The Beginning – Journey to Spirit 2011 (Part 3)– Abadiânia, Brazil


My first night at Luz Divina, and I didn’t sleep much – I woke at 3.30am then at 5.45am – as I was anticipating my first visit to the Casa. My travel companion Sherril, kindly greeted me at my door (along with Luz the Cat) with a cup of coffee as I prepared to get dressed in the customary ‘white’ clothing. The Entities do request that people wear white. In fact, the rules, the layout of the Casa, and everything about how the Casa operates is guided by the Entities.

When the entities who work through John of God scan your energy field, white makes it easier for them to “see” the energetic imbalances. Also, white helps facilitate a flow of energy in the current room. Darker colors break the energetic current, but it doesn’t mean that you will be turned away, for example there are poorer people from Brazil and beyond, who travel days to arrive in Abadiânia – they do not have the luxury to afford a new white wardrobe.

Once I was ready to go, we walked down the road to the Casa. Our Pousada was very close to the Casa, and as we end our street and turn left, Frutti’s Cafe, with it’s bright yellow exterior is nearby and would soon become to me (and others) the Hub of activity, meetings with friends, movie nights, laughter, music and pure joy. As you walk down the road, it  looks like a sea of white, people of all ages and cultures on a pilgrimage.  We left earlier, in order to make a crystal bed session that our guide had booked for us prior to seeing the Entity for the first time. In doing this we were ensuring our energy was as clear as possible, and after the ordeal in getting to Brazil, I was truly not in the best physical, emotional or mental state.

The crystal bed was quite an experience. I had read about such a device in Brian Weiss’ past life books, where messages from Ascended Masters talk about the future of Energy Medicine and crystal vibrations for healing. During the 20 minute session I felt my 3rd eye prying open and very hot, then lots of tears just flowed out!

A crystal bed has 7 extremely clear and highly polished quartz crystals suspended about 12 inches above you or so, whilst you lay on a bed or massage table. Each crystal has been cut to a specific frequence, and is aligned with the chakras. Coloured lights, matching your chakras radiate light and energy through the crystals to each chakra, alternating patterns and spiralling an amplication of energy from the root chakra to the crown chakra – shinning on and off in rhythm to cleanse, balance and align your energies. You can feel an array of sensations during and after sessions – pressure, weight, lightness, heaviness, hot, cold, wind, tickling, tingling and can evoke peace, relaxation and serenity.

After the crystal bed, I felt a vibrational lightness, like my energy was pulsing very fast, and I didn’t feel so heavy. You do have to be careful after a crystal bed, because you are more open, and sensitive to things around you. It’s like having a shower and washing everything away.

We didn’t have much time after the crystal bed to get ready to enter the main assembly hall of the Casa. A quick coffee and breakfast (the amazing Brazilian cheese bread rolls – pão de queijo, made with tapioca flour) was in order to ground us a little first.

Walking into the main hall of the Casa at 8am was quite an experience for me as a clairsentient – I could see and feel the energy of the people, sense desperation, hope, faith, heartache, everything! So when I sat down for the very first time, a bubble burst, it came out of no where – I was spontaneously overwhelmed by emotion, I gasped and cried and cried. Even though I was crying, I didn’t quite know why, there was no emotion.

I settled eventually and composed myself. The main hall is where people gather before each session on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. A brief orientation and prayers occur here and then lines are called for people to line up in preparation to see John of God. Each person comes with their requests, and these have to be translated in Portuguese by a translator, or if you have a guide this is already organised for you. You will condense your thoughts into brief notes so you can present to the Entity (although Entity already knows what you need). Because of the number of people, you get very little time with the Entity, so you need to be clear on what you wish to ask for (it can be health, emotional, spiritual or life situations).

There are different lines which are called each morning and afternoon at the Casa. Because this was my first visit to Entity (and no photo had been presented before, or any previous visit) I would go into the ‘First Time Line’. When the first time line is called, my guide walks me through the first and second rooms (known as the Current and Medium Current’s rooms – more about this later). As soon as Entity locks onto sight of you, he knows All, we are a soul blueprint of everything past and present of your soul. I touch the hand of Joao, he holds it, as Entity and we maintain eye contact. It’s a powerful moment. Entity instructs me via interpreter that I will be having an Intervention (Surgery) today. This will take place in the afternoon session at 2pm. After seeing the Entity we go into a blessing room where we sit with eyes shut, palms facing up as we are blessed and cleansed in preparation for the afternoon.

I leave this room, then walk out to the beautiful blue skies, and tropical sunshine we would enjoy during our time in Brazil. We head off to line up with hundreds of others to partake in blessed soup, a lightly seasoned vegetable and noodle soup with some bread. I felt very peaceful.

me on the left 🙂

The remainder of my morning, I take note of my surroundings – the beautiful gardens of the Casa, the pictures of King Solomon, Dalai Lama dedication, and reflect on what is to come. As a group we venture back to the Luz Divina, but not without stopping at what would become our ‘regular’ hangout, Frutti’s. The sun is warm, the sky is blue and cloudless – I surmise …this place is truly divine. Having arrived at midnight, I hadn’t had a chance to savour the sights of my new home either. The Luz Divina garden is tropical, featuring a big mango and avocado tree, hammocks, exotic flowers, plants like orchids, frangipani, Bougainvillea, a walking labyrinth, crystal charged fountain and lots of beautiful birds.

By the time lunch arrived, I began to feel very different within my body, it was the start of Entities at work on my Being – I was shaking, barely able to use my cutlery, felt floaty, out of my body – essentially not with it. So after a buffet lunch of organic papaya, juices, fresh vegetable salads, mango, avocado, chicken and beans, I went to lay down in my room to rest. Soon I would return to the afternoon Casa session where I would have my first Intervention (surgery). After Intervention, I would be going directly back to my room for 24 hours, keeping my eyes shut in bed (no music, visitors, reading etc) to recover. My meals will be brought to me.

To be continued in Part 4.


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