Journey to Spirit (Part 5) – Abadiania, Brazil


I woke up early, and took the quiet early morning road to the Casa with Sherril to have a Crystal bed session we had booked. Each crystal bed room is numbered, and each room is very different energetically. This time I tried room number 2  – and from this point on it became my favourite. I felt SO spaced out, in a good way, that I needed to reground before walking again. Sherril commented that I looked different. I have to say that in generally this place left me totally blissed out, and all my concerns and worries melted away.

After our beautiful auric wash we headed back to the Luz Divina Pousada.  At 11am Selito Jose Dos Santos, a self taught artist, was coming to do a soul painting for Sherril and I. We initially met Selito at Frutti’s, where he is often found, and he is well known by everyone here. He was immediately drawn to me, in particular my eyes, commenting on their beauty when introduced to me.

We meditated for a while until Selito arrived on his zippy motorbike, and walked through the gate in a confident manner – white shirt covered like his palette, full of colours, helmet, oil paints, tiles and a genuinely big smile. We sojourned to the tranquil garden under the shade of a Mango tree, and relaxed.

Selito is an interesting character. He understands English but speaks very little of it, and has the most beautiful childlike energy about him. He would become known to several of us as the gem of Brazil. He would also become my biggest fan and admirer during my time in Abadiania. He has a happy and funny disposition, and is quite often found singing randomly as he paints or if out and about.

Selito is no ordinary artist, he is a spiritual artist who does not use canvases or brushes to create his masterpieces  – which he charges 30 Reis. He uses simply oil paints, white tiles, a rag, his fingers and Spirit, and within 10-15 minutes produces something special and unique to you. To connect with you, he stares at your eyes briefly, as if looking to see something further beyond the physical. Then he goes into a state of creative focus, with liquid precision the paint colours are added, and the image, and symbols, begin to come alive on the tile as your own personal soul story materialises.

According to information I have found, Selito (a former house painter), many years ago fell 57 feet accidently. He survived without injury and was still conscious when medical support arrived. He had no head trauma, but soon after the idea of painting came to him. He just began to paint, and paint, but was not comfortable with brushes, and so soon began using his fingers.  From that point on he began creating meaningful and beautiful nature based paintings that connect to an individual’s soul. Without formal art training, he believes he is guided by spirit guides.

The following video is my second painting being done before I left Abadiania…

My first painting is simply stunning – azure blues, full of waterfalls, trees and two pink love birds sitting in a tree (we call this OOh LA LA and is a sign of love-  Selito confirms this in later meetings in not so many words), a winding path leading to light. Unfortunately Selito is not able to interpret these paintings to us, because if you have spirit surgery you are not able to have any alternative therapies, or intuitive readings for 40 days thereafter. Selito seems to take a fancy to me in this second meeting, and tries to persuade me to go off with him on his motorbike and visit a waterfall.

All our paintings - mine is the first left in top row

After my beautiful painting is completed, Sherril and I casually make our way to Ann’s stunning cottage for a Sunday Chicken Roast lunch. It is a festive affair, with new and old friends gathering to share conversations about the magic of Abadiania, and of faeries, angels, orbs and miracles. All this accompanied by a sumptuous feast of fresh market vegetables – pumpkin, potato, carrot, broccolini, followed by Tapioca dessert with cream, cheese board and chocolate/coconut pastry in the tropical Brazilian surrounds.

This place is so inspiring, filled with energy, and I feel incredibly blessed. After a full belly of lunch, and full heart, I return to my Pousada and lay in the hammock to reverie. Tomorrow, for 10 REIS, Sherril and I will get a manicure (my first) and Ann will give us an orientation on the Casa. There may be a trip to the majestic and blessed waterfall – however I don’t actually feel a kin to this for some reason, nor feel safe going there.

There is a library in the pousada, and I take the book ‘The Help’ from the shelves and begin to read…


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