Let Yourself Feel Sad Sometimes – It’s OK


From time to time when I have to face things about my less than perfect health, it can get to me emotionally and I need to cry a lot, and I yearn to have someone who can embrace me and tell me I am safe and loved.  The one thing that is important about this is the ability to give myself permission to stop being so strong, and just allow myself to let tears flow…. it’s okay to wish that my current condition wasn’t apart of my life, or that I have lost something that is precious in life. It doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate all of the amazing things or people around me, or negate my realisation that things could be far worse. I have suffered for 5 years already, and the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional journey I have taken has been mostly in a  positive, graceful and courageous manner already.

But ..for today, I’ll be sad a little.

And tomorrow I will kick arse once more…

So it’s important that I share this message with you. We all have days where we wake up and feel a little sensitive or off? Everybody has a unique story or situation that has shaped them in their life, and it’s natural to feel emotions. Maybe it is grief, sadness, disappointment, hurt, rejection, vulnerability or fear?

But you know what?

It is truly okay. 

Everybody has days like this. We are here to explore and grow from our experience in life. As a valuable human being it is your right, and your duty, to express yourself honestly and openly. Most importantly forgive yourself.

Sometimes instead of eating food (For me a little piece of dark chocolate), writing it out (which is what I tend to do at times), or trying to think positive thoughts (which are great), I will choose to SIT with it, and really FEEL it, because it needs to get out and run it’s course from the body. It’s not healthy to not face the feelings, acknowledge them, or explore them. Emotional armouring  will make them manifest later in one way or another or be stored in your organs, and that causes more dis-ease. We often block trauma with the mind but hold emotions in the body. So the mind moves on but our bodies don’t.

So…Ride it out…..spend a day or two, to get it out of your system… express it as healthily and appropriately possible …cry, talk about it, write it, hugs someone, use EFT, cuddle the cat, exercise, squeeze your pillow, practice breathing, get a massage, or perhaps be with nature….Then when you are done, wake up the next day, with a new outlook, and start from scratch with your positive attitude again. Remember that in each life some rain must fall. Rain is necessary for growth, and goes hand in hand for nature to exist. It cleanses and renews.


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  1. Dear Njari, i tend to agree with you, except my stance toward sadness is probably somewhat different than yours. I engage my sadness in an active manner, i seek for it, i almost yearn for it! Why? Because i’m at my strongest in these moments! No stronger person than those who embrace their true feelings, at least the ones from the heart. And sadness can be so overwhelming, just as an opposite feeling like love can be overwhelming. Once i had learned that those two feelings are one, love in an external way, having multiplicity towards other persons, and sadness being the solely version, i realized that i had to embrace this feeling, more than other feelings, to stay in touch with ME. So, i can only offer you this advice: be sad and enjoy it! Much love, Jeroen

    • Dear Jeroen
      I knew you would possibly be the first to respond to this :)topic. I’ve been to the depths of sadness in my life, to the uttermost bottom pit, that people close would not know – it was a long time ago, but it prepared me for the NOW. I had to embrace it, I had to feel it, it was only through the strength of that, that I was able to climb out of it. There’s a sense of peace to finally meet those emotions at the opposite end of the scale. I totally understand your energy 🙂 and there is no wrong in gaining strength through whatever feeling you need to be you, on this journey, in this life. Much Love to you too, and thank you for your comments, I love to read them. xo

    • Thanks B 🙂 these are the words that had to come out, for me and for others. I know you understand the deep message of this and where I’m coming from too. From my soul to your soul, much love and gratitude xo

  2. So true, and although your earlier message in the day had given some inspiration to write what I did, I think that you are definitely right when saying that sometimes it’s ok not to be strong and to take a moment to just Be. Sending you big HUGS and lots of Love.

    • Dear Lotus Sister, you know, I read your blog, and felt that you gained inspiration from what I wrote and the energetic message attached to my status. Sending you equally abundant love and hugs from south to north hemisphere. xo

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