First Kiss

First Kiss

Those who know me well, know how much of a romantic I am. It’s not surprising I wrote about my first moment..

Sometimes you can feel a certain way

or experience something night or day

that makes you change forever

when within you is a wishing well

where the heart’s desires deeply dwell

then magically, all just happens

I could have spoken, but didn’t

I could have asked, but didn’t

instead I just grabbed you ever tight

I gazed at you coyly, a little brief

my hands you held with such belief

that I just fell ever close to you

The music played on endlessly

yet in amidst our slow caresses

I did not hear one song

where I was was where you were

two spirits and hearts astir

in nirvana, and eternal moments

there were faces all around me

some with desire and jealousy

In a way I got off on it too

My lips had never met no other

until ours met, we sought eachothers

I relished in this sensual delight

your hands liked travelling, so smooth

slow, and constant, you did soothe

as I was spellbound, so spoony

What a beautiful serenade we made

clasped in your arms was heavenmade

just thinking of it makes me weak

If I could still the universal time

I would stop it in that aforetime

cause I wish it was neverending

It was Friday, the day of Venus

The day of love and amorous

I certainly burned with passion

Now I have a vivid memory

a momentary romantic story

that I will never forget



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