Dream & Vision Recorder


Here I’m recording some prominent dreams or visions I have experienced over the years, for my own reference, but also as a prompt to listen to your own dreams and what they may mean to you.

Firstly here are some steps to record and remember or even induce dreams:

1. Make a conscious decision to remember your dreams
2. Have a pen and pad in easy reach to record your dreams or even use your phone to record verbally
3. Get enough adequate sleep on a consistent basis, too little sleep can limit the number of dreams and ability to remember them
4. Think about something ( a problem, creative or emotional) before sleeping, as dreaming can open the door to answers or insights
5. Stay where you are in bed when you wake up recalling a dream, try to remember what you can
6. Jot down anything that may come during the day, I often get images and parts of dreams come at other times of the day, after visual prompts
7. I have found in the past that little rituals you create before sleep can in fact help induce dreams about certain things
8. How you feel in a dream is the most important interpreter, I rarely use a dream decoder, because different symbols mean different things to people. Trust yourself, or maybe someone close to you can help you.

Recorded on 18/11/96 (recurring dream)

I’m not sure if most people have, but many people get recurring dreams from time to time and their purpose  serves to teach you something. The message may be so important or powerful that you have the same dream over and over until you take notice of it. In my view I think it may highlight a personal weakness, fear or inability to cope with something past or present. From my personal experience there were big gaps in time between  my recurring dream, and it’s quite extraordinary that it gets repeated identically, so much so I’m aware of what happens when I’m dreaming.

So here I’m sharing one of mine; one which I nolonger see repeated. Warning it is a little confronting and graphic!

I was in another time, it is a primitive period beyond where I live now. The people are from an asiatic culture.

I’m seeing a fight. All the people are strong and dominating looking. I can see a platform where everyone can attend and view this ancient gladiator like hand to hand combat fight between a local warrior and a foreigner. It is held amongst all the sombre market-like chaos full of hoards of people.

The fight begins and the local warrior is quite frightening,  he has switched as if by a supernatural force and begins to accumulate these powers, manifesting into a beast with horns, like he is a buffalo or element of this animal. I feel I have seen this before, it’s déjà vu for me, but I cannot remember how it all works out in the end. I’m scared, I feel he is using his powers against the opponent and instead of physical fists and blows, he is striking from within. It is like he is trying to split him from the inside. I run away so scared. I run to a balcony (which is more of this time). I look over the balcony. The opponent from the fight walks past, he survived  and looks fine; naturally I’m quite surprised! He walks in a self assured manner and thankful – he swears in relief. The local warrior now approaches from behind, he is angry and in a strong angered voice he explodes into a rage because of what the opponent has said.

I realise what is happening now, I remember this time. I run far away to another balcony. I know the opponent is destroyed and his remains now cover the balcony I was previously at. I feel nauseous, so sick in the stomach and so scared. I’m doubled over the balcony in the darkness. Earlier in the dream I remember a horizontal totem like pole consisting of heads. I remember seeing an older man, an indian warrior with all the leather and beading, a middle aged man and a boy.

UFO/Alien dreams

With a history of sightings on my mother’s family side, there is little wonder I have an interest and see things regularly in my dreams.


I see a book it’s called ” The 3 worlds, the sun and the spaceman” by ….Walters. Flying the through the three worlds I see ours healthy and the others destroyed/sick.


I saw UFO’s and aliens. They were so peaceful, one had a name, in which he told me, and he was grey/red like. There were two; one tall and one shorter; I felt one was older. They were Healers.  There are many different looking beings too. They did speak of pollution on a planet, and they spoke with much wisdom. They also said their were good and bad beings in existence.


Seeing UFO’s and aliens again. He looks familiar to me,  and I ask him, “What is going to be happening for me?” and he simply says “You already know”. Whilst there were many UFO’s around me, only I could see them. The UFO was surrounded by golden white light.

This is actually a very good image I found online of what was similar to that of my dreams. It’s an example of what was purported to be seen in the Rendlesham Forest Incident in 1980 in Suffolk, England.


I saw UFO’s but I don’t know where I was, although my mum and sister were with me. The sky was strange and when I saw the UFO’s I was frozen, I couldn’t talk, nothing would come out of my mouth… I was too excited. There were three of them, they were going in all directions then simply disappeared.

Miscellaneous dreams


I was near a forest, close to the coast and sea. There were a few of us white people, and native indians who were coming to get us. One young indian, who was very handsome, grabbed my hand and brought me to safety from the cliff area. I go back to the tribal area, to the indian dwelling where I see ceremonial amulets and jewellery, but was not allowed to touch them. I sat with the older woman, in a tipi, where they showed me pieces of ancient egyptian cloth (it was a message about how we have always been connected on earth, one culture to another). One elder asked me if I knew the name of my guardian angel. All I said was “Zirachey”. I told them how spiritual I am, and how at peace and at one with them I was.


A world encompassed by water, I was riding on water (a propeller type hover vehicle) surrounded by aquatic buildings. I remember asking about this world and I was told something like ” If you went north and recorded what was happening it was the future, but if you came back with that it couldn’t co-exist here”.


Dreamed of the goddess Isis, and a past life connection with someone connected to me.  Past life = monk. I see a spiralling blue light emanating around me.


Having acquired a beautiful peace of Fluorite crystal I went on a visualisation journey with it in meditation. I began walking on earth, but it was very cracked and dry, and I fell through to a cave with firedrakes who showed me the way to a crystal cave where I picked up a gift, a red pouch  ( inside is a pin with a red stone and the elemental cross). I was met by a female deity who was fair ( like the Celtic Brigit) and discovered that my quest was of self truth and my true path. When she morphed into a flurry of white, then into an owl, I was lifted by the winds and into the sky and stormy clouds where I merged with their protective energies.


Dreamed of Pegasus. This beautiful winged horse was white, noticeably strong in stature and had the most beautiful golden illuminated wings. I was in awe of this being, and we had a conversation. No one else could see him. Upon departure, he flew straight up into the skies…

Feb 2o12

I see a beautiful grey horse which is graceful to all who see it, it walks every day and beautiful music surrounds it, yet others don’t see and are oblivious it is exploited (used) and hurt. I see it, something is not right in its back and it compensates. It walks onwards around everyone, carrying onwards regardless.But on it’s back I see it now, two spikes put in by purpose into and around it’s lower spine causing pain. Only a few are aware of what is going on, and we work together to uncover and reveal the cause.

First we have the horse, my totem, and the back where I do have problems in the spine. I still have pain and discomfort from time to time and walk around bearing a great deal of discomfort, stress in the body that no one would ever know.


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  1. Wow, your dreams are very interesting. You asked me about channeling, dreams are one of the best way to channel information 🙂 but you know this. Most people don’t realize they are being given information in their dreams by a wide range of entities and then when something happens in their waking life that resembles the dream they freak out. Your dreams are packed full of information and they did it gently :).

    • Yes, well these are just some very early ones that I found, but I’ve written about some on my blog and the message I got from them. It’s become easier to understand and interpret them now. In fact last night I had one and I said to myself in my dream “This is about Letting Go”. So even when dreaming I’m aware of the message. Sometimes I see things in my dream or have spiritual experiences to ease me into things, a gentle integration as you say 🙂

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