bus loads of Brazilians who have travelled 30-40 hours to visit the Casa, and partake in the birthday celebrations.

Sherril and I enjoyed a crystal bed session ( I was in room 2) and afterwards felt incredibly fuzzy and scattered like my whole energy body is vibrating. We were meant to go into current but the main hall is so jam packed. Sherril ends up holding me (as I have no balance) until we find a bit of the stage to sit on. I was overwhelmed energetically and by the room of emotion and Sherril was in tears – our energy was wide open after the crystal session.

My guide Ann finds me and takes me into the infirmary or recovery room at the Casa – it is generally used for people who have had visible intervention (surgery) or are overwhelmed by energy and need to recover. It feels incredibly peaceful in here and I am placed into a bed with my eyes shut. It smells like fresh roses in here, and has feminine energy. I am told it is Mary’s room. It felt like I was there for about 15 minutes before I was given some blessed water and then taken by Ann to see the Entity again. He told me I needed another operation (this would occur in the afternoon). At lunch we realised that all but two of us were going to have interventions.

Casa Day (Afternoon)

We headed back in the early afternoon to get a seat ready to be called for operations. As I sat in the main hall waiting, I went into a trance – I could see everything around me but I was in a different brainwave and I could feel hot and cold pins and needles all over my body! The Casa filled up quickly and when the operation line was called, Ann helped me up. A man in a wheelchair refused to move and I had to climb over him to get out it was so busy. I went from zen to an eruption of tears instantly. As I entered the surgery room, I felt a cool air and anaesthetic smell. I received my script by entity and placed it on my lap. I sensed how crowed the room was, and a baby was crying. During the invisible surgery I felt what appeared to be a knife down my lower back. Ann helped me out and I sat on a  bench outside as she went off to obtain my capsules. Sitting there alone, I burst into tears (without conscious emotion) and continued to weep. A lovely Brazilian woman put her hand to my head and kissed my forehead.

It was going to be another 24 hours in bed for me…where I felt burning feet and legs – apparently a good sign. I slept well on and off for the entire time with no contact or stimulation of any kind.

When we were all recovered from operations we met up at Frutti’s for our favourite juices and got to know each other better ( I’m still hanging for an Acai pudding at Frutti’s, which comes with banana, molasses and mango cream). Later we meandered for a nightcap further down the road; a delicious Dandelion coffee at Grainne’s Cafe Central – famous for their chocolate gooey cookies. Whilst there, a group of 10 or so Judo students and their teacher stopped out front on the road and gave us a demonstration. They were seeking donations (spending money) for a tournament in Rio. Apparently Medium Joao was paying for all their airfares.

Friday Casa Experience

Today is to be my first experience in Current, but because it was Joao’s birthday, things were delayed in getting started and so my plans changed a little. A special military band had come to play for Joao, and he passed me with his volunteers, to hear the huge tubas and trumpets in his honour. One song played was the Bee Gees “How deep is your Love”. My legs were sore after waiting and standing that I decided to take a taxi back to the pousada and attempt Casa in the afternoon. I enjoyed the time writing in the dining room, skyping with a friend and enjoying the warmth of a Brazilian day. A lovely girl called Amy from the US, approached me when I was sitting at the table and told me  I was a beautiful person with a beautiful heart. Even though we’d never really spoken, this place is like that, you can talk from the heart with no ulterior motives – just Love.


Arriving in the afternoon, four of us joined the current for the 2pm session. Even though it is hard to sit in the wooden bench seats for so long, I did my best to give my energy to all the people passing through the door on their way to see the Entity. Often as people passed I could see flashes of darkness around some or vibrant light, all with my eyes shut of course. Grainne led our current session, motivating us with beautiful words among the music. There were times I felt like putting my hand up to leave and go to the bathroom, relieve my legs (as I was aching all over), but I didn’t want to disappoint myself or let the medium or others down. So I endured this meditation, and thought about Medium Joao, how for 54 years he has sacrificed himself as an unconscious medium to sit for hours on end to help others. I listened as hundreds of people come through the lines. Buses of people from all over the country , often poor, who have made an arduous trip here to see the Entity.

When we finally come out of current, it was 7pm at night and quite dark and the birthday festivities for Medium Joao had already started. Even though I had just spent 5 hours in meditation, I felt oddly energised despite the initial disorientation. I went back to the Pousada for dinner and change of clothes, then headed down to the party. It was so crowded and quite hard for me to stand without support. After some guidance from another, we took photos and captured the magic of spiritual orbs evidently celebrating Joao’s big day too. As the flash went off, I could see the glitter of energy reflect back.

This is just to show you an example of a photograph by a friend of mine,(no orbs showing) yet in my photos above there are Orbs 🙂

After watching the formalities, a couple of us decided to head to Frutti’s and repose a little. More and more people we knew joined our table and it was a lot of fun. I enjoyed a Acai double drink with acai, cashew nut, cane sugar, coconut and mineral water. After a big day, I was so tired, and literally crashed once my head hit the pillow. I slept so well.

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An Orb-tal Misty Morning in Abadiania

It’s a Brazilian Life


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  4. Hi James, thank you! I still have some incredible things to add to my blog that I experienced on this Brasil trip (lights in the sky, manifestation etc) but the Orbs have been something really special. I had never captured orbs in any photo until I went to Brasil. Since then they are everywhere! I will do a blog piece soon on them, because I have some amazing photographs to share.

    • Thank you for letting me know this, I am looking forward to seeing more of your photographs and reading of your continued spiritual journey – such a wonderful blog.

      • Thanks, I actually went last July, but it took a while to digest such a spiritual journey, and to find the right words :). Have you been to Abadiania?

  5. Thank you for sharing your amazing story. I am commenting because I have never seen orbs before in a photograph – very unique and inspiring, and makes me wonder!

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