Letting Go…


A difficult time of my life (and recurring theme), where I was dealing with a soul lesson, led me to write the following on 22.8.95. If you ever had to learn lessons of holding onto things for fear of loss, or the opposite, too scared to get close, in fear of loss, I invite you to take some time to read, listen to the music and allow yourself to feel what you need to and then imagine filling a balloon(s) and releasing (with love) whatever it may be that you are holding on to……

Snatam Kaur

Somewhere I reach out

But I cannot feel any touch

Must I mist myself from all

Shall I break the tiresome spell?

Nolonger do I have to feel

cloistered like a solemn monk

for the time is now, the here

not the past,  so lock the door

I can speak to you sometimes

in a way so clear or muffled

A collision of my confidence

or uncertain passages of worth

Regal, proud, so sensed of all

people who sought me out

Am I holding on to many

In fear I may lose the grip?

Everything has a time, a place

things ride a path of purpose

but is this wave forever moving

or is it to lose all power?

Conflict is a curse, a feign

the message it is time to let go

for if I clasp too tight with tears

my lesson will result in release

So though I cling to some

I am struggling with a fear

knowing that there is always time

helps make my own path clear

LETTING GO, Is Hard Sometimes, But HOLDING ON, is Harder

Some of us think holding on makes us Strong, but sometimes it’s Letting GO


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  1. interesting this was posted today when I pulled up the card of A.A. Michael who has asked me to cut energetic cords with all who are holding my progress back. I recognise that this is my family members, so I will follow this and THANKYOU for sharing my beautiful friend xx

    • Maybe you want to contemplate some more on this thought, before you cut any cords with your family: is it them that are holding your progress back?

      I’ve thought this myself as well, but in time i’ve learned that there’s only one person that is holding me back. That person is …. me! You are your strongest force, in positive and negative sense. In the now, there’s only you, every now again!

      Be well!

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