Emotional Talismans


Do you have any emotional talismans? 

Have you ever created something with symbol or meaning being put into it?

In the ancient world, where people had limited ability to read or write, carrying talismans was a way to carry knowledge with them. Objects were carefully carved with symbols to demonstrate wisdom, and those who could understand their messages would be forever protected.

The world is full of symbolism. Talismans were made to attract some specific benefits, however it was not the object just itself, but the process of the imbuing object with messages and directing energy into it. Ancient wisdom  infers a belief of the world being a reflection of the divine.  So animals, plants, humans, natural phenomena were all keys to unlock universal truths. Some of the most common talismans were symbols of animals, flowers, gemstones etc.

Having always held such connection and reverence to earth, I have collected little things here or there…shells, feathers, rocks, natural quartz, acorns, pods etc. 

This is mine. I was about 16, when I found a beautiful smooth piece of driftwood washed up on a Northern Territory beach, and I had a vision of it like the top of a Druid’s staff. So I decided I was going to imbue this sacred earth object with the message of love and peace. I anointed it with special essential oil, carefully matching it to  universal symbols of the sea – Neptune, Pisces and number 7, and inscribed it with runic text, and symbols accordingly reflecting my emotional intent.

I have held this object now for 19 years. Some may see it as a stick, but to me it is an emotional talisman reflecting an ancient old connection to earth, and my desire for it to be filled with love and peace.

On another occasion, I once found an old shell which I took home and carved ancient glyphs on it, and channelled my loving energy into it. I then took this shell back to the beach and placed it lovingly on the sand as  a gift. In return I was blessed with finding 5 large and unusual shells – normally there few shells on the beach.

Sometimes I really do feel from ancient times, and places….


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