Raindrops – photographic poetry

Raindrops – photographic poetry


you feel more about everything

warmer when there is chill

more pain because of gloominess

more lonely when heartbroken

more comforted because you are cocooned

everything blurs…

senses kick in…the tone of raindrops, the smell of wet earth, the chill, memories and reverie….

Here are some beautiful artful photographic compositions I have found that I hope provide some inspiration and feeling

Image by Paco CT

Image by Ellenm1

Image by EJP Photo

Image by FFrame

Image by Pietrozuco

Image by Kevin Morris

Image by WanderingtheWorld

Image by Daniel Stark

Image by Gaspi *yp

Image by Pedro Pecheco

Image by Stefan

Image by Flythebirdpath

Image by EJP Photo

Image by Grevel

Image by Caneles

Image by ImageMD


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  2. This is an amazing set of photographs :O The first one is definitely my favourite and has provided some inspiration to get out there even more than I do to get taking pictures! Thanks for putting the collection together 🙂

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