Soul Groups – Have we met before?

Soul Groups – Have we met before?

What I am about to write or share with you are my beliefs or truths that resonate with me, and I know it maybe challenging for some, but hope you keep an open mind….

Have you ever felt a  connection or instant rapport with someone you have just met for the first time, a bit like you have known them for a long time? You may find yourself finishing their sentences, seemly reading their mind, or mentally thinking the same things, or ideas? Sometimes you feel your communication with them is always connected.

Even the use of the internet has brought soul groups together, so feeling a connection or affinity with someone who you have not yet met or is over the other side of the world is not strange. On a spiritual level, our souls recognise their energy, not their appearance, it is the remembrance locked into your cellular or divine memory. You will meet people at the most opportune times in your life, and not by coincidence, nor by accident. If you feel that is time to meet them, and they too are in readiness, synchronicities will reunite you. You will feel this in your soul. I call these people Kindred Spirits, or may call someone my Soul or Cosmic Sister. Personally, there are a small handful of people I have felt an extraordinary energy with and have experienced what I have written above.

I remember writing in my journal in April and July/August 2002:

“Feeling very, very intuitive at the moment, and able to tune into other people, revelations, I know  people’s motives and vulnerabilities. I have, and feel, a really strong force that makes me also emotional (elated). I feel I am on the right path and that the jigsaw pieces are coming together – very, very spiritual feelings and connection to the other realm. I know people are coming to connect with me, I almost see them in my dreams but I do not know them yet, or I know but not yet met. The universal forces are at work. I know it and I feel it.”

“I feel I am close to meeting someone important to me. I sometimes feel overwhelmed with happiness. I know also I am finding balance and I understand my intuition more. People I have been thinking about, appear when I least expect it, as do answers to questions and thoughts”

People in our lives, or those of our Soul Group or Soul Pod, appear to come into our lives at random, but the truth is our meetings were prearranged between us in the Spiritual Realm long before we incarnated on Earth. All of us belong to a spiritually connected Soul Group -it maybe a small number of souls or much larger -and also includes our Spirit Guides or Teachers.

A Soul Group or Soul Pod is a group of infinite beings of consciousness (intelligentparticles of light and love energy) who we agree to connect with in both the Spiritual Realm and Earth (in physical form) to enable each other to learn a lesson or many lessons. Whilst we are in spirit form we make contracts or agreements to meet our Soul Group to meet at various points in our earth-bound lives (or other place of incarnation, it doesn’t have to be Earth). We have spent many previous incarnations with our Soul Group, and many more to come. Depending on how long we have arranged to be in each other’s lives – some individuals may only play a fleeting but intense role then move on. Life is indeed one big stage play with us playing our leading or support roles, and making choices (free will = how we learn) to decide which path we will take (and there are multiple) and honing our response to experiences we encounter or created by our Soul Group.

Prior to birth or our incarnation, we review the choices of what body, location and the experiences would best suit us, and then make soul contracts with people who will help us along the way in that life.  Everything is carefully considered, including, choice of parents who will be able to offer the lifestyle or circumstances that will aid us in carrying out our life lessons. In the Spiritual Realm training sessions with our counselor guides and Soul Group peers offer a collaborative spiritual effort to prepare us for our next life, with consideration to karma of past deeds, mistakes, achievements, to determine the course of our future lives. The Soul has to consider if it is ready for a new physical life, determine what specific lessons they want to undertake or to advance learning, where to go, who will be in the next life in order to create the best opportunities for goals. This process is known as Life Selection.

You chose your current lifestyle, because you knew it would give you the best chance to learn so many life lessons and to grow spiritually.  At birth, your personality, character, abilities, talents, strengths and weaknesses are already formed.  Your soul enters the body, and connects with the brain and becomes synchronised and learns the brain wave patterns,and learns to work in partnership.  The merging of soul and mind is delicate, and will affect the way you play out your leading role or supporting role.

Michael Newton writes

“At some point prior to birth, the soul will carefully touch and join more fully with the impressionable, developing brain of a baby. When a soul decides to enter a baby, apparently that child has no free choice in accepting or rejecting the soul. At the moment of first entry, chronological time begins for the soul. Depending on the inclinations of the particular soul involved the connection may be made early or late in the mother’s pregnancy. I’ve had cases where souls timed their arrival at the last minute during delivery, but this is unusual. My findings indicate even those souls who join the baby seem to do a lot of travelling outside the mother’s womb during her term”.

“Once birth has taken place, the union of spirit and flesh has been fully solidified into a partnership. The immortal soul then becomes the seat of the perception for the developing human ego. The soul brings a spiritual force which is the heritage of infinite consciousness. Although I have said souls can be confined by a human in trauma, they are never trapped. Besides being at the moment of death, souls may come and go when the body is sleeping, in deep meditation, or under anaesthetic in surgery. The soul’s absences are much longer in cases of coma or severe brain damage”

In recognising our Soul Group members you will often feel drawn, or feel a resonance towards that person which surpasses any emotional connection you could possibly have built up in the short time you have known them. Meeting someone on the same path is different to someone from your Soul Group too. There is a difference in feeling, energy or connection with that person and an awareness you are going through something important together. For example, you may speak the same language spiritually, you see or feel them by their energy, you may mentally connect, or have same thoughts, out of the blue. Your communication (email, phone, face to face) may overlap or  be in tune – you do things at the same time, or pick up your phone as a call or message comes through (this happens often to me!). If they are a Soul Group member the feeling will be mutual; this is no excuse for fixating on someone who clearly does not want to know you or feel the same way!

Have a think about people who have entered your life now or from the past – have they created feelings in you, think about what they may have taught you. It is a feeling in your soul in sensing others, often living in areas not near your home. These are the people who share our journeys as we learn and then move on.

If you want to learn more, the following two books get my highest recommendation. These books offer comfort and reassurance, as well as widen and deepen our view of the universe and our place in it. They put our lives and the importance of our lives in clear perspective.

Journey of Souls – Case Studies of Life Between Lives By Michael Newton

The author is a hypnotherapist who has spent years researching (via his clients) what occurs during the moments just after death via a unique use of hypnosis. Instead of using it for past life regression, the author stumbled upon a way to use hypnosis for having patients describe the process BETWEEN incarnations and the processes leading up to a soul’s incarnation. In great detail, the author provides a composite view taken from numerous hypnosis sessions with multiple clients to give the reader an overarching perspective of what we can expect just after death and during the transition between incarnations. The book provides reassurance and comfort both for those who may have lost loved ones or who simply wonder about the possibilities after death. For those who are still simply testing the hypothesis of life after death as a possibility, this book may provide the needed information to shift attitudes and belief.

Destiny of Souls – Case Studies of Life Between Lives By Michael Newton

The author’s second book delves more into the processes leading up to a souls incarnation. There are chapters covering how a soul decides on a particular body and time period in order to gain in understanding and growth. The book offers a reassuring perspective to those who have recently lost a loved one by providing a believable and clear picture of how those who have recently died make contact with those left behind in order to comfort them. Highly recommended for those seeking a both a deeper understanding of life after death and a wider perspective on the importance of being in the earth!


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  1. This is the ultimate end of man, to find the One which is in him; which is his truth, which is his soul; the key with which he opens the gate of the spiritual life, the heavenly kingdom. ~Rabindranath Tagore obtained from Soul quotes

  2. I wish i could say “yes, i have”. But i haven’t, at least not in the (beautiful) way you describe it. The connections are there, but ever so distant. The void inside stretches out so far. In the far, far distance, beyond the blackness, i see some stars, people like you, to which i must reach out, whiteness draws. Yet the distance stays unbridgeable, the void devours every meaningful utterance of feeling expressed.

    What helps is what i would call a ‘medium’, mwah, that expresses my feelings in ways beyond my reach. Who are in my ‘soul pod’, as you call it. My all time favorite would have to be Sarah McLachlan, again. Some free reflection after her “Full of Grace”:

    The winter inside is cold and bitter
    It’s chilled me to the bone
    I haven’t seen the sun for weeks
    To long too far from home
    I feel just like I’m sinking
    And I claw for solid ground
    I’m pulled down by the undertow
    I never thought I could feel so low
    Oh darkness I feel like letting go
    If all of the strength and all of the courage
    Come and lift me from this place

    And that’s what you do: lift me from this place!

    • Wouldn’t you be surprised if perhaps you were part of my soul pod! There is no randomness in your connections with others, even with me, even if you feel you a void, for there must be light in you, for me to see you, across the ethers in this big wide wide world, and I reflect back to you the light and love that resides in you 🙂 xx

  3. I really enjoyed reading this post. I had been thinking about writing a piece on redefining love or rethinking love and what you wrote here about soul pods is definitely what I am feeling. Well first of all I met you. Even though you are on the other side of the world, I have felt a strong connection to you since we “met”, as though I know you, or have known you for a very long time. More recently, my network of friends has changed quite a bit. I have been meeting like-minded people, kind, passionate, loving, unafraid. I feel such a strong connection to these people in my life. So thank you for your post beautiful Lotus sister. I also much like the new background you chose 😉 Much Love.

    • Thank you beautiful Lotus Sister :). I think we find that the more authentic we are, or the more in tune we become with our essence, the more circumstances or people in our lives also change. I found that when I closed a door to my past relationship, the world became much more brighter, and the more spiritual, loving, inspirational, and caring people entered my life – you being one of these!! I’m so happy you are feeling this too. Much Love to you xx

  4. This so resonates with everything my soul truly believes and understands. I have read both these books, in fact I have bought so many of them to give to friends I have lost count! I have recently enrolled to study past-life regression because I am so fascinated by my inner knowledge that I have lived many lives before. I have people in my life where I absolutely know that we have shared experiences in previous lives, so to study this in-depth will be wonderful.

    I do believe that you don’t actually have to ‘meet’ face to face either to find that connection. Recently there have been times when I have ‘met’ people here on the internet that I have immediately felt an affinity with, and as you have said, this is way beyond the depth and understanding that is possible from the communications we have shared just during this life-time.

    • I feel the same way as you, it resonates so deeply within me, and I keep telling people close to me to read these books, or I want to loan them so they can be comforted and inspired equally :). The course you are enrolled in sounds fantastic, and I know you will learn so much. I’ve had past life regression done, and also seen glimpses in my dreams or connected with a guide through meditation or clairaudience. Whilst reading the books ( no coincidence but more a message of confirmation to me), a cousin had a profound out of body experience whereby he met with the portion of my soul essence in the spirit realm and I reassured him of what was happening, and calmed him down whilst he was having the OBE! it was quite profound, but it was showing me that a part of me is always connected to spirit and that we truly are free, and that my cousin and I even though not close, were also connected :).

      Like you, there are people I have met online that I have had immediate rapport with that go beyond time and space. It’s truly a blessing, and the more we awaken to our true self, the more it unfolds.

  5. This was great. While there are a lot of thoughts about our soul mates being the significant other I’ve realized the my greatist Soul Mate is my mother. Why? Because she’s the only person who really does love me completely unconditionally. She’s the only person who always helped me no matter what. She’s the only person that cares absolutely what I think.

    Sorry maybe I should have just saved this for Mother’s Day. Anyway your post is really great and I think you have a handle on it. Thanks. Keep Blogging. Keep Writing.

    • You are right though, soul mates are not always our significant others, and it is said that our primary or principal soulmate is frequently in our lives as a closely bonded individual, it could be a spouse, it could be brother, sister, best friend, and occasionally a parent.They are like our eternal partners :). How beautiful!! you recognise your soul partner, and enriched by love. Thanks for reading and replying. Much Love.

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