Dreams of Disappointment


In the early hours of this morning I woke myself up with tears streaming down my face, and without any breath. I was having a physical episode, one well familiar from my early twenties, where in an emotionally traumatic situation I would have an anxiety attack where I couldn’t breathe anymore, my whole being in shock. But this was only a dream! Yet my breathing was laboured, and gasping in short bursts of oxygen, and my nose blocked. This dream story bore me a message to let go of ‘Disappointment’.

I realise this pattern has resounded from an early age. Herein lies a lesson that I am finally exploring right now. Subconscious and Conscious have collided. They say that to wake with tears of emotion from a dream means that something deeply buried within has finally surfaced and is now being released. I understand now that Disappointment is disempowering, it is fear based, and under the stress of life’s pressures, or when we get deeply attached to something outside of ourselves we lose sight of our inner self. We have lost our own power.

Disappointment really has nothing to do with other people, places, or circumstances – though when we have lost our power, our hope or faith, we often think it does. The fact is, disappointment originates from ourselves, it is a emotional feeling response to ‘Expectation’ which joins hands with ‘Disappointment’. When we attach ourselves to expectation, disappointment is inevitable. Finding a new paradigm for expectation or aligning ourselves vibrationally is the key.

Expectation is a double edged sword – it can bring excitement and joy to life  and it can also bring anxiety. This is all Ego related by the way. For expectation is also a pattern based on previous events and their outcomes, and if you’ve had some bad ones, well you are probably (like me) already carrying deep within you a vibrational  pattern which is likely to attract the same outcome. Repeated disappointment may be the result of a pattern of faulty thinking. If you are frequently disappointed, evaluate what you are thinking and try to change faulty thinking patterns.

If you’ve ever studied the teachings of Abraham Hicks, you will understand that expectation and disappointment are discussed often in the Laws of Attraction. I think the disappointment may start to dissolve from your feelings when you realise and hone in on two things that Abraham repeatedly states -1.  That there is no competition — and there is no lack.
One person’s getting an opportunity does not mean that we are deprived of the opportunity for ourselves. We live in a universe of abundance. 2. What you are seeking is also seeking you (I discovered this phrase in my early 20’s) – It takes off the pressure  to “force something into your life”, because it tells you that whatever didn’t come into your life is not seeking you.  You can start to see things coming into your life that you didn’t know existed.

So what if you are trying to make a change in the positive direction, be it health, money, career or even relationships? What if you have made momentum, yet there is that inner dialogue saying “I know this is going to work out for me, even though it hasn’t worked or happened yet?”.

Abraham says “You see, from your point of disappointment, you are attracting more to be disappointed about…An understanding of the process of creation is really the best way. That is the value of the Creative Workshop, of getting happy, and then going to a place where you see it as you are wanting it to be; seeing it until you are believing it so clearly that it is already bringing forth emotion- and from that state of Being, you will attract it as you want it to be.

Disappointment is communication from your Inner Being letting you know that that which you are focused upon is not what you want. If you are sensitive to the way that you are feeling, then the disappointment itself will let you know that what you are thinking about is not what you want to experience.” Esther & Jerry Hicks (The Law Of Attraction)

In essence, it is an indicator that you are not a vibrational match to the desire you hold. With all negative emotions, you are activating a thought that doesn’t match your desire. It is so constant within you, it’s what you believe, and is in opposition to what you want right now. Everything that you want is flowing to you. If it isn’t unfolding as you want, well maybe there is something you want that you cannot see. You are taking score too soon, amplifying what that ‘lack’ is. You are trying to justify having it by describing what it’s like without it, and in doing so, you are actually continuing to be stuck in the vibration of not having it.

To obtain vibrational alignment, you have to consistently keep the faith, focus upon what you want, and speak about it in ways that make you feel good about it. Disappointment, anger or frustration mean you are headed in the wrong direction. Feelings like hope or elation mean you are going in the right direction.

Abraham says “Here is an easy way to understand this: You do not set your radio dial to 630 AM expecting to hear what is being broadcast on 98.7 FM. You know that the frequencies have to match up. We can feel that your vibrational frequency is set on ‘it’s not happening.’ Meanwhile, your desire is set to, ‘I really want this and I believe that I deserve for it to happen.’ So there is a contradiction happening vibrationally within you that needs to be soothed. Many people don’t realize when they’re making progress because quite a bit of vibrational alignment takes place before the physical evidence shows.”

So you have to change your thinking or attitude.

Learn to be in the Now.

Love the journey you are on and be aware of how you are feeling.

If you do have expectations – widen them, be open to learning from experiences.

There could be something better in store for you!


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  1. This is a beautiful post and one I can relate to. I have often thought about how difficult it is to sit on the knife’s edge; to throw one’s self into an endeavour wholehearterly while not getting attached to the outcome. Thank you for sharing and for your insights. Kim

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