Who am I to you

We are all here on a journey within, to our true Self. I have always been inwardly guided, and perceptive. I feel things very deeply. When you see someone who is quiet, there is usually a torrent of thoughts going on internally. How others see us, and how we see ourselves is very different sometimes. When I was 17-19 I asked some of my close friends to write some things about how they perceived me, and this is what they wrote:

She walks among the humans

with the appearance of those

around her

But is she?

Is she human?

Perhaps she is

But her spiritual advancement

far surpasses our own

She is out of time

Born to the wrong era

For she is one

who is sensitive to her surroundings

both the physical and metaphysical

people instinctively trust her

and that trust is not misplaced

for I myself

would trust her with my life

But sometimes that trust weights too much

and people take advantage

and she is drained, and must learn

when to stop, and take a break

her veins are her own

and proud of them she is

yet she is willing to listen

to others point of view

and offer calm advice

or help if she feels it necessary

Yet, sometimes

while walking among the humans

her kindness and beauty

appears too perfect

and we mortals anger in jealousy

but only for a moment

for there is no malice in her smile

only softness

and understanding

that smooths ruffled feathers

These are the reasons I ask

is this one human?

but I do not see an answer

for the beauty of her soul

blinds me

and I must be happy

to accept and know her simply

as Njari

My friend

(by Nicole)

Your beauty keeps me in awe

your elegance is most enviable

yet you are timid and scared

let your inhibitions be free

and your innerself be at peace

for you are you

and you are a person who can touch stars

a mystic that is looked upon

wished upon

you too can sparkle

like the stars

(by Emma)

something I drew around the same age

Who am I to you


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