Surgery & Comraderie – Journey to Spirit 2011 (Part 4)– Abadiânia, Brazil

Surgery & Comraderie – Journey to Spirit 2011 (Part 4)– Abadiânia, Brazil

It’s 2pm and it’s surgery time! I arrived at the Casa with my guide Ann, and fellow soul pod companion, Sherril, and waited to go into surgery. We entered the main hall, sat down and once again, I immediately burst into tears, as the energy was overwhelming. Sherril fetched me some blessed water to calm me down and it did. When the lines were called for surgery, Ann walks me through all the current and medium rooms and I observe people deep in meditation, eyes shut, and very relaxed. I enter the surgery or blessing room and immediately feel a zephyr of air and smell of psychic anaesthetic – this is evidence of the spirit doctor working in here. I felt very calm, and sat down with hands on my legs, palms facing up and eyes gently closed.

Me and Sherril at the Casa lookout

Whilst sitting there, prayers are recited in Portuguese, and then repeated in English. You are asked if you want a physical or spiritual operation. Physical is when an individual needs to feel or actually be touched (i.e. cut open etc by Joao) and spiritual or invisible is where spirits work through your body and energy, but still cutting and performing a surgery on you. It is said that your soul knows what you need and that if you are asked what kind of surgery you want your hand will either voluntarily raise up or not. As for me I chose a spiritual surgery, so in doing so, I placed my right hand over my heart, and allow spirit to work on my whole being.

I don’t know how long I was sitting there for, time stands still in this place and doesn’t seem to exist. With my prescription in hand and vibrationally charged for me, I await for the surgery to be over. Shakily I move outside after the surgery and get debriefed on the post surgery instructions:

You may feel anesthetised or light headed afterward. You will collect a prescription for a post-operation herb (Passiflora) which has no real benefit; it is the vibration of energy that Entity has placed into them that is of benefit.

Post operation instructions include the following:

  • Do not eat pork, chilli peppers, spicy food, or drink alcohol while taking the herbs.
  • You will be instructed to not engage in sex for 40 days (to conserve all your energy for healing).
  • You will be instructed to stay out of the sun for at least 7 days (to conserve your energy)
  1. You will write your name, home address, country and the pousada where you are staying on a piece of paper and leave it in the basket in the first office. This is so the Spirits can work on you while you are in Abadiania and for one year after you return home.  It is also so they can visit you to remove any stitches.
  2. You will then take a taxi to your Pousada and rest for 24 or more hours. Do not walk. Some people feel exhausted for a 2nd day. Even if you feel fine, remain in bed for 24 hours. Not 15 or 22, but at least 24 hours.
  3. Lay in bed, with your eyes closed. No sun, no lifting, no exercise, no long walks for 8 days, and take it easy for 40 days. So I spend the days walking around with an umbrella to shield myself, along with everyone else. Such a shame to have left the winter of home, to come to tropical weather, yet not able to enjoy it – that would come later though J
  4. We are also unable to leave a large radius of the area in which we are living, known to many as the bubble or vortex. You need to get permission to go outside of the main street.

Whilst waiting outside, Ann collects my prescription and then arranges a taxi back to Luz Divina Pousada. I now rest for 24 hours. Even though I was so tired from days of travelling I still felt very unrested or overtired. After surgery, my entire body ached all over, I felt totally wiped out and my entire legs were on fire, burning. Being in my room for 24 hours to rest, without contact or stimulation was welcomed by me.

After 24 hours I emerged at dinner time, and Ann had bought me one of Frutti’s fabulous Strawberry Shakes. I attempted to face the energy of people around me – it was very difficult – I was so shaky, my energy open and exposed. After some food, I began to feel my grounded again.

Following dinner there was a talk and photographic slideshow of Joao (and incorporation) by Karen Lefner, Joao’s only photographer. It was amazing to see and hear about his life. I enjoyed this, and then had the best night’s sleep ever.


By this stage, my days begin to blur. I begin to learn what truly being in the ‘Now’ actually means. Time doesn’t matter here and my mind is set aside for the soul and heart to operate for maximum healing and experiences in Abadiania. Only Ego (the mind) operates on past and present.

Sherril and I take our time to enjoy the beautiful breakfasts we would become accustomed to – fresh watermelon, payaya, mango, avocado, traditional Brazilian cheese rolls, and beautiful jam. After a leisurely breakfast we walk down the Casa, umbrella’s in hand (we have to remain covered for the next 8 days) and have strict rules in place for diet and activity.

The Casa is open every day, but the sessions with John of God operate Wednesday, Thursday and Friday only. Sherril and I take pieces of paper from the office and write prayers, and wishes, for ourselves, loved ones, friends and family. We enter the main Hall, where we remove our shoes, walk up to the stage and place them in the blessed triangle.  You place your head in the centre of the triangle and your hands touch the outside of it. This sacred triangle is like an interdimensional portal, an energy vortex, and people have been known to feel as if they are sucked into it or that the wall doesn’t exist.

After our blessings we go to the beautiful Casa lookout and meditate. It’s so beautiful here, there are an array of wooden benches here, or just outside of the canopy. It’s a silent area, where you can reflect, or listen to the birds, watch a wandering cow in the fields below and just to Be. Following this a trip to the Casa Bookshop, which is where you can purchase crystal beds, blessed water, buy crystals, books, cds and an array of gifts, all blessed by entity.

On the way back to our Pousada, we stop at Frutti’s – this place is like an institution. We would frequent here 1-2 times each day. My favourite drink at this point is the Strawberry Shake. This place has such an open and friendly ambiance, brightly yellow painted with murals, open aired, and fresh produce. Out the back is like a tropical garden of lush palms, exotic flower trees, and tables with a earthy feel. On certain days they play movies at night for a donation or welcome travellers who wish to share their music. This place is where you get to meet others from all over the world, and catch up with your group. The experience in this small part of town actually reminds me of growing up in a small community. Similarly we didn’t use our mobile phones, and if you wanted to find someone, it usually happened at the right time, or you just ‘knew’ where you would bump into them.

I was humbled by Sherril’s words to me, that I’m an inspiration to her – that every step I take for me is like walking into the unknown. Her demonstrated emotion and care touched me – she said I display such courage. I admit, nobody realises how my very walking is a waking miracle because I refuse to never give up or question what is impossible. The remainder of the day was one of resting, as I felt very tired.

Dinner was shared with my group in the evening. At the moment there are only a few of us, as our remaining Aussies are still stuck in Sydney due to the Chile volcano which has delayed their flights. We adopted an American at Frutti’s; Catherine was travelling alone and like any one new to coming here, you really need a guide and we welcomed her into our Soul Pod.

Topping off this day, we cruised along to Frutti’s for conversation, Keylime pie, and hot chocolate before retiring to bed at 8pm, and slept til 6am.

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  1. Hi siannaphey i couldn’t help but read some of your posts on john of God I wanted to go
    Myself 4yrs ago I had a stroke and I lost all my abilitys. I have come along way using only natural therapys and a strong will to survive because I have to children and a husband that stayed by my side even though I was a stranger to him as my personalty was gone. I am having great success with a special chiropractor here in Perth at the moment and my balance and walking is so much better. I have had to try so many things to find the best healers and so much money. The body workers that worked on me before the chiropractor were amazing I also had psychic energy healing that helped to. Do you mind me asking what happened to you and why you went to john of God.
    Many blessings

    • After 5 years, the closest idea is an acquired immune condition (motor axonopathy) which sees my nervous system and muscles attacked, and disabling them. I have been on a journey like you to various different people, therapies etc, and John Of God was part of that. I did go there to get some inner peace, to try and access and heal the emotional stuff getting in the way of moving forward. My husband left me when I got sick, and I had battled on my own for years. I got the peace I needed to stay strong and find the blessings. I do hope to share my story soon here, when I get the time :). Sorry to hear you have been through so much too. You are very determined too :). I am very strong emotionally but also very sensitive!
      blessings of healing to you 🙂

      • Thankyou for sharing siannphey I hope you get well soon. I finally went to master jung yesterday in Perth he was amazing it helped alot and I’m going for 4 more to see how I feel at the end of five sessions. I will keep you posted.
        many blessings to you

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  6. Beloved Njari … You ARE an absolute inspiration to me. It is incredible to observe you walk, and to understand that for each step you take, you have to focus intently using your thigh muscle to lift that leg off the ground, and then place that foot in front of you on the ground, without the benefit of balance, and without being able to feel that foot touch the ground at all … SO EVERY SINGLE STEP YOU TAKE IS LITERALLY A STEP INTO THE UNKNOWN … AND THAT TAKES TREMENDOUS COURAGE!!! Lots of love, light, healing and hugs from Sherril xxx ooo

    • Dear Sherril
      Thank you so much for your beautiful, encouraging words, but also for being there for me in Brazil, and Argentina. I guess we never know how strong we are until we have no choice to be just that :). I’m never going to give up, or give in, if anything I’m more determined to prove others wrong, prove to myself the power within us, and inspire others.
      Much love, light and healing to you also.
      Big hugs xxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoox

  7. Njari, thanks for sharing this experience with us! I feel so much love and peace emerging from your words, this ‘surgery’ sounds overwhelming, yet the way you describe it is so peaceful. I hope the healing turned out well, and gave you strength and health of mind, body and of course soul!

    • Thank you dear Jeroen, yes the healing work that was undertaken here was so soul deep, and you will glimpse more of it as I write more about it. As I write it, I’m reliving it, because at the time I was noting things down, I was not really there in my mind, but with my heart. much love

  8. Hello, beautiful as always, I am living my experience again but through your eyes, totally lovely and so enriching to read these.
    Much love to you always guiding light xxxK

    • Thanks my soul sister, I share such fond memories our time together, and in particular our early, early morning rise to go to the Abadiania hill in the cool morning, to feel spirit and capture orbs :). Love you lots xxxxxxx

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