Journey of Spirit – Things to Know – Abadiânia, Brazil (Part 2)


About the Casa de Dom Inacio
Established in 1979 by Medium Joao Teixeira de Farias, as a place to fulfill his spiritual healing mission. The Casa is like a spiritual hospital, and operates on Spiritist doctrine, but is open to anyone regardless of faith/religious beliefs.  Spiritual entities (or Spirit doctors) work to help people heal physically as well as emotionally and spiritually. If you are drawn to this place, it is for one of learning and your own responsibility, and your Spirit brought you here. Joao has dedicated his life, and has worked at the Casa for over 20 years. He performs healings here, free of charge, every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday – there are two sessions each day and people travel from all over Brazil and the world.

Click here for understanding Casa protocol.

Video on John of God

Entities (Spirit Doctors)
Spirit doctors are actually people who lived on earth and have now chosen to remain on the earthly plane in their out of body existence, and with connections to the divine source, in order to help humankind.

There are possibly more than 70 entities that work through Medium Joao. Some notable figures include St. Ignatius of Loyola (the founder of the Jesuit order – which was 27 September (Coincidently this is my birthday, and I was also a Jesuit priest in a former life), Dr. Oswaldo Cruz (credited with stopping the epidemics of bubonic plague and yellow fever in Brazil), Francisco Xavier, King Solomon, Dr Augusto de Almeida, Jose Valdivino, an enlightened being named Emmanuel, and other deceased physicians, surgeons, saints, theologians and notable figures in their lifetimes. These Entities take turns to inhabit Joao’s body to perform miraculous cures, healings, and surgeries. Not all reveal their identity, and one in particular merely asked to be called “love’,  explaining, “If I told you my real name, there would not be a building large enough in this town to accommodate all the people from around the world who would come.” When they inhabit Joao’s body, each spirit’s personality will usually come through, and sometimes Joao’s eye colour or appearance alters.

Before you have an intervention (surgery), you will go before the Entity. The Entity has abilities beyond what we can fathom. From a distance, that Entity can see you approaching and like a hologram they can scan your whole being, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, your energy fields, past lives, everything! They are here to assist in what your Soul desires. Your soul contracted before birth what you wanted in this life to learn. Entities work for the highest and best good, regardless of the outcome. It’s a powerful, yet brief moment when you connect with Entity.

The Triangle
The triangle symbol is something you become accustomed to on your visit to the Casa. The sides of the triangle represent Faith, Love and Charity. There are three prayer triangles at the Casa, in which people can tuck prayers, or petitions for healing (along with photos) into the bottom of the triangle. These are collected twice daily and given to the Entity for his blessings. It is customary to regularly visit the triangle, and place your head in the triangle for silent prayer, petitions or blessings.

Prescription / Herbal Supplements
If the Entity gives you a prescription, you will receive this Passiflora herbal supplement. It is basically the ground up leaves and flowers of the Passionfruit plant and it has not medicinal value. The power of the supplement is the energy the Entity has placed in your particular supplement, they can only be taken by you, and taken in particular order if you have multiple prescriptions. It involves taking one pill three times a day, and with strict instructions during tthe time you are on them –  you cannot eat pork or any derivatives, drink alcohol, or eat anything with peppers (i.e Black pepper, red pepper, white pepper, cayenne, chili peppers etc.)

Crystal Beds
Sometimes the Entity will prescribe a Crystal bed to help with the healing process. Of course you can also book sessions yourself whilst at the Casa. The Crystal Bed has 7 quartz crystals suspended on a frame above a bed, which align with and correspond with the 7 chakras of our body. It involves laying there with eyes shut, with soothing music specially chosen. The crystals cleanse and balance your energies.

Blessed Soup
Each day you visit the Casa  you will also have blessed soup, as it is part of your treatment at the Casa. If you are recovering from surgery, someone will bring some back for you. It is charged with the energy from the Entities and is part of the spiritual experience. Whilst in Abadiania you have the opportunity to help with preparing this soup, by working with others to prepare the vegetables (peeling, chopping etc). I can tell you that every mouthful feels like gratitude, love and a blessing!

Blessed Water
Water that is sold at the Casa bookshop is brought in daily to the Casa current room and is blessed. It is also part of your healing and experience, and you should drink as much as you can whilst there.

The Waterfall
The waterfall is sacred to the Casa and Entities will work with people whilst there, some have been known to have an intervention (surgery). Access to the waterfall is strictly only with permission from the Entity. You cannot go alone and men and women are to go separately. Photos and video are also prohibited. It is an extremely powerful experience fro those who go.


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