A Mother’s Love


I found this beautiful poem my mum wrote about me in my teens, and wanted to record and share it 🙂

Graceful, tall and serene

she stands

heart swelling with love and

healing through her hands

Nature inside and out is what

she holds tenderly

My feelings for her are love

and pride and security too

Njari these words are all for you

from the moment I held you

my being was complete and whole

Forget the fleeting time when

sadness was inside me

don’t carry it with you, for it is gone

The loving went on when I made up my mind

to carry you.

You will always be my baby

and happiness you will find

Don’t be sad, for I feel it too

One so caring, gentle and wonderful

should only be shrouded in love

and warmth and tenderness

I’m always here

although to you it seems so far

my heart bleeds when you’re sad and down

Keep your head high in the clouds

look to the sky and be happy to be alive

and know that I love you

with every inch of my heart

from this small distance

I’m watching you grow

and learn and bloom

Take care every day and forget

the dusty worries, sweep them aside

Lots of love, Mum

Just to give some background, I AM lucky to be here here, as my mother attempted suicide whilst pregnant with me. It was a difficult part of her life. On a soul level, perhaps fear of abandonment or self value have chosen such circumstances, people and events as a life long lesson. My mum is one of the best mothers ever, she would do absolutely anything for me, and I love her very much.


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  1. As Njaris mum it makes me smile to see how mature, and different she is to other women, one cannot describe it but my sister stayed with me a year ago woke up tearfully pulled me aside and said Sis Njari is an ANGEL , well my sister is religious but never never see her cry and I said I know sis, I have always thought that but never said it .Njari nearly never made it here 3 times before she was even born ….and she was different all along in a good way..one sees a lot of MY mother in her and traits..the guilt one felt for trying to take my life was a sad long complicated one, but needless to say we were both meant to be here..and my saying to my gorgeous daughter Njari was (I nearly took your life from me and I promise to never take my life from you ), so, when the dark hole that one can fall into at times , these words make me pull myself up and make me stronger …I would give my life for her if one had to, in a heartbeat ..my maternal love is very very deep and strong for both my daughters..

    • Thanks mum, hehe I’m stubborn and determined now, and was before I was born! This is the beauty and tragedy of life, but it is love and learning that we are here for. Even though we struggle at times I love you very much xoxoxo

      • As i re read the past of almost taking my life before you were born , we also had a car accident whilst i was pregnant with you, i was hospitalised back in MT following day as i was bruised head to toe and unwell, then when you were born you were ill, and i wasnt allowed to hold you for a few days , it killed me that back then a hospital was so archaic and cruel, so i heard a bub cry and asked a nurse whose bub is that.? she said yours.so i snuck up next time i heard you, got you from nursery and your bottle then took you back to my room and fed you and held you for ages until i got caught and chastised for it, the next day my dr allowed me to feed you etc..as you saw from baby records i gave you it said you had chemo therapy for days, i was puzzled because most bubs have jaundice and treated but i never got dr records as theyd been sent interstate, but theame treatment was on every page which didnt make sense ..i will never know i guess.

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