My Soul Weeps


written in December 2002 – into each life some rain must fall…

My Soul weeps for True Love

and I feel so very alone

I don’t know why when I give so much

I still feel very alone

Even now, whilst tender tears flow

and even though so much I’ve grown

I still feel so empty, Alone


2 responses »

  1. Njari! Love’s not about giving, it’s about receiving. When you have to actively give in any relationship, energy is drawn from you. It needs to flow naturally, then the energy flows in two or more directions, and in a positive manner. Still, i loved the poem!

    • Yes, you are right 🙂 but as you can see, I’m far from perfect lol…and was a moment of feeling sorry for myself. Sometimes in giving you can smoother, it shows that I am fearful of loss, but in holding on, things get released, there has to be a balance and flow as you say :). Thank you for reminding me of this, I need to be told, because it’s a pattern I need to change.

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