One Mind, One Heart

One Mind, One Heart

We are each a divine idea expressing through the One Mind in harmonious ways.

We have come together because there is something we need to learn from each other.

We have a purpose in being together.

There is no need to fight this purpose or to blame one another for what is happening.

It is safe for us to work on loving ourselves so that we may benefit and grow from this experience.

We choose to work together to bring harmony into the business at hand and into every area of our own lives.

There is a Divine blending of energies as people work joyfully together, supporting and encouraging each other in ways that are fulfilling and productive.

We are healthy, happy, loving, joyful, respectful, supportive, productive, and at peace with ourselves and with each other.

The community of human beings on Planet Earth is opening up on a scale that has never been seen before.

New levels of spirituality are connecting us.

We are learning, on a soul level, that we are all one.

I have chosen to incarnate at this time for a reason.

I believe we have chosen on a deep level to be a part of the healing process of the planet.

I remember that every time I think a thought, it goes out from me and connects with like-minded people who are thinking the same thing.

I cannot move to new levels of consciousness if I remain stuck in old judgments, prejudices, guilt, and fear.

As I practice Unconditional Love with respect to myself and others, the entire planet begins to heal.

The world of the future begins now, right here, with all of us.

John Assaraf (via bodymindandsoul)


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