Ego vs Soul


Everyday, and in every moment in life on earth our consciousness is dominated by  thoughts which play out like a movie or stage play where your senses give you a corresponding  image constructed in your mind. From what I have researched online, you can have up to 12,357 and 63,000 thoughts a day unless you are OCD. And that 90% of our thoughts are repetitive, 80% negative.

You have the ability to be aware, and choose whether what you are experiencing is just your Ego, or a true depiction of what is real in life. You are a Soul but you experience yourself through the dense and earthly physical environment of Earth. One of the hardest questions  is ‘How do I know what is a message of my ego or my soul?”. Both co exist, but they merge, blur and overlap, so I thought I would write a little about both, as I know it, and understand it to be.

In brief, how do you differentiate between Ego and Soul? The soul is happy in the now, the moment. The ego is in the past or future, looking or wishing to change things. The Ego is the part of us which is unhappy with what you have now in our life and also unhappy with the good things that are missing (or what you feel you deserve that others have.)


Being Ego means you are experiencing yourself as being in your body and mind.Ego feels dissatisfied and insufficient, constantly seeking satisfaction elsewhere, in each next experience as a means to the next and reacting from a state of lack.  It is a constructed Self, based on an external landscape of what our physical senses perceive, how the intellect calculates, memories of past events, patterns.

It is the Ego that attaches itself to externals, for a sense of self and fulfillment. For example, Ego says having a new sporty car that is faster, cooler and more expensive than others, contributes to that self fulfilment, then the Ego is disappointed soon after because you realise your new neighbour just got a new car that is even much faster, cooler and more sporty than yours. It is the same with social interactions, which can lead to competition, comparing ourselves and always wants to be ahead. The Ego wants to be the centre of attention and nothing is given without an ulterior motive. Ego is defensive, fears change and thinks in terms of what I do to you should be the measure back and more. Think in terms of someone giving lots of love to someone, and expecting the same back or more, because it should be proved.


Being the Soul means experiencing yourself as being feeling-awareness in a moment of presence, and in the form of an intuitive flow of peace, compassion, joy, love, wisdom, and creativity. Our sense of Soul is perceived when we suspend the Ego and it’s constant seeking of wants, needs, desires from moment to moment. The soul doesn’t seek satisfaction elsewhere, in the next moment, because the soul is already happy in the moment, and doesn’t look for a means to the next or react from a state of lacking.

You are connecting to your Soul when you begin to have an awareness of the true nature of the human experience – that you are a soul or spiritual being who is experiencing life through senses of the body or having a physical experience. It is a oneness of understanding, a joining of everything, a profound wisdom of love and Oneness. As the soul feels itself within all things it has no desire or impulse to possess, or need things to oneself, as we are all infinite parts of one another.  The higher one’s journey the more one realises that the Source and the power of the destination of the journey are the one universal Soul or God.

But we have both aspects  and we have to learn to live with both of them. We don’t need to be in competition with both, we need to learn to mesh them together. Like anything it takes practice. I have always found meditation and mindfulness the best way to quiet the mind and connect with your beautiful Soul Self.  You learn to listen carefully to messages that come through, and question where it is coming from, your Ego or your Soul. Messages of the Soul should be full of joy and flow of love. Whenever I know something is coming from my intuitive or soulful self, there is very little thinking involved, it just comes through and my logical mind doesn’t question it.

Some dialogue to show the difference between Ego and Soul:

Ego Says,     “No”     Soul Says,     “Yes.”

Ego says,     “Can’t get it. Can’t do it. Can’t have it.”  Soul says,     “You can.”

Ego says,     “I can’t change. Change is fearful.”  Soul says,     “Change is an aspect of Love.” “Change is a choice to live your Life, not your death.”

Ego says,     “I am not enough.”   Soul says,  “You are Love.”

Ego says,     “It’s your fault” to the other.    Soul says,     “It’s never about the other.” “The other is a reflection of your own Consciousness.”

Ego says,     “You push my buttons. I will avoid you.”  Soul says,     “Thank you, my ego. You are the doorway to the Illumined state.”

Ego says,     “Love is out there.”   “Love is limited.”  “Love is conditional. It can be lost.”   Soul says,     “Love is within.”
“Love is as boundless as the sea.” “Love is eternal. Love is the only Truth.”

Ego says,     “I believe in the Big Lie, that we are separate.”  Soul says,     “We are all connected. We are all one Consciousness.”

Ego says,     “Everything is personal, either good or bad.”  Soul says,     “Everything is impersonal. Everything just ‘is.'”
“Embrace the ‘isness.'”

Ego says,     “Poor me. I am a victim.”    Soul says,    “You create your own reality.” “Everything is a Divine Set Up created by your Soul to help you Awaken.”

Ego says,     “Live in the mind.”  Soul says,  “Live in the Heart.”

Ego says,     “I want to know everything.”  Soul says,     “Egoic mind is greedy and full of avarice.”
“Surrender the need to know anything. Accept.”

Ego says,     “It’s never enough.”  Soul says,    “This is all there is. Be present in Love in every moment.

Soul says  “Yes. Open to change. Open for whatever the Divine brings. It is for your Awakening. Trust Soul, your connection with with Love. You are Love.”


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  2. Beautiful 🙂 When one lives as soul consciousness, it can be easy to forget that others are not on that same level, experiencing a moment in the same way, which makes it more difficult to explain that experience to them. You have explained this very well though. I love the dialogue too. Very nicely done! namaste 🙂

  3. Beautiful! Your words are so truthful. I have learned through mediation to enjoy the moment. I have learned through therapy and yoga how to deal with the uncomfortableness of life without being so concerned as to how others perceive my walk. The ego tries so hard to control each of us and dominate our thoughts there by directing our actions. It has an incredible hold on so many of us every day. If we just let it go and enjoyed our moment, if we just let it go and knew how to differentiate between the voice of our soul rather than our ego, imagine how much more peaceful this world be. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I enjoyed reading them.

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