A Romantics Christmas – Photographic Poetry

A Romantics Christmas – Photographic Poetry

I’ve been dreaming of a white christmas – filled with snow wonder, a magical escape with ice-sparkled days and romantic wood fire nights. I don’t know why, I think it’s been compounded by my sentimental nature, and romantic movies like ‘Love Actually’ and ‘The Holiday’, which resound as favourites, and a feeling of comfort, togetherness and love. Plus, the fact living in the southern hemisphere, Christmas time is always in the Summer – with sweltering warm days and blue skies.

So I dream of being hand in hand with the love of my life, filled with warmth in my heart and spirit, as we gratefully appreciate the ending of one cycle of a year, ready to encounter the next. Days of wrapping  ourselves up and enjoying beautiful coloured city lights, or going out to build a snowman, making angel wings, laughing, slipping, and falling down together. Not to mention,  stealing spontaneous kisses under the mistletoe….

So in the spirit of Christmas and with the heart of a romantic novelist…let me set the mood

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Unlock the door of your heart –
Enter the gentleness within.
Open the window of your soul –
Breathe in the season of miracles.
No matter how far you’ve traveled,
It’s time to come home now,
Where Christmas abounds in love.


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    • Hi V, not I didn’t take the pics unfortunately, we don’t have snow here! and I’ve only seen it twice in my life, 11yo and 31 yo! & never seen it fall. Hence, why I think it would be great to see it at Christmas time 🙂

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