Removing Masks


We mask ourselves

Too fearful sometimes of how great, unique or beautiful we are

Because we feel emotionally vulnerable, misunderstood or different

It is only through lifting the mask and feeling true to ourselves

that you will find the world resonates more with you

the right people will connect with you

and you can look in the mirror knowing you are perfect

Not many know this (lol..well you do now) but I have a thing for masks, something beautiful or metaphorically speaks to me about masks. It’s exotic, it’s disguising, it allows you to establish yourself as another being. As cultural objects even they have been used throughout the world since the Stone Age, varied in appearance, use and symbolism.

In theatrical contexts, the wearer becomes a skillful partner of the character he or she is impersonating. A flash of one’s eyes brings alive a vitality, along with movement and poses.

Personally I do love the venetian masks. In Venice, the citizens developed a unique culture, one of social wealth in it’s prime, and turned to concealing identity in daily life. They harboured secrets behind masks, and it kept an even playing field, where a servant could be mistaken for a nobleman or vice versa. This turned the culture into decadence, one of extravagance, and promiscuity too. In time it become banned and was limited to only certain months of the year.


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