Journey to Spirit 2011 – Abadiânia, Brazil (Part 1)


It’s been about 4 months now since I returned from Abadiânia – a small town in the state of Goiás, Brazil and home to a famous Brazilian medium and “psychic surgeon” known as— João de Deus (God of God) – please click on link to read more about this man.

Brazil was an amazing place to visit – the people are so friendly, welcoming and spiritual. I do yearn to go back in the future, and I know that those close to me in my soul pod, also feel this pull. This trip impacted me almost beyond words, so it has been very very difficult to find a way to explain to others what one could mostly describe as an ‘energy’ or feeling of coming home spiritually. I went there to find peace within myself, to be able to heal on levels of my being that I could not access myself on a soul level. I recorded my experience as best I could in a journal, but it is just the iceberg, and I’m not sure I can still convey the depth of experience.

For me, the very trip was very much a pilgrimage, and I was not in best physical form due to ill health. At one point I was so distressed if I would ever make it to Brazil, that I could barely breathe, and was in a state of anxiety. The reason for this was because the Chilean volcano erupted in early June and affected all flights to Argentina, and from there to Brazil.So to paint the picture for you, my travel plan involved flying from Perth to Sydney, from there to Buenos Aires, from there to Sao Paulo on route to Brasillia and then by car to Abadiânia. After 3 cancellations/delays I flew to Sydney still not knowing if I was going to be flying to Argentina. When I got to Sydney, all seemed to be okay, however they then changed the departure gates and a large number of travellers and I had to make our way to a different gate much further away. I met two of my travelling companions at the airport and we eventually boarded the plane. But once we were seated it become apparent that there was a problem. The Chilean ash had now moved to the Pacific ocean affecting the standard flight path to South America. We sat on the plane for two hours, whilst four technicians worked on developing a new flight path to Buenos Aires. Eventually we were on our way, but it was one of the most turbulent flights I had ever been on, and to be honest after the dramas of getting to this point, I did wonder if I was going to make IT!

By the time I got to Buenos Aires and enjoyed a day or two there, we were then on our way to the airport to fly to Brazil only to find the airport shut down and requiring us to stay another night in BsAs. The next day upon arriving early at the airport we missed the crowd and got aboard the plane very quickly. However, because of the crowds of people, other passengers were delayed and so our flight was delayed leaving resulting in us arriving in Sao Paulo and missing our connecting flight. By the time we go to Brasillia, and taxi ride hour and a half to Abadiânia, it was close to midnight.

We arrived at the Pousada  (Luz Divina)  in darkness – very tired – and would need to be awake early for the first visit to see John of God at the Casa, (the healing centre) which attracts up to 2,000 people from all over Brazil, and the world, each day. Even though it was so late at night, our beautiful guide Ann was there to warmly welcome us, and show us our personal rooms. I was in room number 12, which was beautifully adorned with spiritual images, bathroom, room with hammock and desk, and felt so peaceful. Ann left me a welcoming card with Archangel Michael and lovely blessed Citrine rosary necklace, which would be soon charged up with even more love and energy.

Abadiânia  was to become my spiritual home for the month, and the catalyst for healing, a connection to soul, lifelong friendships, stories of miracles, and awakening.

My room at Luz Divina

Luz, resident Pousada cat who greeted me at my door meowing on the first morning :). I have always had an affinity and connection to cats and animals, so it was no surprise. Also, on my very last night at the Pousada, Luz snuck into my room and was found sleeping on my bed!!

Photo Collage


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  5. Njari! I was pondering on whether to ask about Brazil, but fortunately you’ve decided to share your experience with us. I admire your courage to meet yourself, to connect with yourself through your soul, instead of with your mind. Must be overwhelming, and yet i hope to read more. The pictures show a radiant Njari at times, impressive to see you’re not afraid to connect with others as well. Not a ‘universe-of-one’, as i tend to create, scurrying back to my save place as soon as i get out there.
    Thank you for sharing , i feel it as light coming from someone i consider to be an ‘angel’, as in Sarah McLachlan’s ‘Angel’. I can ‘fly away’ on these posts, as in her song:

    In the arms of an angel
    Fly away from here
    From this dark cold hotel room
    And the endlessness that you fear
    You are pulled from the wreckage
    Of your silent reverie
    You`re in the arms of the angel
    May you find some comfort here

    A big hug from me!

    • Dear Jeroen,
      Thank you so much for your beautiful and inspiring words that touch me deeply. I’m so happy to know you, and also share pieces of my soul in these pages. This whole blog was created, in order to share the love and light I feel in life, and is a big reflection of who I am as a person. Thank you for joining this journey. PS>I love Sarah McLachlan’s song Angel.
      Big Hug right back to you
      Much Love x

  6. Hi Njari, I am so looking forward to reading each and everyone of these postings. Even though I have shared this trip with you, it’s very interesting to see the other thoughts and emotions that others felt. I’m so pleased you have decided to write about it. Let your emotions flow with it so we can really experience it with you again.
    You are a true soul sister of mine. Love you Kerrynxxx

    • Thanks Kerryn, I’m blessed to have met you on this journey, and know our friendship will be a long one too :). As I write each part, I will be able to reflect more on my own experience. In sharing this with others, I hope they will get a glimpse into the power of our soul, and what we are here for, and what we are capable of. Love you my soul sister. xxx

  7. I have been thinking about going down there to see John Of God, but have been kind of on the fence about it. I have used a crystal bed from the Casa that has his healing energy and it removed almost ALL of my fibromyalgia pain. When I do go down there, I want to go more for spiritual enlightenment instead of physical healing. I can’t wait to hear more about your trip!! I kind of believe that since I was on the fence, but saw that you have gone, it mist be a divine sign that I should make the trip. Are you planning on sharing more? I’d love to hear about it!
    In Gratitude and with Much Love,

    • Dear Leora, it’s taken me a while to get started on writing about my experience, because it has been so spiritually profound. All I can say is if you go you will understand :). Even though I suffer physically, I actually went for healing on other levels of my being, this is because everything starts from there, and the physical will follow. I had a number of signs pointing me to JoG too, and you won’t be disappointed. If you need any advice or information, contact me and I will help you. Love and blessings, Njari

      • Nice to see you writing about your experience. As you know, I came to learn about spiritual healing and visited JOG. It changed my life completely! Not just my experience with him and the Entities but all of the wonderful people I met from around the world. I have now lived in Brazil for nine years and have the most amazing life. You will find that you have received many spiritual gifts and will continue to do so as the Entities are with you forever now. Hugs, pat

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