The Secret Life of Me#2 – Born on a Moon Day


Attempted to be aborted through anothers heartache, she was eventually born on on a moon day – blue eyed, white haired, and taken away from her mother due to being very ill. Her legs have always been like the beauty and the beast. Her hips were twisted and they wanted to break every bone and reset them. Her mother fought for alternatives. She still has her little aluminum splint. Sensitive, and pensive soul seeing and feeling everything around her. She was gifted at drawing, and they were always horses and women in bodiced gowns. She was frightened of the dark, as she felt she was being touched, and the darkness made shapes and shadows turn into things. But oh how she loved the earth and nature – her father influenced her with nature shows and she explored cultural north Australian lands. But there was this mystery, she always had trouble breathing, would stop breathing abruptly and be raced to hospital. Feeling things around her neck would make her panic. For some reason, like it is significant, she still vividly remembers a childhood dream…upon a 17th century ship in the storm, thrown overboard with others being thrown around in the dark of the night with creatures below, eventually taken by the sea. Again her body fell ill, very sick, it was thought to be cancer but it was a growth on her kidney; she saw friends pass away in the cancer ward. A large scar now adorns her pale body but she wears it with love.

We all have a story…..


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